12 Best Ankle Braces for Running

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Running can put a lot of stress on our legs since the shock between the feet, and the ground is absorbed by the legs.

This occasionally leads to ankle and knee pain or even ligament tear. Ankle sprains are very common when you run on uneven trails without any support for the ankle. Dr. Ebraheim explains what ankle pain from running looks like.  

The Best Ankle Brace for Running

Med Spec ASO Ankle Stabilizer, Black, Small

This brace you need whether you are trying to prevent injury or recovering from a previous injury to your ankles since it offers superior support and stability no matter the intensity of the activity.

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After an ankle sprain, the biggest challenge is usually the instability that results. Since the ankle relies almost completely on the proprioceptive feedback that gives the body an awareness of itself in space, a decreased awareness during a sprain can result in serious instability of the body.

This feedback helps in the communication between the brain and the lower leg muscles that protect the ankle.

When this system is impaired in one way or the other, repeat injury of the ankle has high chances of occurring since the body has a diminished response to help stabilize the ankle.

According to Fleet feet Hartford, there will be a recurring ankle sprain, nagging pain that sometimes resulting in swelling and inability to continue with the normal activity. In most cases, however, the injury is minor and can easily be ignored, but it results in a repeat injury that is potentially harmful to your health.

The best way to prevent or rehabilitate your ankle sprain is to increase focus on giving your ankles strength, proprioception, and balance.

This does not only involve wearing comfortable shoes but also adding protection to fill the gaps and complement the shoes as you run. Ankle braces can protect your foot, by the way it applies pressure and keeps the foot area tight.

Here is a list of the best ankle brace for running worth considering for your active life.

Before choosing your ankle brace it is worth thinking about the following:

  • The sports you are involved in will dictate the type of brace you need. The terrain you will be running also matters.
  • Leisure running, marathon, and trail running all require different types of ankle support.
  • Is it the left foot or the right, some designs are built for specific legs while some can be used for any foot.
  • Check with your doctor if you need ankle braces for your activity for current injury or protection during your running activities. The doctor may even prescribe a different solution for your situation. According to {running gear lab}, your medical doctor can help you make the best decision.

According to Fleet Feet Hartford, the CEP  ankle brace brand is perfect for running; this is because it combines enough proprioceptive feedback and low profile hence effectively supporting ankle stability when you are jogging or running.

Its graduated compressive quality helps reduce swelling that you may have in the joints. This option is also recommended during rehabilitation when the individual needs to be active while still in pain.

Designed with additional lacing, this ankle brace can be used for either the left or right ankle interchangably. It can be used to prevent further injury from occurring or just give strength and balance during intense workouts.

Featuring padded lining, an elastic heel pocket, and sewn in arch support, the McDavid 195 deluxe brace is a professional-grade ankle brace for running, it is equipped with Velcro straps that simulate the tapings that a physical therapist would normally do giving the runner adequate support and stability but without the extra bulk that therapist leave you with.

McDavid Ankle Brace w/Cross Straps, Maximum Support, Comfortable Compression & Breathable Design, Injury Recovery
  • COMFORTABLE PROTECTION: McDavid Ankle Brace is the perfect support to help prevent or recover from common ankle injuries and fits over any sock
  • SUPPORTIVE & BREATHABLE DESIGN: Our design simulates athletic tape with a figure-6 strapping pattern supporting you on and off the fields. With a ventilated tongue, your foot will able to breathe while reaching peak performance
  • ADJUSTABLE FIT: With an easily accessible top strap that compresses, you can change the fit without unlacing or removing your shoe. Fits left or right foot

This ankle brace comes with an innovative design to provide the much-needed protection and comfort to the ankle. The Shock Doctor Ultra Gel Lace is gel padded to absorb the shock from the ground while the laces are for firmly positioning the brace and to prevent slipping.

It is made of polyester and nylon material that can effectively control humidity inside the shoes and for durability especially if you are an active sports person who does a lot of intense activity like running or basketball.

