Pros/Cons to Chewing Gum While Running

Some who are new to running and athletics may be curious about the prospect of chewing gum while running.

There may be some positive thoughts about it, but also some apprehension regarding possible dangers or negative impacts of the training session. There are pros and cons to chewing gum while running

Chewing gum helps runners improve their running rhythm and can provide extra energy. However, as a general rule, it is best not to chew gum while running is a choking hazard and can create a distraction for many runners.

To keep things simple, something like chewing gum probably won’t have a significant positive or negative impact on an easy training session, so it is up to your personal preference.

Pros/Cons to Chewing Gum While Running


Good Distraction

Oftentimes running can feel monotonous while logging all those miles day in and day out. Many runners find that chewing some gum on an easy run can help them get through without as much boredom along the way.

There is something to be said for such a strategy, as it allows the mind to focus on something besides pounding the pavement.

It is no secret that some of us wake up and just cannot stand the idea of lacing up our running shoes and putting in some more miles on our tired legs, but some gum may be just the things to shake things up for excitement!

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A minty flavor may make you feel a little more thirsty, so if you are going to try this strategy just for kicks then you may want to start with something fruity for initial success. As you get used to it you can try mint flavors afterward.

So next time you may feel like you’re dreading your next run, give some gum a try for a mile or two, and see how it feels to get started. Just make sure to be careful.

Helps With Rhythm

The nice thing about chewing gum is that it offers your brain and body a secondary source of rhythm to add to your gait cycle. This could in theory enhance your efficiency, and maybe even offer a way to pick up the pace a little bit if you’re feeling so inclined.

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Chewing gum has definitely been known to enhance someone’s walking pace, so if you are the right person you might enjoy having an external source to give you some extra rhythm in your long runs and recovery days.

This will also offer you a killer workout for your jawline while running as well. So you can log your miles and chisel out your jaw at the same time. Who wouldn’t want that?

Some Gums Can Enhance Performance

That’s right! Science has come far enough to offer gum that will enhance the quality of your run. There is a brand that offers some super high-quality gum to get you through exercise, so let’s take a look.

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Run Gum

Designed by the 2x Olympic athlete, Nick Symmonds, Run Gum is specifically formulated with caffeine, vitamin b12, and Taurine to enhance your athletic performance before and during your run.

They can even work as a quick energy source while at work in case you are trying to limit your coffee intake.

Run Gum has zero sugar and zero calories but will provide you with a jolt of energy that you can take with you as a “pick-me-up” before or during a run.

The packaging won’t be harmed by sweat or rubbing, and it is small enough to be stored in almost any pocket so you can take it with you almost anywhere. 

It is easy to chew and it works very quickly after you begin chewing it, so you won’t have to worry about a lagging effect or estimating how early you’ll have to take it before hitting a wall.

Overall, Run Gum is a super solid brand that brings a lot to the table for its customers, it's effective, convenient and clean, so its definitely worth a try!


Choking Hazard

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way first, chewing gum is definitely a possible choking hazard. If you are not careful then you might get yourself into a very sticky situation if the gum obstructs your windpipe accidentally.

This is a risk that always comes with chewing gum, so while running it can increase the risk because of the vertical oscillation and obvious distractions that come with running both internally and externally.

Make sure to always be mindful while chewing gum on your run, while it can offer lots of fun benefits it is never worth sustaining an injury or windpipe obstruction. Just try your best to stay safe.

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Too Distracting

While a distraction can be used for good, it can also be a negative byproduct as well. When out for a run, that is still the most important part and chewing gum could be too much of a distraction for some.

You should never let the gum sacrifice precious time and energy that could go into your run to get better.

As long as it is not messing up your stride or breathing then you should probably be ok, but just make sure to be aware of how you’re feeling and make sure to keep your primary focus on the task at hand.

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Not for workouts

This may feel like an obvious one, but because of the two drawbacks listed before, it’s just not safe or practical to enter into a workout while chewing gum.

The main goal is to get after some faster paces or harder efforts, and most of us just cannot do that while chewing gum at the same time.

Going at faster or harder paces makes your body far less able to process other variables, which means having a potentially dangerous piece of gum in your mouth is not the way to go.

Without sounding dramatic, chewing gum while running a harder workout can be distracting at best, and potentially lethal at its worst, so best just to steer away from that one.

Does chewing gum help breathing when running?

It is a myth that chewing gum helps breathing while running, in fact, it actually hinders your ability to get oxygen into your body. 


Chewing gum can offer some solid benefits for your easier paced recovery runs like providing a distraction, adding some rhythm, and enhancing your performance with some solid vitamins and minerals.

However, you should definitely be aware of the potential dangers and drawbacks before chewing gum during your run. As a negative distraction and potential choking hazard, it is best to not bother chewing gum while trying to run at harder paces.

Chewing gum is up to your personal preference. It is worth a try if you want to shake things up on your next easy run, but make sure to start slow and see how it all feels. In the end, if you are reasonable and careful then it could be a very positive experience overall.

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