Balega Zulu Socks Review (Actual Runner)

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Balega is a leading brand for running socks. The brand is trustworthy and a favorite of many runners in the local and international running scene.

Balega socks are popular among athletes, hobbyist runners and even people into workouts and training.

Today I am going to review one of their popular running sock lines; the Balega Zulu No Show Socks. 

The Balega Zulu No Show Running Socks aren’t just made for running, but also hiking, cycling, running and walking for fitness. Our comprehensive review.

The manufacturer designs comfortable, and durable socks that absorb sweat, and prevent blisters and chafing, to make running easier and fun for athletes and enthusiast runners alike.

The different socks are designed to meet the different needs of different runners out there.

Balega Zulu No Show Socks for Men and Women (3 Pairs)

Apart from running socks, the company also manufactures various running gear you may want to check out. The socks are engineered using a proprietary technology for managing moisture.

This results in socks that have the right features to keep your foot cool and dry.

The technology also helps the company to manufacture socks that allow free flow of air for optimal performance, comfort and durability.

The brand tests its socks through races and integrates a premium toe seam to prevent abrasion on your foot top. With a distinct Heel Gripper construction, the socks give a snug fit for no-slip use.

The brains behind the company are athletes with passion and experience in both long and short races. This means they know the ins and outs of the industry, including what runners want in their socks.

The company uses feedback from its consumers worldwide to improve its range of running socks.

The Balega Zulu No Show Running Socks aren’t just made for running, but also hiking, cycling, running and walking for fitness.

The Zulu 8109 sock style is sold in a pack of three.

The first pair is available in white with a dark grey stripe, the second one is white with a light gray stripe, and the third is gray with a dark gray stripe.

The Balega Zulu No Show Socks feature a seamless and hand-linked toe closure, including a heel tab to prevent it from slipping down into your shoes. 

With the reinforced heel and toe areas, and a mesh construction, the socks have ventilation panels to promote better breathability and airflow.

Proper ventilation allow your feet to breathe and stay dry in hot and wet weather. The new Elastane is improved all over the socks for a perfect, snug fit.

With the plush under sole cushioning, the socks offer additional protection from rough terrains. What’s more, the medium-volume construction adds to its durability.

Engineered with the proprietary Drynamix technology for moisture management, the socks are bound to absorb sweat from your foot whenever it gets hot in there.

As a result, your feet will stay cool and dry throughout your runs. The ventilation panels allow air to flow freely in and out of your socks.

It means you’ll realize enhanced performance in your runs because optimal comfort increases your ability to finish longer races.

Balega Zulu No Show Socks (3 Pairs) (2017 Model), White/Grey/Yellow, X-Large

It also increases the longevity of your performance socks. They’ve also been tested for performance and comfort to ensure they deliver on their promise.

The seamless toe is hand-linked to protect the top part of your foot from friction and blisters. The deep heel pocket is extra knitted for a perfect snug fit. 

It also ensures that your socks don’t slide down when running. This can be uncomfortable.

Made from 2% Elastique, 84% Drynamix polyester, and 14% polyamide nylon, the socks are durable to last you many runs.

The materials also work together to make the performance socks breathable.

Features of the Balega Zulu Socks

  • 100% other fibers
  • No show height
  • Medium volume construction
  • Hand-linked seamless toe closure
  • Reinforced toe and heel areas
  • Medium-cushioned around the foot base
  • Fine toe seam
  • Nylon, polyester and elastique materials
  • Moisture-absorbing ventilation mesh panels
  • Heel gripper for a glove-like fit
  • Heel tab and under sole cushioning
  • Extra deep heel pocket
  • New and enhanced Elastane
  • Made in South Africa and the USA
  • Mesh construction

  • Pros of the Zulu Running Socks

    • USA-made yarns of top quality
    • Prevents your socks from slipping into your shoes
    • Gives a more structured fit
    • Cushioned for comfort
    • Available in 2 colors: white and grey
    • Durable, fits snugly and hides inside running shoes
    • Easy to clean, wash and maintain
    • Made from top quality, USA-made yarns
    • Prevents friction and blisters
    • Proper ventilation for breathability