Shock Doctor 849 Ultra Gel Lace Up Ankle Support, Small, Black
  • DESIGNED WITH YOUR COMFORT IN MIND - comes fully equipped with internal gel cushions, a pre-curved tongue to offer stability, support, and alignment all wrapped into one convenient package
  • GET UP AND GO OUT - Spraining an ankle can put a damper on your plans, but with our compression ankle brace you can get out and stay active with peace of mind that your ankle is healing and supported
  • FOR SPRAINS AND STRAINS - Performance Level 3: Provides medium stability for moderate to major ligament sprains, muscle strains, and unstable joints from arthritis or other injuries

When you need maximum protection for your ankle, then Ossur Form Fit Ankle Brace will support your intense workouts no matter how your ankle feels. Designed for the use of runners and basketball players, this product has a tightly fitting build and Velcro straps for tight positioning the braces in place. They also have a heel cutout offering free movement while keeping the ankle well protected, its advanced locking system ensures the brace stays as tight as you place it even after hours of intense activity.

Ossur Formfit Ankle (Figure 8, Medium)
  • Picture may be different from product-ask if your not sure
  • Ossur America-Royce Medical B-212000003 Formfit Ankle Brace Fig.8 Medium Ea

ASO Orthosis ankle stabilizer is the brace you need whether you are trying to prevent injury or recovering from a previous injury to your ankles since it offers superior support and stability no matter the intensity of the activity.

It is designed with a laced up top just like the previous models; its contoured tongue gives a custom feel when you wear these braces. 

As seen in the video below, the figure-eight straps provide enough support to your ankle; the elastic cuffs are for keeping the straps and laces secure; its confidence is the reason trail runner prefer the braces as it supports jumping over obstacles in the uneven trails.

Med Spec ASO Ankle Stabilizer, Black, Small
  • Stabilizing Straps form a complete figure-eight to protect and support ankle. Woven elastic cuff closure enhances support and secures laces and stabilizing straps
  • CoolFlex achilles pad and tongue offers comfort and breathability.
  • High quality nylon boot provides superior durability and strength

With the added benefit of a compression sleeve, this brace provides all the support a runner needs making it perfect if you have level 1 or level 2 ankle injury.

As explained by running gear labs, this ankle brace is designed to help the feet from twisting inward or outward protecting you from an ankle sprain.

If you suffer from a recent or frequent sprain, this is the best ankle brace for running as it is easy to put on making you feel like walking on air.

Aircast AirSport Ankle Support Brace, Right Foot, Medium
  • Intended for active individuals or athletes recovering from Grade I or II ankle sprains, or those who are looking to prevent ankle sprains
  • Provides moderate support and compression utilizing air cell technology, and incorporates a semi-rigid encased shell which delivers stability and comfort
  • Additional compression and stabilization is provided by an ATF (anterior talofibular) cross strap and integral forefoot and shin wraps. Health Concern: Bone & Joint Health

If you are a sporting enthusiast who cannot be kept down by an injury to the ankle, then The McDavid classic ankle brace will serve you perfectly.

It uses a simple design that uses laces to secure the brace; its vinyl material provides durability and the lightweight this product boasts of. It is available in two colors and different sizes, very comfortable and affordable

McDavid Ankle Brace with Lace-Up & Stays, Maximum Support, Comfortable Compression & Breathable Design
  • COMFORTABLE PROTECTION: McDavid Ankle Brace is the perfect support to help prevent or recover from common ankle injuries and fits over any sock
  • SUPPORTIVE & BREATHABLE DESIGN: Our design simulates athletic tape with laces to support you on and off the fields. With a ventilated tongue, your foot will able to breathe while reaching peak performance
  • DURABLE & MADE TO LAST: Includes spring steel medical stays for solid support throughout the brace to provide unmatched support and durability. Also features reinforced eyelets to a secure fit.

