Saucony vs. Nike – Which Brand is Right For YOU?

Different running shoe brands have unique qualities for each shoe that will make the shoe fit amazingly well for each unique person that runs in them.

The right pair of shoes for you that fit perfectly can make your runs comfortable, exciting, and overall, so much better than if you are wearing shoes that do not fit your feet properly.

However, finding the brand of running shoes that will make your training runs and races amazing can be incredibly difficult, overwhelming, and intimidating if you do not have any information before you start your search.

Therefore, doing your research before buying your new training or racing shoes is always a good idea.

This article can help you start your search by pointing you in the right direction of what to expect from Saucony vs the famous shoe brand Nike!

Saucony vs. Nike – Which Brand is Right For YOU?

This article can help you start your search by pointing you in the right direction of what to expect from Saucony vs the famous shoe brand Nike!


Saucony was founded by four men in Kutztown, Pennsylvania and named after Saucony Creek.

The brand started out by making children’s shoes, and in the late 1960s when it was bought by Hyde Athletic Industries they moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts and began to produce athletic shoes. 

Saucony Originals Men's Jazz Low Pro Classic Retro Sneaker, Black/Silver, 11 M US

Now in the twenty first century, Saucony is one of the major athletic shoe brands and has an amazing lineup of running shoes.

Saucony makes many different kinds of athletic shoes that work well for each person on the search journey. 

They also offer a wide variety of running shoes with everything from trail shoes to road shoes to racing flats making them the perfect brand for any type or experience level of runner.

Saucony Originals Men's Jazz Low Pro Sneaker,Blue/Grey,8 M US

Saucony running shoes are produced with the Saucony GRID technology that they have been including in their shoes since 1991.

This technology in the soles of the shoes helps to combat the weight and pressure that is put on your feet while running by offering a combination of stability and shock absorption. 

Similar to Asics, these shoes focus on stability and comfort. 

While there is variety in the heel to toe drop of the Saucony brand running shoes, overall, the running shoes tend to have a low to moderate drop of anywhere from four millimeters all the way up to nine millimeters of difference between the heel and the forefoot of the shoe.

Saucony Women's Triumph ISO 2 Running Shoe, Blue/Pink, 5 M US

Saucony also has a wide variety of weights depending on the stability level of each model of shoe. Their lightweight road shoes can be around six to seven ounces while their heavier trail shoes get up to around ten to eleven ounces.

These awesome shoes cost anywhere from $60 to $120 depending on which model of shoe you purchase and where you purchase them which make them accessible to a wide budget. 

Saucony Women's Triumph ISO 2 Running Shoe, Coral/Silver, 6 M US

I highly recommend Saucony running shoes to any runner as they have such a wide variety of shoes; they work well for beginning runners or runners who put lower mileage on their running shoes as well as high mileage runners, road runners or trail runners, and any kind of budget.

These shoes are sturdy and will last the mileage throughout all of your runs and keep you comfortable and happy throughout the miles.

Pop over to Amazon and see the wide variety of Saucony shoes. The ones with the highest reviews tend to be the most popular.

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In 1964, Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight founded the company Blue Ribbon Sports and opened their first retail outlet in 1966. They launched the Nike brand shoe in 1972 and in 1978 it was renamed Nike Incorporated and went public two years later.

Nike Men's Revolution 4 Running Shoe, Dark Black-Cool Grey/White, 10.5 Regular US

While Nike is well known for all of its wide variety of athletic shoes and clothing, they also have an incredibly wide variety of running shoes from racing flats to trail shoes and everything else in between.

Nike Mens Revolution 4 Gym RED White Team RED Black Size 10

While the different shoes have different designs, they all have an incredible stability and offer amazing support and comfort throughout the miles of your training runs and races.

They have a variety of shoes with different weights and different drops, but the most common shoes that I found had a low heel to toe drop and are extremely lightweight.

Nike Womens WMNS Flex Experience RN 7 Rose Arctic Punch Sunset Pulse Size 8.5

Even though they have incredibly sturdy and long lasting trail running shoes, they are still super lightweight making for a gliding stride that can make the miles tick by super quickly and comfortably.

They have an incredible design that makes for a sturdy yet breathable running shoe. 

Nike Womens Flex Experience RN 7, Noise Aqua/Lagoon Pulse-Ocean Bliss, 6 B(M) US

Nike shoes do cost more than Saucony shoes on average; the standard Nike jogging and walking shoes can be found for around $70 to $100 while the more sturdy and supportive running shoes are generally upwards of $120 all the way up to close to $200.

You do get what you pay for with Nike however as their all of their products have such an incredible value and reliability to them.

Here to Amazon and see the wide variety of Nike shoes. Like Saucony, the ones with the highest reviews tend to be the most popular. 


I would recommend both of these shoe brands to any level of runners from beginning runners to professional runners. 

If you are a runner on a budget, I highly recommend Saucony as they make really great shoes at a much less expensive price tag than most Nike running shoes as they are a bit more on the pricier side. Saucony shoes are designed with a comfort first approach. Nike shoes are designed to focus more on support rather than overall comfort. 

However, if you have the budget for Nike’s good running shoes, they are really great shoes that will last the mileage.

From my experience and knowledge of the shoes, the racing shoes and the trail shoes last for the most mileage on the Nike end of it. Saucony’s standard training shoes will last the mileage but are not as sturdy as the Nike trail shoes.


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