Top Runner’s Playlist for 2016

We list out the best songs to run to in our Top Runner's Playlist for 2016

6Shares512016 brought us some really good tunes. Throughout the year I added over 1000 songs to my running playlist. Below is the list of my favorite tunes in a simple to follow playlist. This playlist includes warm-up, run and a cool down mix – perfect for any run. Enjoy! Warm … Read more

The Ultimate Disney Running Playlist

As a fan of all things Disney, here are my favorite Disney songs you can run - The Ultimate Disney Running Playlist

When I was a kid, I was not a Disney fan. I watched the movies, had a few t-shirts, but never experienced the “Disney Magic” until I went with my wife and father-in law several years ago. Standing in anticipation when the park was about to open, trotting through the … Read more