4 Best Socks for Tough Mudder/Spartan Race

Written By: Jeremy N

Having run 12 13 Tough Mudders/Mud Runs & 1 Spartan Race I can tell you having a quality pair of socks is important. They keep your feet dry and protected from the elements. These socks are the ones that I recommend. 

Having a quality pair of socks can keep your feet dry as you roll through the mud or dive into water, and keep your feet comfortable even if you experience rock or mud slipping inside your shoes.

From personal experience, I can tell you that blisters tend to pop up more frequently for mud runs than most other races, and that is NOT fun.

Below I detail the four most popularly reviewed and best socks for obstacle course races like Tough Mudder and Spartan Race.

Here are the 4 best socks for Tough Mudder or Spartan Race that are actually worth purchasing:

MudGear Trail Running Socks for Men and Women, Made in USA - 2 Pair Pack (Gray/Black, Large)

Most runners know that choosing the right gear is paramount for maximum protection. If you are looking to gain a competitive edge in the mud run, then this is the right pair of socks for you.

The MudGear Trail Socks are built to specifically handle tough situations and are specially designed for trail runs or obstacle courses.

MudGear Quarter Length Socks - Trail Running Socks for Women and Men for Sport, Gym, Running, Yoga, Tennis, Cycling,Golf - 2 Pack Athletic Low Cut Anti-Slip Workout Socks (Black/Orange,Large)
  • COMFORTABLE CREW SOCKS : Mudgear mens athletic socks are thick-cushioned where you need it, breathable and light-weight where you don't. Extra-cushioning is located at the top of the foot and on half of the foot-bed. A snug-fit collar and upper-arch support keeps these thin socks secure and prevents slipping in any condition.
  • HIGH QUALITY AND DURABILITY OF ATHLETIC SOCKS : Mudgear sport socks are made from 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex. Originally designed for obstacle course races. The crew length of womens running socks is perfect for dealing with mud and dirt during outdoor-sports, but is also great for work-outs at the gym, any sport or activity like running, boxing, basketball, tennis, yoga, sport, and more.
  • MEDIUM ANKLE COMPRESSION OF WORKOUT SOCKS – This gym socks have the perfect amount of compression to keep out dirt and debris from the trail, but remains comfortable over extended periods of exercise. Designed not to retain water and quickly drain when wet, this low cut socks are perfect for hiking, mountain-biking, climbing, OCR, or Ultra-Marathon, or any activity where mud and water are involved.

Product Features and Benefits

  • The socks are built with a high quarter ankle that helps keep the dirt and mud out
  • The socks have a cushion on the foot area that enables superior water and mud handling
  • The socks are equipped with medium ankle compression that helps to keep the mud and debris out
  • The socks are made from a breathable mesh which allows your feet to breathe better than a cotton sock
  • The socks come in a two-pack so you have an extra pair
  • The socks are made from a strong combination of 5% Spandex and 95% polyester to ensure durability

This sock is outstanding and a real life-saver while in tough races. “Drainage and airflow” technology make this sock unique -- this means it helps shed water away from your feet to keep your feet dry and cool.

These socks are also easily washable, which is always good news because they are going to get dirty in a hurry.

MudGear Premium Compression Socks - Mens & Womens Running Hiking Trail (1 Pair)

The MudGear Compression socks are made from the same company as the trail socks, which means they are made specifically for Tough Mudder and Spartan races.

These socks are knee-high with a focus on leg injury prevention and ultimate comfort.

These socks were developed as a remedy to the terrible rope burns and cuts that were suffered by many obstacle course racers. These socks are constructed with high compression that is specifically designed for competitive racing.

According to their creator, Mudgear, these socks have been ranked as the world’s toughest racing socks.

MudGear Compression Socks - Graduated Compression Socks for Women & Men for Sport, Flight, Pregnancy, Circulation and Recovery - Black/Orange Large Long Compression Socks with 15-20 mmhg
  • WIDE RANGE OF USES GRADUAL COMPRESSION SOCKS : Originally designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions of trail running, and military-style obstacle races. These knee-high compression socks are made in the USA from extra strong yarns. The durability of this sock also makes it perfect for hiking, mountain biking, trail running or any other heavy-duty activity. Also excellent for airplane travel, maternity use and post surgery recovery.
  • HIGH QUALITY AND DURABILITY OF MEN'S SPORTS COMPRESSION SOCKS : The Mudgear durable and strong extra wide calf compression socks made from 63% Nylon, 28% Polyester, 9% Spandex. It is perfect for heavy-duty activities like hiking, biking, running, or hunting. The relief socks undergo rigorous testing, including stretching, abrasion, wicking, and testing with top obstacle racers and trail runners in all types of weather and conditions.
  • GRADED COMPRESSION OF RECOVERY SOCKS : By applying moderate pressure to your lower leg, ankle, and foot, MudGear medical grade compression socks promote increased blood flow, which provides health and performance benefits. Our socks are rated at 15-20 mmhg - pressure is highest at the ankle and decreases towards the knee. Perfect for boosting performance or for medical support and pain relief.

