Rocktape VS KT Tape (Differences Explained)

If you haven’t tried kinesiology tape, the chances are you’ve seen athletes wearing them.

They can be extremely beneficial, which is the reason why you can find numerous different brands out there.

Today, I am focusing on comparing Rocktape vs KT Tape.

Keep reading to check out their difference, and discover the top-rated products from both brands!

Rocktape vs KT Tape - Detailing the Differences

Rocktape vs KT Tape – What’s the Difference_

How to Choose Kinesiology Tape

Material Choices

The most common materials used in kinesiology tapes include cotton, nylon, and synthetic microfibers, although you will also find some units made of hemp.

The materials will directly affect breathability, as well as the ability of the tape to dry fast when applied.

Support and Stretchiness

You will need an amazing level of support, especially if you want to minimize the injury or pain that you are feeling.

Optimal support will ensure that you can perform all movements without feeling any discomfort.

RockTape RX Sensitive-Skin 2-Inch Kinesiology Tape, 16.4-Foot Continuous Roll, Beige

Stretchiness can contribute that comfort a lot. The higher the stretchiness level, the better.

However, it is estimated that around 130-150% should be enough stretchiness for a vast majority of moves that athletes perform.


When it comes to stickiness, you should consider two different areas.

The first one is how well it sticks to the skin. Some units might fall off quickly, and others are capable of lasting for days.

You can expect a moderate level of water and sweat resistance, as well as optimal stickiness from all Rocktape and KT Tape model. However, some products out there are stickier than the others.

You may also consider the stickiness once you activate the adhesive. In other words, can you reposition the tape?

RockTape, Black, 2

Some products will make that possible, while others will lose most of their stickiness once you apply them to the skin.

Additionally, those tapes may even be prone to peeling if you try to reposition them. While we are on the topic, let’s mention the importance of residue. 

As reliable manufacturers, KT Tape and Rocktape ensure that their tapes do not leave any sticky residue on the skin after you remove the product.

Our Top Choice is: 

KT Tape, Original Cotton, Elastic Kinesiology Athletic Tape, 20 Count, 10” Precut Strips, Blue
  • Non-restrictive support: Elastic athletic tape delivers pain relief and strong support for muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons; Doesn’t restrict comfort or range of motion

Kinesiology Tape – What is It?

It doesn’t matter which of the two brands you choose because the tapes have a similar working process.

The first thing you should do is to cut the tape to the length that suits the area where you want to apply it. Next, activate the adhesive and apply the tape carefully.

SB SOX Kinesiology Tape (16ft Uncut Roll) - Best Latex Free, Water Resistant Treatment for Muscles & Joints - Let Our Free Illustrative How-to-Use Guide Help You - Ideal for Any Activity (Black)

The product will immediately start working. It aims to lift the skin and distance it from fascia and muscles.

Thanks to that, it enables you to maximize your natural movement, and perform all moves effortlessly.

What Are the Benefits of Kinesiology Athletic Tape?

The runners are wearing athletic tape to optimize their performance. In some cases, it may be for protective reasons.

They might want to minimize the risk of injury by ensuring the full mobility of all joints and muscles. Thanks to that mobility, they may even achieve better results during training or competition.

White Sports Medical Athletic Tape - No Sticky Residue & Easy to Tear - for Athletes, Trainers & First Aid Injury Wrap: Fingers Ankles Wrist - 1.5 Inch x 15 Yards per Roll (White, 8-Pack)

Many athletes start using kinesiology tape once they feel discomfort or pain in muscles and joints.

The tape can assist in accelerating recovery, and enabling you to perform at your peak by removing the discomfort you are feeling.

Athletic tape can help with various issues, including posture correction, plantar fasciitis, MCL and ACL, should pain and rotator cuff issues, back pain, runner’s knee, Achilles tendinitis, etc.

Rocktape VS KT Tape - The Biggest Differences:

Rocktape Hemp Kinesiology Tape

This is one of the newer tapes designed by Rocktape. The unique thing about it is that it uses a generous amount of hemp (97%) and only a small portion of nylon (3%).

As a result, the tape achieves an amazing level of stretchiness, which goes up to 180%.

RockTape Hemp Kinesiology Tape, Dye Free, Cotton Free, Water Resistant, Reduce Pain & Injury Recovery, Sustainable, 16.4 Feet Roll

The tape has versatile uses, and it can help you with plantar fasciitis, back pain, and knee issues. It is a popular product among professionals, but also amateurs because it is easy to apply.

Although the tape is quite strong, the manufacturer might have gotten carried away by claiming that the adhesion might last up to five days.

Regardless, it will probably endure throughout the entire day, which is enough to meet the expectations of most people.

The tape is hypoallergenic and free from dye, zinc, latex, and even cotton.


  • Made of 97% hemp
  • Hypoallergenic and very strong
  • 180% stretching sounds quite impressive


  • The adhesion might not last as long as promised

KT Tape Cotton Kinesiology Sports Tape

Unlike the previous tape reviewed, this one is completely made of cotton. KT Tape decided to go for that approach to ensure optimal comfort for the users.

Each time you apply it, you can expect the tape to stay on for up to three days.

The product is easy to use, and you shouldn’t have any problems applying it even if you are a first-time user.

KT Tape Original Cotton Elastic Kinesiology Therapeutic Sports Tape, 20 Pre cut 10 inch Strips, Blue

KT Tape is suitable to minimize the risk of injuries, accelerate recovery, improve performance, and reduce pressure on joints and muscles.

