The 5 Best Waterproof Running Socks

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You are here to browse for the best pair of waterproof running socks for you, so we shall keep the introduction brief and simple.

Most of the time, it is not fun to go out for a run, and then for whatever circumstances (rain, snow, mud, puddles, etc.) your socks get wet and start squishing all around and causing problems.

Wet socks can lead to skin irritation, excessive rubbing, hot spots, blisters, and freezing toes if it is cold enough out. Needless to say, none of us want that in our lives.

We have done our research and discovered the best waterproof running sock options on the market today. We did not just look at overall water resistance, but also comfort, durability, breathability, and general performance as factors to consider as well.

Let’s get going!

We have done our research and discovered the best waterproof running sock options on the market today. We did not just look at overall water resistance, but also comfort, durability, breathability, and general performance as factors to consider as well.

The 5 Best Waterproof Socks for Runners

So if you’re looking to take your game to the next level, here are my 5 favorite waterproof socks for runners with in-depth reviews.

Top Choice


A performance thin weight, mid length waterproof featuring Hydrostop, designed specifically for MTB offers a perfect balance of warmth and breathability.

4.7 of 5 stars

The 5 Waterproof Socks for Runners with Reviews

If you are looking to get in and out of this article with a waterproof sock of choice, then look no further.

It is in the full name, but this sock is made with Sealskinz technology to ward off any incoming external moisture that might come your way during outdoor activities.

These are a premier pair of waterproof running socks, and they are my top pick of this article (hence this being at the top of my list).

Design, Feel and Fit

I ended up purchasing these for a race last winter.

Here is what I really like: coming in with a nice balance in thickness and length, you are going to get plenty of comfort out of these in regards to breathability and lockdown.

We will talk a little bit more about it in a second, but you’ll have plenty of protection from external elements. Furthermore, because there is some good breathability in this (for it being a waterproof sock) you shouldn’t have too many problems with additional feet sweat and rubbing.

Water Proof

Isn’t it great when a product delivers on a promise?

I was very happy to see that the Hydrostop technology between the cuff and skin of this sock actually helped keep water from reaching my feet.

During extended runs or hikes, wet feet can really become a hindrance, so having a sock maintain general comfort while keeping out water is an absolute delight.

What I Didn’t Like

With all that is great about the product, it is so hard to get over the price tag.

Feels like so much to pay for a pair of socks, but in the end I have not held any buyer’s remorse from this purchase because it ticks all of the promised boxes.

Coming in at a close second on my list is the Randy Sun Hiking Socks delivered on a similar level for comfort, breathability and performance, but there was just one thing that kept it from making the top spot here.

Before we get into that we can talk about the outstanding wrap around the arch and midfoot with this pair of socks. It really felt like the lockdown was such that I did not have to deal with any excess sliding around within the sock.

Furthermore, there is a nice grippy feel between my socks and shoes, so there were no issues with swimming or sliding in my shoe with these on as well.

Design, Feel and Fit

I used these earlier this year and can share that there is some solid cushion coming with the RANDY SUN socks, and it is pretty much delivered throughout the entirety of a long day hike. It comes with a seamless design as well, which removed any possible hot spots I may have felt while out there.

Water Proof

Surprise! These are super solid for water resistance.

So although it was super comfortable, and provided plenty of water resistance while my feet were under water, it did not do as well when I plunged the entire sock into water and got “knee deep” because some water did start to get in from the top.

What I Didn’t Like

Segwaying from that last paragraph, I did not enjoy the fact that water leaked in through the top of the sock. It felt a little disappointing that it couldn’t even handle a couple of steps through the water while fully submerged.

Nevertheless, I recognize that all items have a threshold, so for a little over $20 I can live with getting a little wet from time to time, as the socks still maintain comfort even while slightly wet. 

If you are looking for a waterproof sock with lots of versatility, then the DexShell Coolvent Mid-Calf might take the cake in that arena.

I loved how these really just felt closest to a normal sock for me. It felt nice to get a waterproof feature while also feeling a sense of normalcy around my feet and within my shoes. Lacing up a pair of shoes with these on really just got me feeling ready to go.

