Feetures vs Bombas – Which Sock is Best for You?

There are socks, and then there are running socks.

To some, the difference might be inconsequential, but to some of the obsessed runners out there (like myself), it can feel like an extremely important differentiation.

Running socks are specifically constructed to provide comfort, support, and performance to those seeking every advantage they can get. That being said, we quite literally pay the price for this, as running socks can be expensive.

Two popular running sock brands out there are Feetures and Bombas, which are both known for providing nothing but the highest care and attention to the little details, but with a slightly different focus. 

Feetures focuses primarily on performance and fit, while Bombas focuses on comfort and cushion.

In this article, we review and compare the most popular socks from Feetures and Bombas, and will tell you what we think will be best for you.

Feetures vs Bombas - Which Socks Are Right for YOU?

Bombas - Running Socks

Bombas is an interesting story to learn about.

It is a company that is adamant about its intentions to help provide articles of clothing for those who are homeless.

They really walk the walk with this mission, because for every pair of socks someone buys, they also donate a pair of socks too. That is a 1-1 purchase to donation ratio.

Needless to say, the company is pretty cool. But what about its running socks?

Well, the Performance Running Ankle Socks definitely isn’t bad at all. In fact, I have found them to be extremely cushioned and comfortable for nearly all types of my road runs, but I also wear them day-to-day, as I like the fun colorways they provide. Never fear if you like your socks to be a simple black or white, then they provide that as well.

When I put a pair of these on, they instantly felt lightweight, soft, and cushioned, which is what I love for my running. This can be due in part to the Bombas Hex Tec construction, which aids in proper breathability and wicking moisture.

As far as the cushioning goes, more plush material is placed in strategic zones to provide greater impact protection, prevent most rubbing, and give your foot some solid airflow ventilation.

Following along with the new standard of running socks, there is also a seamless toe area to reduce irritation and rubbing in that area.

Although the design and features are excellent, I would not say these are “best in class” amenities, as there is still a little bit of sliding around and some small amounts of rubbing on my big toe and heel area. This is not a deal-breaker though.

A final bit to note is that these socks are expensive ($16 per pair), and the company encourages you to buy in a pack. It is hard to be mad about this though because every purchase does include a donation to the homeless as well. Bombas has me in a pinch there.

Feetures - Running Socks

Feetures is the quintessential example of performance-oriented socks. The company’s sole focus is to design, create, and distribute only the highest quality running socks to its users.

Feetures Elite Ultra Light No Show Tab

I love the custom-like fit which helps reduce the chance of blisters.

• Compression and cushion in the areas you need it

• Not too thick - thin cushion providing a lighter, cooler feel.

• I like the ankle/No Show Tab version the best!

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This includes researching all of the latest science and technology out there that can be implemented into a new line of socks.

The newest example of this research is the Feetures Elite Series.

The Feetures Elite sock line is designed with three different cushioning levels (Ultra Light, Light Cushion, & Max Cushion), and is meant to provide a runner with the latest and greatest in fit, feel, and performance.

These Feetures socks provide an array of qualities that essentially make them the sock brand to beat at the moment.

Here is a list of what these socks provide:

  • Engineered with an anatomical design for enhanced fit
  • Targeted Compression, providing a Custom-Like Fit and reduced risk of blisters, plus our Light Cushion for added impact protection
  • Targeted Compression and anatomical design provide an unmatched Custom-Like Fit
  • High-density cushioning provides cushioned comfort without the bulk.
  • Anatomical design enhances fit, delivering maximum comfort and protection by eliminating blisters
  • The Perfect Toe®. (No irritating toe seam)

What I really love about these socks is that they have excellent breathability and there are nearly zero problems with slipping and sliding around in my shoes.

On top of that, the arch strap provides a little bit of extra compression, which makes my foot feel more supported. Maybe it’s a bit of a placebo, but I also think I tend to get a little better circulation in my feet while wearing these as well. Not as good as real compression socks, but it’s just enough to notice and enjoy.

Reviewers also really like the seamless toe design in these socks, as they get it nearly just right in eliminating any sort of rubbing or irritation.

A word of warning, if you are going to be running in cold and wet weather then you should opt for a pair of the Elite Max Cushion Socks, as the Elite Ultra Light Socks just don’t have enough material to keep your foot feeling protected or warm. The Elite Ultra Light Socks are just perfect for warm weather runs though.

What socks are comparable to Feetures?

The most comparable socks to Feetures are Bombas and Balega. These socks are anatomically designed to provide a comfortable and snug ride while you are running or working out. They are also moisture-wicking and have a seamless toe construction that helps to reduce the risk of blisters.

Another sock that is comparable to Feetures is the Swiftwick Aspire Zero. This sock is designed to provide a snug and comfortable fit while you are running or working out. It is also made with moisture-wicking fabric and has a seamless toe construction that helps to reduce the risk of blisters.

Who are Bombas competitors?

Bombas competitors are Balega, Feetures, Swiftwick and the major brands like Reebok, Asics, and Brooks who produce running socks. Bombas is well-known for quality and comfort. Major brands like Reebok, Asics and Brooks are better known for their shoes, so they rely on thier strong brand positioning within the running to help sell their additional apparel. Feetures, Balega and Swiftwick are legitimate competitors who create mositure wicking, comfortable socks for runners.

Which is Better for You?

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which is better for you.

The Bombas support a cause that is hard not to rally behind, and the Performance Running Ankle Socks are actually extremely refined and well made. They will get the job done for most occasions, and for me, they still feel great after many runs and walks in them

Feetures socks serve nearly as the industry standard in performance. This Elite series provides some amazing breathability, support, and comfort. Furthermore, this lineup comes in multiple heights and cushion levels.

I like the Elite Ultra Light sock for workout days and more technical trail runs, but I love the Elite Max Cushion for my everyday chill runs when it’s all about having a good time.

The choice is yours. If you want to support a noble cause and get some great overall running socks out of it then Bombas is a great choice.

If you want socks that can perform at the highest level, but also cross over to a casual stroll, then you should give Feetures a try.

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