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Jeremy Neisser


Over 250 Running Races Completed and Certified Running Coach (ASFA)

Former Athletics Department Employee at University of the Pacific & Shoe Consultant at Dicks Sporting Goods


Columbia Southern University



I started running in 2009 after going out to watch a close friend finish a marathon. I created this site to help fellow runners  avoid injuries and train the right way for a race.

Like many beginning runners, we scour the internet for tips, injury relief and more. Instead of searching hundreds of different places I decided to share my insight to save you time and hopefully prevent injuries.

How I Got Started

I got started: As we were cheering on runners as they finished, I watched a 75+ year-old woman finish a marathon. It was amazing. I felt joy and excitement for her. I honestly cried for a moment as the crowd grew louder and louder as she approached the finish line. All of the training and focus to be able to do what she did literally moved me to emotions. I started to question my decisions from the food that I ate to my lack of exercise.

At that moment I made a commitment to start running. I tricked my brain when the clocks turned back in November I decided to start waking up at 5 AM and start running. I have been running ever sense.

I have been running ever sense. From 5Ks to 10Ks to Half Marathons,  I have enjoyed every race. After a few years of running races that same friend I went to watch run his marathon challenged me to run with him. After much debate.. I agreed. 26.2 miles.

Quick Story

After a few months into my training my wife and I got the exciting news that we were expecting our first child (as of November of 2017 we are now expecting our 2nd). WAHOOO!! We were very excited but we couldn't decide if we would find out the sex of the baby until he/she would arrive.

It just so happen that the the race coincided with the point we could find out the sex of our child. We went to the doctors had the sonogram and they placed the results into an envelope. 

During the sonogram we closed our eyes as the doctors checked everything. So my very talented wife decided to make these amazing signs to hold up at the finish line. She kept telling me, they only way we are going to find out what are baby will be is if you finish. Talk about motivation.

Race day gets here and I am nervous as can be but I have a very good strategy, my training has been consistent and I was surprisingly well-rested. I start off very slow and soon get into my groove. And then comes Mile 18. I start to feel a little pain in my right knee. I hit mile 19 and it felt like someone stabbed my knee. I was in SO MUCH PAIN, so much so that I tempted quitting.

Throwing all of the training out the window and everything I had sacrificed and worked hard for. I stopped for a moment (and by moments I mean many minutes at least 10) to try to relieve the pain but all I could think about was she was waiting for me.

After a several minutes I started back running but not at the pace I once had (I was cruising at 7:12 pace before the knee issue).

As I came around the corner with a little less than a 1/8 of a mile to go she ripped open the envelope with her best friends and cried tears of joy as she held up this sign. 

The pain disappeared and the emotions of joy overcame me as I saw the sign as I approached the finish line. 

All the training, focus, determination came down to that one moment of crossing the finish line. I finished at 3:29:00. It was a wonderful way to finish the training and the most exciting day of my life up until that point. Our daughter was born in April of 2015 and she and my wife are my everything.

I run for them. I run to be around for them and never make excuses to run, play and create memories. I created this site to share all of my knowledge my joy and my love of running

Noble Boutin

Noble Boutin

Jeremy and Noble connected back in 2019 through a mutual running friend and have stayed connected ever since. Noble has an active Youtube channel where he shares running shoe reviews and other great tips. 

Often times you will see Noble's videos on many of the reviews on this website. You can follow Noble on Strava or Instagram

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