    Cons of the Zulu Performance Socks

    • Some users reported that the socks are of poor quality and too thick. However, this is likely due to manufacturing faults because many users were happy with the performance socks.
    • Unlike most running socks, these ones come in limited color options

    Factors to Consider When Buying Balega Zulu Socks

    Many factors come into play when choosing the best running socks. First, you must determine the number of pairs you’d like to buy and then develop a budget to work with.

    Generally, socks aren’t expensive but price comparisons can help you get good bargains, especially if you’re looking for many pairs.

    Balega Zulu No Show Socks For Men and Women (3 Pairs), White, Medium

    These socks are sold in packs which are a more cost-effective than those sold in single pairs. If you’re working on a tight budget, consider purchasing socks in bulk to cut on costs.

    Socks are made in different sizes and colors to meet the varied needs of runners. Choose the right size and color for you.

    Determine whether you want no-show or knee-length socks.

     If you run in cold climate, you may consider knee length socks. Otherwise, no-show socks are ideal for running in hot zones.

    Socks also come in varying thickness. Choose the right thickness level based on your personal preferences and needs.

    However, thick socks are good for running in cold weather and thin ones for summer runs.

    Even so, you’ll find either thick or thin socks comfortable to wear; choose accordingly.

    Cushioning is another important factor for consideration when buying running socks.

    Well-cushioned socks offer comfort for long runs on terrains. They protect your feet from impact and reduces friction to prevent blisters.

    The need for snugly-fitting socks goes without saying. It ensures that your socks don’t slip down while running.

    The best running socks are comfortable to ensure you can run for longer without hurting your feet.

    Another factor is brand. With many socks brands on the market, choose one that’s trustworthy and reliable. If you’re a first-time buyer, check out user reviews to help you make an informed buying decision.

    A good brand has been in the industry for many years.

    You may also want to choose the right materials used on the socks for comfort, performance, and durability. Avoid running socks made from 100% cotton, but opt for synthetic materials in your ideal socks.

    Running Socks Care and Maintenance

    Running socks require proper care to last long. Wash your socks after use to keep them clean.

    Depending on the specific socks, you may need to hand wash or machine wash them, or both.

    Check the manufacturer’s recommendation for washing to ensure you clean yours in the right way.

    Air dry your socks after washing and keep them in aerated places to ensure they stay fresh. You also need to replace worn out socks to keep enjoying high performance.

    If your socks have tears or fit loosely, it’s time to replace them with a new pair.

    Balega Zulu No Show Socks for Men and Women (3 Pairs)

    However, you don’t have to wait for your socks to wear out before you can replace them. Make it a habit to replace your socks at least once a year if you use them regularly.

    However, if you rarely use your running socks, they’re bound to last longer.

    If you’ve just been cured of athlete’s foot, it’s also necessary to replace your socks.

    Wearing socks you used while nursing a fungal or bacterial infection around your toes may result in re-infection.


    Balega Zulu Socks are designed to cushion runners for longer runs. They offer protection from friction and blisters through cushioning and snug fits.

    The socks come in white and grey to choose from. The no-show design means they’re hidden inside your shoes when running, making them ideal for summer or hot weather runs.

    The socks are made from comfortable materials of premium quality. This ensures that they support durable use for many months.

    If you use your socks less regularly, they’re bound to last longer than those used more often.

    The socks also dry faster when washed, making them ideal for cold weather when wet clothes take longer to dry.

    In conclusion, buy running socks in your foot size for a snug fit. Make sure they’re also in a color of your liking.

    Buy half a size up to get fitting running socks.Shop around and only buy socks that you need and will actually wear.

    Visit Amazon today and order your favorite pair of Balega Zulu Running Socks to begin training or running in comfort.

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