5 Best Recovery Sandals (Post-Run Reviewed)

Whether you’re a runner or jog every morning to keep fit, recovery sandals and flip flops can help you minimize foot sores. They can also speed up your post-running foot recovery.

It also doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional athlete with the need to keep in shape, an enthusiast runner or fitness lover, or just someone with particular personal or health goals to attain through running.

Recovery sandals can get you back on track soon after an intensive run.Trail running, track workouts and long, slow distance runs have impact on your feet, hence the need for rest.

The 5 Best Recovery Sandals

Top Choice Recovery Sandal - PR Soles

PR Soles Original Sandals | Foot Massaging & Recovery Footwear | Mens & Womens Original Slides | Black & Green | SM | (W) 8 | (M) 7

Experience a comforting and stimulating foot massage after a long run. Made with special cushioned ACUPOINT soles that are designed to massage sore feet and trigger acupressure points

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Recovery sandals aren’t meant for running, but for use post-runs. If you want sandals for running, consider running sandals.

When choosing the best recovery sandals for you, consider your specific needs, whether your feet are wide or narrow, the need for cushioning and at what level, and if you’re nursing foot and/or leg sores.

Different recovery sandals brands offer varied features. The best recovery sandals or flip flops are cushioned and comfortable for relaxing sensations.

They also come in fitting and contoured designs to adapt to your feet and cradle them.

Your feet mold to the contours for a massage-like feeling for faster recovery post a run.The sandals are also lightweight, and durable to withstand repeated use and wear, and thus extended use. They’re also waterproof, relaxing and speed up recovery after running.

Other factors to consider include style and aesthetics for an appealing look, and price. Here’re some of the best recovery sandals to consider for your post-workout or running recovery.

5 Best Recovery Sandals: Recovery sandals can get you back on track soon after an intensive run.Trail running, track workouts and long, slow distance runs have impact on your feet, hence the need for rest. Here are the five best.

The 5 Best Recovery Sandals

1. The Superfeet Aftersport Slide Recovery Sandals

The SuperfeetAftersport Slide Sandals for post-running recovery are designed in the shape of orthotic insoles. The Aerosoft foam cushions the sandals for added comfort.

The foam compression is just enough to make your footsteps soft. Its structure is strong and sturdy to keep your feet from crushing under your body weight.

Superfeet Aftersport Men's Open Back Recovery Sandal for Post Run or Comfort, Men's 10 US, Black

The structure of the recovery sandals offers great arch support for your foot arches. The footbed is also made from a soft material for comfortable wear.

Superfeet Aftersport Men's Open Back Recovery Sandal for Post Run or Comfort, Men's 10 US, Black
  • DESIGNED FOR: Superfeet Aftersport were specifically designed for a naturally supportive foundation made to keep you feeling, refreshed after your workout and ready for your next.

After a tough workout or run, the slide construction makes it easy to slip on the sandals even with your socks on to let your feet relax from wearing running shoes.

The sandals are made from polyurethane material that’s strong and durable enough to keep its shape. It also allows for easy cleaning.

You can also wear them before your runs, and post running. They offer relief from foot tightness, reduces soreness and calms your tense calves.

2. The Oofos OoLala Lux Recovery Sandals

The OofosOoLala Lux Sandals for recovery are designed to relieve your feet and joints of stress after workouts or running.

They hug your foot arches for comfortable feet and support. Wearing the sandals feels great after long-runs, letting your feet relax. The machine-washable sandals are odor-free and easy to clean and maintain.

OOFOS Unisex OOahh Sport Slide Sandal, Black/Black 13 B(M) US Women/11 D(M) US Men

Unlike running shoes, the recovery sandals don’t return energy to your feet during walks, each time your heels hit the track. Constructed with the Oofoam cushioning technology, the sandals are comfortable to let your feet relax.

The closed-cell foam has the ability to absorb about 37% extra impact than the conventional EVA foam.

This means that your joints and leg muscles experience less impact and thus reduce the risk of pain. The foam is squishy for added comfort whenever your foot hits the ground.

OOFOS Unisex OOahh Sport Slide Sandal, Black/Black 13 B(M) US Women/11 D(M) US Men
109 Reviews
OOFOS Unisex OOahh Sport Slide Sandal, Black/Black 13 B(M) US Women/11 D(M) US Men
  • Feel the OO - An evolution of the OOriginal, the OOahh Sport Slide Sandal features an agile foam strap with bold, hand-painted graphics, offering comfort + support. Like all OOFOS shoes, it features OOfoam technology & the patented footbed.
  • OOfoam Technology - Our revolutionary OOfoam technology absorbs 37% more impact than traditional footwear foam materials to reduce the stress on your feet, joints & back. Plus, the closed-cell foam is machine washable and designed to minimize odor.
  • Patented Footbed - Our patented footbed cradles and supports arches to reduce energy exertion in the ankles by up to 47% compared to competitors’ footwear. So walking is easier. Recovery is faster. And yOO feel better.

