Women’s Top Choice: Saucony Mirage Review

Written By: Jeremy N

Within Saucony´s collections one may find some of the best running shoes for women given that a few of their shoes are award-winning. Saucony Mirage 5 are a version of women´s running shoes belonging to Saucony´s Natural Motion Series.

They are interesting combination of quality and durability for a reasonable price. The improvements from Mirage 3 & 4 might seem to be subtle yet they are essential. Losing the whole ounce to be an amazing light alternative and getting a softer cushioning and more flexible sole unit they are a “worth to try” case. While you can feel very well the surface you are running at you still feel comfortable and firm in those sneakers.


​What makes those ones to be such a good running shoes for women? It might be the often mentioned 4mm heel-to-toe drop. Many runners are talking about this low yet significant heel/toe offset as a successful new feature of this model.

One may enjoy all kinds of terrain or style with them including roads, tracks, cross country training, long runs or just a relaxed jogging. They are definitively interesting hybrid shoes of many possibilities.


When looking at Saucony´s Mirage 5 there is a lot of excitement about those running shoes for women. Runners agree on their experiences about a smooth run. One doesn´t feel any weight on the foot whereas is still finding enough support to fix it. Together with the free feeling of no weight goes the sensibility of the sole unit during running. One is able to feel the surface one is passing but only till the pleasant comfortable level. Just to the right degree to enjoy it. And yes the soles are nicely flexible.

Unlike many other shoes of a light weight you will not feel every single edge of it or will not get abrasions. With Mirage 5 your feet will be pampered. Well in the same time not suffocated since the air system is well functioning and the shoe breathes good. When it comes to whether we talk about traditional or minimalist model well – it seems they are a great combination of both.


Have you undergone a running injury? Cannot you find shoes which fit your feet so you would be able to enjoy the run without pain. Give a try to Mirage 3. Some customers went through similar difficulties and found those shoes just perfectly suiting them.

With no more pain or odd sensations. Or at least it improved a lot the quality of their run. Thanks to the balanced shoe´s characteristics it may help you to adjust your running style to be more proper (eg. get more agile on your feet to land softer and lower the ball strikes) thus gain a better enjoyment.



  • Light weight
  • Sole unit flexibility
  • Soft cushoning
  • Universal


  • Durability


All together those women’s running shoes are having very high score in personal experiences and the highest points in customer´s reviews. Runners all over the World highly recommend them. Here is a the Amazon link for you to compare prices.

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