If you have a limited budget and still require a quality ankle brace, then this is the best product for you. It has a light, thin design with a heel cut out for free movements; the crisscross closure helps secure the braces in place all through the duration of the running exercise.

This design helps keep the ankle safe from injury and prevent sweating during a basketball or running, the universal size due to its elastic build makes it fit anyone perfectly.

Bracoo Ankle Support Brace For Men & Women, Adjustable Compression Sleeve Strap Wrap, Sprain, Arthritis, Pain Relief, Sports Injuries and Recovery, Breathable Neoprene Brace, FS10
  • Adjustable Compression - High-grip crisscross hook-and-loop fasteners attach anywhere along the entire.
  • Skin-Friendly & Breathable - Premium-grade neoprene increases circulation resulting in a faster healing time; tiny perforations in the fabric reduce unwanted moisture, itchiness and odours.
  • Multi-Purpose Support - Eases a broad range of conditions such as ligament instability, chronic arthritic discomfort, and general joint pain and inflammation; ideal for progressing through acute sprain/muscle strain rehabilitation.

This is one of the most affordable ankle brace on the market and does not require special shoes as it was designed to be worn over socks.

It uses a figure eight strapping to provide extra security while the Velcro bands make it easy to put on and remove, a feature everyone with an injury appreciates. It provides lateral support making you continue to enjoy your sport or running without worry of injury.

Mueller Sports Medicine Green Adjustable Ankle Support, For Men and Women, Black/Green, One Size Fits Most
  • INTENDED USE: Provides support to weak, injured, or arthritic ankle joints.
  • FIT: One size fits most. Can be worn on the right or left.
  • DESIGN: Sectional design helps minimize slippage and bunching.

Aircast A60 Ankle support brace is designed for maximum comfort and protection to your ankle while being gentle on your pocket too. It has side padding and the single strap application for easy putting on and removing.

It is quite light and thin to fit inside regular shoes while preventing the foot from sweating.

Aircast A60 Ankle Support Brace, Left Foot, Black, Medium (Shoe Size: Men's 7.5-11.5 / Women's 9-13)
  • Provides a mild level of support, making it ideal for individuals suffering from chronic ankle instabilities or those looking to prevent an ankle injury
  • Incorporates a stabilizer located on either side of the ankle, which is molded at a 60-degree angle to help guard against ankle sprains and rollovers
  • Supports the weakest point of the ankle, yet allows for normal dorsiflexion and plantar-flexion (bending)

Designed to fit into high shoes, the Spalding Neoprene ankle support brace is recommended for runners and basketball players. It is very affordable with a simple universal design that an easily fit the left or right ankle.

It is made from a soft material, advanced moisture management system and adjustable straps for enhanced performance while preventing injury.

Spalding Neoprene Ankle Support
  • Universal and fits both ankles
  • Closed cell, 1/8 in. synthetic rubber retains body heat for better circulation
  • Adjustable hook-and-loop straps for fit and controlled compression

With a solid nylon and polyester build, The Mizuno DXS2 is very affordable . The Velcro can be used to secure it while also adjust the tightness on your ankles.

The new cut heel design provides superior movement, the three belts provide stability and support, it comes in four sizes that can easily be adjusted with the belts.

Mizuno DXS2 Ankle Brace Left Leg 480110, Black, Small
  • Measure circumference of ankle 1-Inch above ankle bone
  • D.F. Cut for greater freedom of movement
  • Stability and support from 3 different belts: V-shaped, under-heel and Anchored Wrap

Whether you plan to continue with your regular leisure running or training for the marathon the best ankle brace for running will make it easy for you while in recovery.

An ankle injury like a sprain can make it a challenge to keep doing what you love. Bauerfeind recommends choosing a well-supporting ankle brace while in recovery or to prevent future injury.

You don’t have to stay down when you experience slight injury on the ankle, now you can use any of these affordable ankle braces to support the ankle, provide adequate balance and give you the confidence for continuing with your running activity.

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