It feels softer than other recovery shoes and sandals, and offers resistance your foot arches need to get enough support.

The Oolala is also available in varied fun colors and a slide option for happy feet. You can wear them anytime for fast errands around your city or community.

3. The New Balance Recharge Thong Recovery Sandals

The New Balance Recharge Thong Sandals  for recovery are made from 100% synthetic with rubber soles for prolonged use.

The footbed is contoured with a heel cup at 3600 to snugly fit your foot and offer support. The anatomical arch support anchors your high foot arches for increased stability.

New Balance Men's Recharge Thong Sandal

After completing your runs or even in summer when taking a break from your daily runs, your feet will love relaxing in these sandals. The orthotic footbed is effective in countering plantar fasciitis with great heel and arch support.

They also promote fast recovery post workouts or runs. The sandals are available in brown and black/grey color options.

New Balance Men's Recharge Thong Sandal, Black/Grey, 14 D US
  • Pure align contoured footbed with 360 degree heel cup and anatomical arch support
  • Synthetic pu upper with mesh liner
  • Durable rubber outsole

4. The PR Soles Original Sandals

The PR SOLES Original Sandals are made for durable use. The lug sole is tough enough to prevent wear and tear for durability.

With the nylon shank, you’re guaranteed foot support and stabilization even on uneven terrains

PR Soles Original Sandals

The rubber outsole and rugged durabrasion resists wear and tear, and gives good traction to prevent blister formation.

Designed for outdoor use, the sandals are ideal for adventures or just post-running indoor relaxing. The suede sandals are comfortable yet rugged for a snugly fit.

With the contoured EVA footbed, you get enough arch support. The traction is also good for walking on tough or rough terrains.

PR Soles Original Sandals | Foot Massaging & Recovery Footwear | Mens & Womens Original Slides | Black & Neon Green | (W) 6 | (M) 5
  • RECOVER FASTER! PR SOLES are specifically designed to provide athletes the most comfortable pre and post workout footwear to promote the recovery of sore and tired feet. Also great for anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet. Significantly reduce your recovery time by wearing PR SOLES and make your body feel all around better.
  • ACUPOINT : Our proprietary design features ACUPOINT soles, a comfortable and durable foam cushion that conforms to the shape of your foot, allowing for maximum comfort and recovery. ACUPOINT soles activate nerve endings in the foot, which in turn massage the feet, improve circulation, and break up painful lactic and uric acid that accumulates in your feet over time. Our PR Soles do not provide arch support.
  • PAMPER YOUR FEET! PR SOLES are proven to alleviate foot, leg, and lower back pain by stimulating nerves and sending healing relief throughout your entire body! Designed with lightweight, breathable material, easily slip on PR SOLES after a long run, a hard day at work or just to lounge around the house to relieve tension and swelling of the feet for constant, all-day comfort.

5. The Birkenstock Arizona Soft Footbed

Birkenstock is a leading manufacturer of footwear for men, women and children. The Birkenstock Arizona Soft Footbed  are German-made recovery sandals.

They’re designed to provide a soft landing for your feet post workout.

The iconic sandals are made from 100% leather with rubber soles for extended use. They’re softer than most recovery sandals on the market and protect your feet from shock.

Birkenstock Men's Arizona Soft Footbed

The footbed is made to absorb shock and protect your feet from impact after running.

The cushioning layer of plush foam on the footbed contours to the form of your feet for extra comfort.

Latex foam cushion is also integrated onto the sandals for added comfort. Use the two oiled leather straps to secure your feet onto the sandals for non-slip walks.

Conclusion: Best Recovery Sandals For Post-Run!

Your feet deserve to relax and get some fresh air after a long run or hard race. The best recovery sandals are lightweight, breathable, supportive and well-cushioned to offer your feet enough comfort.

Compression helps cushion your feet and absorb impact for a soft feel. The footbeds contour to cradle your foot for non-slip use.

For instance, the Oofos recovery sandals are cushioned with midsole foam to absorb shock and offer comfort. They feel luxurious and offer arch support for better stability.

They’re resistant to water and bacteria, and promote recovery post-run. They also offer relief from ankles and knee pain.

Opt for recovery sandals with optimal impact protection and for faster recovery after long-distance running.

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