Product Features and Benefits

  • The sock has a layer of padding on the lower part of the leg and the calf that protects you from rope burns and other surface injuries.
  • The sock has a strong construction and is specifically made for outdoor sports like Tough Mudder and Spartan races.
  • The sock has a comfortable construction for all-day wear.
  • The sock has compression technology that is useful in the reduction of muscle fatigue and boosting blood circulation.
  • The sock enables speedy recovery for stability and faster muscle recovery.
  • The sock has a variety of sizes and colors to choose from.
  • The sock is built to ensure debris and dirt stay out.
  • The sock is also fitted with superior ability to keep your feet dry and comfortable for long courses.
  • These socks stand out among the best socks for mud racing because they offer protection for the legs, have the ability to shed water, and provide superior comfort and compression.

3. Injinji Lightweight No Show Socks

Drymax Run Hyper Thin Mini Crew Socks, Black, Large (W10-12 / M8.5-10.5)

As a Tough Mudder racer, your level of comfort is directly related to your level of performance. These socks are made with maximum comfort in mind to boost your achievement on the course.

This peak comfort is achieved by absorbing any excess moisture in your shoes as a result of mud running.

Another great feature of these socks is that all the toes are separated, preventing your toes from rubbing against each other and minimizing your chance of forming blisters.

The separated toes also prevent moisture from building in between the toes.
Drymax Hyper Thin™ Running Mini Crew Black Medium
  • Designed to be the World's Lightest Running Sock

Product Features and Benefits

  • The socks are designed with a mesh top that helps maximize ventilation
  • The socks have superior fiber construction that is useful in keeping sweat and moisture away from your feet so they are especially dry during the mud run.
  • The socks have ultra-thin toe sock that allows your toes to align properly and spread naturally.The socks are also highly recommended for other running conditions (aside from mud runs) because of their overall comfort and protection.
  • The socks are especially great at blister protection and comfort.
  • The socks are pretty good in keeping mud and dirt out, but not as good as the other three socks mentioned above.

Injinji Run 2.0 Lightweight No Show Toe Socks 3 Pack (Black, Medium)

I have gone over this a couple of times already, but it bears repeating again. As a runner, moisture is your feet's worst enemy. Moisture causes blisters, discomfort, Athlete's Foot and allows odor causing bacteria to flourish.

But in a spartan race of mud run however, you know your feet are going to get wet, either from sweating, stepping in a mud puddle, or just rolling right into the water.

Drymax Run Mini Crew Socks are excellent at wicking moisture away from your feet and keeping you comfortable throughout the entire training and racing grind.

Injinji Run Lightweight No-Show (X-Large, Aquaberry)
  • Injinji's five-toe patented designed specifically for runners and hikers
  • Prevents blisters & hotspots while running
  • Ideal use for running, walking and athletic activities
  • Superior mositure management during runs of all lengths
  • Natural Toe Splay

Product Features and Benefits

  • The socks are designed with a mesh top that helps maximize ventilation
  • Designed with a special Dual Layer Moisture Removal System
  • Moves moisture off the skin through the inner Drymax layer to the outer absorbent layer almost instantly
  • Medium+ Density protective padded sock
  • Dense padding, as opposed to thick padding, as it protects feet without adversely affecting the fit of the shoes
  • Designed to be used in cool to warm conditions, keeping feet dry, comfortable and odor free.
When preparing for a tough mudder or any obstacle course mud run socks should be among the top priority in preperation. Having a quality pair of socks on can keep your feet dry as you roll through the mud and dive into water and comfortable enough to have the occasional rock or mud slip inside your shoes. Here are the four best socks for tough mudder that are actually worth buying.

Some of the features you should look for when it comes to a good pair of Tough Mudder or Spartan Race socks includes:

  • The socks should easily wick absorbed water away from your skin to keep your feet dry.
  • The socks should fit tightly; this prevents them from soaking too much mud or water.
  • The socks should be made from breathable materials to help prevent blisters.
  • The socks should be sturdy and easily cleaned to make it easy to use and clean in the obstacle areas.
  • The socks should NOT be made out of cotton.


So, there you have it. The 4 most recommended and best socks for Tough Mudder, Spartan, and other obstacle runs that are actually worth the money.

It is always good to experiment with what works best for you, so having a list of 4 very highly recommended socks gives you a good arsenal to draw from and give a try.

Hi, Jeremy Here, 

I am the the guy behind Train for a 5K. On this site, I share everything that learned along my running journey. The content I create is the running training I wish I had before we started this journeyAbout Me.

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Hi, Jeremy Here, 

I am the the guy behind Train for a 5K. On this site, I share everything that learned along my running journey. The content I create is the running training I wish I had before we started this journeyAbout Jeremy. 

I have run over 250 races including the California International Marathon, Clarksburg Country Run, and various other 5K & 10K races throughout the United States. I am a former Athletics department employee at University of the Pacific and Shoe Consultant with Dicks Sporting Goods

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