Saucony Hurricane vs Triumph (The Differences)

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Running shoes come in various options to consider. Whether you’re a veteran runner, track tracer, trail runner, or a hobby jogger, Saucony has some of the best running shoes for you.

Despite the stiff competition among shoe companies, the brand has managed to establish itself as one of the top brands in the shoes industry.

It prides in its innovation, team of engineers and other resources that go into producing high quality running shoes.

In this article, we’ll look at a comparison of the Saucony Hurricane running shoes and its Triumph counterpart to determine which of the two models is more superior and the best for professional and casual athletes.

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Saucony Women's Triumph ISO 4 Running Shoe, Fog/Grey, 8 Medium US

Overall the better of the two shoes based on support, comfort, durability and style

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Saucony Hurricane vs Triumph – What’s the Difference?

The Saucony Hurricane and Triumph fall under two different classes of running shoes. Saucony Hurricane is a stability running shoe, while Saucony Triumph is an impartial running shoe with better cushioning.

The Saucony Hurricane ISO 4 and Triumph ISO 4 have look-alike uppers. Both shoes’ uppers are fit with ISOFIT, and their mid-foot fitted with either underlays or overlays.

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The difference is that the Saucony Hurricane is fitted with more overlays around the heel as compared to Triumph ISO 4.

Both shoes have their back fitted with a support frame. 

However, that of the Saucony Hurricane covers the heel, while Saucony Triumph’s support frame covers the heel’s top.

Saucony Triumph’s and Hurricane’s forefoot are quite the same, with an overlay flowing on the large toe.

The company logo is embedded forward on the sideways of the two running shoe models.

Saucony Men's Triumph ISO 4 Sneaker, Black/Slime/Blue, 095 M US

There’re no significant differences between the Saucony Triumph’s and Hurricane’s uppers.

The upper of the Hurricane is more wrapping around your foot than that of Triumph’s. This indicates the Hurricane is purposed to provide better support.

The two running shoes’ midsoles also don’t vary much. Both their constructions are similar because they’re both fitted with a full-length EVERUN midsole and an EVERUN top-sole.

With Saucony Hurricane, you can expect to receive better support and stability for your runs.

However, laboratory tests have revealed that the Saucony Triumph’s support and stability is less than average. In fact, in this comparison between the Triumph and Ride, the Ride has been stability

Saucony Women's Hurricane ISO 4 Running Shoe, Grey/Black/Vizi RED, 5 Medium US

The Saucony Hurricane’s and Triumph’s rubber outsoles are also similar. The forefeet areas of both shoes feature a zigzag pattern and vertically-flexed groves instead of horizontal flexes.

Although the running shoes can feature horizontal rubber cuts, they may not be enough to offer enough flexibility.

Why Choose Saucony Hurricane

The Saucony Hurricane running shoes offer better stability. After researching on athletes’ biometrics for performance maximization, Saucony came up with Power-Grid, a cushioning and stability system based in the midsole.

The Saucony Hurricane utilizes an SCR crash pad to minimize your foot’s inward roll, a medial frame to prevent your foot from rolling inwards, and a support frame to secure heel in place.

The Hurricane is often times confused with the Guide, a very popular Saucony line. Here are the differences

Its fit saddle provides a firm fit, and the double density mesh offersimproved flexibility, durability, and breathability. Made with over-pronators in mind, Saucony Hurricane offers enough stability to prevent your foot from rolling and sliding.

Even so, the shoes are light and flexible enough for daily usage and long distance runs.


  • Suitable for use as daily shoe or for long-distance runs
  • The shoes are comfortable and cushioning with no irritation or blister formation
  • Durable and stable enough for injury-prone and heavy runners
  • Good arch support
  • Made with over-pronators in mind; thus better stability
  • Flexible running shoes


  • The toe box is too narrow; therefore there might be need to purchase a full or half size upper
  • The cushioning is quite firmer and not bouncy enough
  • The overlay system is too uncomfortable and tight
  • Priced on the higher end, but worth the cost

Why choose Saucony Triumph

The Saucony Triumph offers ultra-cushion. It comes with a thicker cushioned midsole, but at a higher weight’s cost. A textured rubber outsole provides durability and traction.

The Hurricane features a flexible ISO-fit lacing system. Its fit works better for athletes with broad feet, even though other athletes’ might opt to size down.