The formula doesn’t contain any latex, and it is suitable for sensitive skin.

Although the tape does have a certain level of water resistance, you shouldn’t expect wonders.

If you head into the shower or sweat more than usual, you may have encounter issues with stickiness.


  • Hypoallergenic and very comfortable
  • Easy to apply
  • Completely made of cotton


  • Water-resistance could be better
KT Tape, Original Cotton, Elastic Kinesiology Athletic Tape, 20 Count, 10” Precut Strips, Blue
  • Non-restrictive support: Elastic athletic tape delivers pain relief and strong support for muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons; Doesn’t restrict comfort or range of motion
  • Precut for convenience: Comes in 10-inch, precut strips so you can easily apply KT Tape without the extra step of cutting; Pack contains 20 precut strips that are 10 inches long and 2 inches wide

Rocktape Classic Black

The classic Rocktape comes in a roll that should secure up to ten applications.

The primary material is cotton, but the manufacturer added some nylon (3%) to ensure optimal stretchiness.

This unit also proves that Rocktape can be very stretchy – the manufacturer claims that it has a maximum of 180% stretchiness.

Apart from reducing pain, the product may also boost your performance.

RockTape, Black, 2

The formula is free from zinc and latex and resistant to both sweat and water. You can wear the tape even if you have sensitive skin because it is hypoallergenic.

The black color is neutral, and it fits any clothing combination.

If you are an athlete that like to push their limits, the stickiness might not meet your expectations completely.

Although the product can stay on for days, rough use may cause it to unstick sooner.


  • Amazing stretchiness capabilities
  • A mixture of cotton and nylon
  • Hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin


  • Stickiness doesn’t handle rough use well
RockTape, Black, 2" x 105' (5cm x 32m)
  • Reduce Pain and Improve Performance
  • Ultra-Strong and Sticky
  • Hypoallergenic Adhesive

Rocktape RX Sensitive Skin Kinesiology Tape

The primary target group of Rocktape RX is any athlete that needs a kinesiology tape gentle to their skin.

If you don’t like tapes that are too sticky, or you have sensitive skin, this may be the right product for you.

RockTape RX Sensitive-Skin 2-Inch Kinesiology Tape, 16.4-Foot Continuous Roll, Beige

It was impossible to achieve that level of gentleness while maintaining maximum adhesion, which is why the tape might become a bit flimsy after a while. Despite that, it should last for at least a day.

The product is ideal for casual runners that have sensitive skin, but still want to deal with discomfort, pain, and other issues.

It is also ideal for pregnant women and people with neurological disorders.

The RX model kept the impressive 180% stretchiness we have seen in other Rocktape units. It is also zinc and latex-free.


  • Ideal for casual runners with sensitive skin
  • Excellent stretchiness
  • Optimal comfort


  • Not as sticky as other units
RockTape RX Sensitive-Skin 2-Inch Kinesiology Tape, 16.4-Foot Continuous Roll, Beige
  • RockTapeRx is the world's best kinesiology tape specially designed to be gentler on skin. It can be used to treat sports & non-sports injuries.
  • Who is RockTapeRx suited for? RockTapeRx's gentle adhesive is great for special patient populations, like the less-active, children, the elderly, those with neurological disorders, Proprioceptive cues, and those who are pregnant. Latex & Zinc Free

KT TAPE PRO Synthetic Elastic Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape

KT Tape Pro is an advanced version of the tape that this company makes. It features synthetic fibers with an elastic core.

Thanks to that, it can boost your mobility while minimizing muscle pain and joint pressure.

You will get an entire roll of tape pre-cut into ten strips. The elasticity of the tape goes to 160%, which ensures optimal comfort.

KT Tape PRO Synthetic Elastic Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape, Jumbo 150 Precut 10 Inch Strips, Black

The product doesn’t contain any latex, which should make it suitable even for sensitive skin.

Users can choose between more than ten different colors.

However, keep in mind that the colors may not look the same as in the photos, which may affect those that care about aesthetics.

As for the performance, the KT Tape Pro is also very sticky, and it should stay on for days without falling off. It is sweat-resistant, which means sweating won’t affect its durability.


  • Very durable and long-lasting
  • A high level of elasticity goes up to 160%
  • The tape was pre-cut into strips for easier use


  • Colors may be different than in the photos
KT Tape, Pro Synthetic Kinesiology Athletic Tape, 150 Count, 10” Precut Strips, Jet Black
  • Pro-level support: 100% synthetic performance fibers are fast-drying, water resistant and provide superior strength and support; Stronger elastic core delivers longer support for muscles, joints and tendons than cotton
  • Precut for convenience: Comes in 10-inch, precut strips so you can easily apply KT Tape right out of the box; Jumbo pack contains 150 precut strips that are 10 inches long and 2 inches wide


We’ve reached the end of our Rocktape VS KT Tape roundup, and we now need to see who is the winner of this showdown.

Although both manufacturers design reliable and durable tapes, the winner is Rocktape Hemp Kinesiology Tape.

The product truly revolutionized the market with a new approach and ensured a strong and hypoallergenic solution.

On top of that, the product is extremely stretchable, which assists in minimizing injuries and boosting performance.

The fact that we have a winner shouldn’t keep you from trying other tapes. Go ahead and consider which features are of importance to you, and choose the desired product accordingly.

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