Design, Feel and Fit

With a seamless design and a four-way stretch fabric for better overall flexibility I really forgot that the sock was even there (until I stepped in a big puddle and didn’t have wet feet). It feels a little longer than a normal crew sock, coming up to about the bottom of your calf. This solved the waterproof problem as well, which we can get into right now.

Water Proof

Not much to say here, from everything I did in the DexShell Coolvent Mid-Calf there was pretty much zero issue with water retention of leaks. The Porellemembrane on the outside of the sock was working wonders.

What I Didn’t Like

For me it is not so much the price, but that there is some questionable durability going on with this sock, as it already feels a little flatter than the others I’ve been wearing. It still keeps water out, but slowly it is becoming less comfortable even after about 5 uses, which I think is a little unfair for the higher price tag.

Keeping in mind the affordability of a pair of waterproof socks, the Tanzant Waterproof Socks give some great water resistance for a lower cost. Along with that, the comfort is pretty high with a maximal approach to cushion (so keep in mind to wear some slightly wider shoes to accommodate).

Seriously, I think these might be the best pair of “value” socks on my list. It really does deliver a great combination of breathability, comfort, and water resistance.

Design, Feel and Fit

First off, keep in mind that the water proofing abilities of these only go to the bottom of the cuff section. They are honest about the fact that these socks don't keep water out from the top, and even go so far as to compare it to the waterproofness of a rain boot. Makes sense. Other than that it fits super well on my foot and even has some sweat wicking properties to keep moisture from accumulating within the sock as well.

Water Proof

As we mentioned above, the Tanzant Waterproof Socks are indeed water proof from the bottom all the way up to the cuff of the sock, so just be prepared for some moisture if you step into water above that line.

What I Didn’t Like

For all of the good, this pair is a little high maintenance with the washing part. You have to be careful not to damage the waterproof membrane within a washing machine.

The manufacturer recommends hand washing under normal temperature water and then to air-dry thes socks afterwards. This feels like a lot of work for a pair of socks to me.

If you are someone who looks to partake in the extreme activities that take place in very cold and wet weather, but can also get the job done in warmer environments as well, then the Dexshell Hytherm Pro is a great option to consider.

Seriously, these feel like the option to go with if you are going to consider any winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, or even just a cold winter hike. If you wear these, you can be nearly certain that you won’t have wet or cold feet.

On the flip side, there is some pretty good breathability in these socks too, so you can wear them in warmer climates without strangling your foot in excessive heat retention.

Design, Feel and Fit

So these feel designed super well with good breathability and flexibility. They wrap around your feet without making them feel constrained. The Merino wool and seamless construction really do give you a winning combination for snow sports/activities.

They can feel a little loose sometimes though, so make sure to account for that while wearing them. I found going a size down helped me, but I would not necessarily recommend that for everyone because it could be an individual issue.

Water Proof

With a three-layer protection scheme here these definitely check the box for water proofing. I really think these should be a preferred option for snow activities because there is a great added bonus here of the Dexshell Hytherm Pro being exceptionally warm.

What I Didn’t Like

Pretty simple grievance here, they just left too loose around my feet at times. Not a deal-breaker by any means, but it was noticeable near the end of my activities.

Conclusion: The 5 Best Waterproof Running Socks

Wearing waterproof socks when appropriate can really enhance the overall safety and enjoyment of your more extreme activities.

Whether you are a professional extreme sports athlete or just a casual fitness junky like me, waterproof socks really should be something you add to your arsenal to enhance your comfort and performance.

Not only are they good for physical activity, but also for just wearing around on casual excursions that might get a little wet or cold. It can enhance general quality of life during these activities.

Take a look and give a couple of these socks a try for yourself and you might just notice the difference.

Finally, if you still don’t think you need any kind of socks while running, check out some of the biggest benefits from wearing the proper running socks. You may just change your mind.

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I am the the guy behind Train for a 5K. On this site, I share everything that learned along my running journey. The content I create is the running training I wish I had before we started this journeyAbout Me.

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Hi, Jeremy Here, 

I am the the guy behind Train for a 5K. On this site, I share everything that learned along my running journey. The content I create is the running training I wish I had before we started this journeyAbout Jeremy. 

I have run over 250 races including the California International Marathon, Clarksburg Country Run, and various other 5K & 10K races throughout the United States. I am a former Athletics department employee at University of the Pacific and Shoe Consultant with Dicks Sporting Goods

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