  • Most users confirmed the comfortable fit of the shoe
  • Purchasers are pleased with its premium build
  • Many athletes’ were satisfied with its breathable coverage
  • Offers great grip and durability
  • The shoes provide the right support amount needed for running
  • Satisfaction is expressed by some users over its cushioning responsiveness and softness
  • Its premium build provides satisfaction to many purchasers


  • Runners with narrow foot found the forefoot to be too wide for their size
  • The outsole’s traction is weak on wet surfaces

What Are the Things You Should Consider When Buying Saucony Running Shoes?

Running is a healthy and affordable practice, and all you require to begin is the right running shoes.

Are you still confused about how to go about choosing running shoes that are right for you? Here are some tips that might help:

Know your Running Style

You might think you know the correct shoe size for your feet, but our feet change throughout our lives. First, take measurements of your feet to determine your size.

Make sure the shoes you purchase matches your climate. For instance, waterproof shoes are ideal wet climates, while ventilated ones come in handy when running in dry climates.

Saucony Men's Triumph ISO 4 Sneaker, Black/Slime/Blue, 095 M US

Athletes with flat feet lack an arch and thus need support through the midsole to keep the foot and ankle aligned.

Athletes with high or normal arches can use generally cushioning shoes. Therefore, first determine the kind of arch on your feet to help you choose the right pair of running shoes.

Your running shoes must go with your natural stride. For example, if you run on your forefoot, you don’t have to worry about heel cushioning because such individuals run, with transitions from heel-to-toe.

Know which runner type you are – you may be under supination, over-pronation, or pronation.

Types of Running Shoes

Running shoes are made to different types, making it important to choose the right type for your unique fitness needs.

Stability shoes help runners with a flat foot, also known as over-pronation. But, it also provides neutral runners with additional support in the midsole.

Features such as additional ankle support and solid integrations in the midfoot area allow for longer runs.

Saucony Men's Triumph ISO 4 Sneaker, Black/Slime/Blue, 095 M US

Barefoot running shoes provide minimal protection between the ground and your foot. They’re designed to promote your natural steps due to lack of cushioning and support.

Motion-control shoes are ideal for runners who experience over-pronation. They provide additional support to shield your shins and knees from extreme strain. They protect your feet with double-density roll bars, footbridges, and/or midsoles.

Minimalist running shoes are lightweight and offer little support and cushioning. It promotes a natural running movement. Cushioning shoes are designed for significant absorption of shock.

These shoes are best for athletes looking for heel-to-toe comfort, but don’t require movement or support regulation.

Design and Material

You should be able to choose a color combination and design that best suits your choice. Most running shoes are made from a mix of rubber, mesh, and synthetic fiber.

If you decide to buy from a reputable shoe company, you won’t go wrong with the right materials.

Saucony Men's Hurricane ISO 4 Running Shoe, Black/Grey, 7.5 Medium US

Breathability and Weight

This feature is vital as it prevents sweating, and ensures your feet are kept dry and cool. It also controls odor. Mesh materials on the upper often improve airflow and breathability.

Weighty running shoes are ideal for running on bumpy or treadmill terrains. Opt for shoes with great resistance to high impact. However, if comfort is a priority, lightweight shoes can best meet your needs.

Saucony Men's Triumph ISO 4 Running Shoe, Green/Black, 11 Medium US

Type of Surface/Terrain

What type of surface or terrain do you intend to run on with your new shoes?

Lightweight shoes allow your legs to use little effort; however, they also give little protection from what is under your foot. If you often run on roads or tracks, lightweight running shoes with little protection are your best bet.

Nevertheless, if you’re an athlete or runner with preference for rough terrains or trails, opt for a pair of running shoes designed to offer your foot maximum protection.

 Look out for excellent shock absorbance and cushioning materials in your ideal running shoes.

Generally, running shoes for rough terrains are the mostsubstantial. They provide your foot with sufficient protection against the hard or rough surfaces that can easily hurt your foot.

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Saucony is a premium manufacturer of top quality running shoes for athletes with varied needs. The Saucony Triumph ISO 4 running shoes, based on our review, is more superior to its counterpart, the Hurricane.

It strikes a proper equilibrium between functionality and aesthetics to deliver great performance.

The Saucony running shoes are flimsy yet durable and satisfactory for both outdoor and indoor use. The running shoes are perfect for runners searching for the impartial bear.

If you appreciate good-looking shoes built for durability, you’re bound to love the unique color amalgamations the manufacturer integrates in its range of running shoes.

Choose wisely to get a pair of running shoes that meets your needs. Opt for Saucony Hurricane shoes if stability is a priority, but you’ll get better cushioning in the Saucony Triumph running shoes.

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