Feetures Vs Thorlos – Comfort Comparison

With running growing in popularity as a mainstream physical activity, it is not surprising to see a number of specialty companies emerging from the woodwork, especially in the running socks market.

This is not the case for Feetures or Thorlos, which have both been around for over two decades! It would be hard to argue that neither brand is popular because they both share a considerable amount of popularity in the running community, but for two different reasons.

In general, Feetures remains focused more on performance and Thorlos is focused more on general comfort and longevity, making Feetures socks more durable but Thorlos slightly more comfortable.

I will provide a review and comparison between both brands and let you know which might be better for you.

My Top Choice:

Feetures Elite Ultra Light No Show Tab

I love the custom-like fit which helps reduce the chance of blisters.

• Compression and cushion in the areas you need it

• Not too thick - thin cushion providing a lighter, cooler feel.

• I like the ankle/No Show Tab version the best!

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Feetures Vs Thorlos – Comfort Comparison


Feetures is known for providing a great mix of performance, versatility, and comfort.

I tend to give Feetures socks a big nod because they are a company with the sole focus of creating the best socks. They do nothing else, sell very little other kinds of apparel, and definitely create some amazing footwear.

 One of my favorite sock lines from this Feetures is the Elite lineup, which pretty much offers the highest performance running socks on the market. They also come in a large array of cushion levels and heights.

For sake of our comparison, we will take a look at the Elite Ultra Light No Show Tab, which you can probably tell by its name is very stripped back and thin for those extra high-performance activities.

This sock is made with an anatomical fit in mind, and Feetures did a great job at studying the human foot and designing a sock that can provide what feels like a custom fit to each individual (if you get the size right).

Another feature that I love about these socks is the ventilation. These socks are well designed to provide some great breathability.

On top of that, they do wick moisture away nicely to keep your feet sweat to a minimum, although that part may not be the best in the business.

Something the Elite Ultra Light No Show Tab socks are not great for is cold weather running. They are just too thin and breathable to keep my feet warm enough, and when it might be wet outside as well, then the toes can get a little numb.

This is not a true deal-breaker for the socks. They are overall super reliable, breathable, and supportive.

Feetures also has a Max Cushioned version in its Elite lineup. These would serve better for colder weather running, as there is just more material protecting your feet.

-I also compare Feetures to other running sock company Bombas


Thorlos has been in the sock-making market since the ’80s, and there is a reason they have lasted so long.

The dedication to quality, craftsmanship, and comfort is highly respected within not just the running community, but also walking, hiking, tennis, military, and more.

3 Pair Pack Experia GREEN No Show Socks

EXPERIA GREEN keeps feet cool, dry, and comfortable. Soft, cotton-like feel with performance comfort. 

It's the ideal sock for everyday activities including moderate running and fitness.

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As far as running socks go, they focus on comfort and provide some super nice cushioned socks. For the sake of our review, we will look at the Xccu Thin Cushion Running Low Cut Socks, because they are comparable to its Feetures counterpart.

Thorlos Experia Unisex Thin Padded Running Low Cut Socks, Ocean, Extra Large

Constructed of Thorlos exclusive Thor-WICK Cool fibers, Experia is great at wicking the moisture away to keep your feet dry and practically eliminate blister formation.

This combines well with the strategically placed cushioning on the bottom of the foot, although it is advertised as a light cushion, it still gives a plush sensation under and around your foot.

Thorlos Experia Unisex Thin Padded Running Low Cut Socks, Ocean, Extra Large

There is a bit of a more classic sock feeling with this pair when compared to Feetures, as the arch strap is less tight and it might not be as anatomically designed. It still gets the job done well.

Some bits that other reviewers specifically mention liking about the Xccu Thin Cushion Running Low Cut Socks is the fit, and signature cushioning in the heel and forefoot.

Thorlos is well known for its high-quality cushion.

This sock has even been so popular as to be named a “Best of Both Worlds” by Runners World, and that is because it delivers cushion strategically where you need it and the ultra-thin fibers provide that great fit. 

Thorlos Experia Unisex Thin Padded Running Low Cut Socks, Ocean, Extra Large
408 Reviews
Thorlos Experia Unisex Thin Padded Running Low Cut Socks, Ocean, Extra Large
  • The gold standard in light padded running socks for over a decade
  • Experia delivers Thorlo quality, protection, and comfort in a light and thin padded sock
  • Nylon covered LYCRA provides contoured aerodynamic glove like fit

Which is Better?

This is a pretty close race here.

Like most things it is going to depend on your personal preference and what you are seeking in your socks.

Both of these socks are at a similar price point, and in both cases, they feel expensive for a single pair (about $15 per pair).

I have enjoyed the cushion of Thorlos, but for higher performance days when I need a sock to just get out of my way, I go with the Feetures.

This is what I would recommend for you as well. If you want a highly cushioned sock then give a pair from Thorlos a try.

If you want a sock that will deliver nothing but the most reliable performance, then a pair of the Feetures Elite Ultra Light No Show Tab is one of your best bets.

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