41 Really Funny Running Jokes, Memes & Observations

Written By: Jeremy N

Jokes and Memes about running can keep the dedicated and even amateur athlete going despite the sweat, pain, blood, tears, and more sweat.

Just because someone is grimacing from the strain doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy a hearty laugh at a funny quip, although it might be a better idea to save breath.

Most running jokes can be divided into a couple of different categories.

There are standard jokes with punchlines and then there are just the odd, quirky, and frequently funny observations by new and seasoned runners alike.

So, without further ado, here is a list of some of the best jokes and observations heard in the office, at races, and even online.

41 of our favorite Really Funny Running Jokes, Memes & Observations

Traditional Running Jokes & Memes That Make Us Laugh

These are the types of jokes people expect to hear at a nightclub, comedy club, or just in general. Some are puns, some are knock-knock jokes, and others simply stick to having a punchline.

To start us off... one of my favorite running memes.

Funny Running Meme


How do you know you’re a dedicated runner? 

When your treadmill has more miles on it than your car.

funny running meme


Knock, knock.

Who's there?


Eyesore who?

Eyesore from my long run—can we take the elevator?

running meme


What do you call a person who runs behind a car?


funny running meme


What do you call a person who runs in front of a car?


why are you running meme


Why was the blonde jogging backwards?

She wanted to gain weight.

running meme


How do crazy runners get through a forest?

They take the psycho path.

why am i running meme


What do runners do when they forget something?

They jog their memory.

funner runner meme

Observations and Non-Punchline Running Jokes

In addition to traditional jokes, people all over the internet and in real life come up with entertaining non-sequiturs and anecdotes to explain the simultaneous pain and joy of running.

Some of the most popular from friends, internet personalities, and random people on Twitter include the following:


“I just went for a run. I can’t tell if the taste in my mouth is victory or blood, but I’ll savor it.”

why are you running meme


“I jogged for eight minutes and sweated for 14 hours.”

running meme


“I like going for runs at night because the added fear of being murdered really does wonders for my cardio.”

funny running meme


    “I like all of the things about running like eating carbs, being cheered on, and wearing comfortable shoes.”


“I saw the new Jurassic World. With all of my training, I think I could run from a velociraptor for 3 seconds.”


“I wish running felt great during and terrible after instead of the reverse, because I seem to be better about doing things in vodka order.”

runner meme


“Raise your hand if you tripped on a tree stump on a trail run this morning but the first thing you thought of as you felt sheer pain in your knees was, Stop The Garmin! …whew…okay, now check for blood.”

runner meme


“That moment in the race when you hear sirens and wonder if you passed out and you're just dreaming of finishing.”

funny running meme


“It's not bragging when I tell you how many miles I ran today. It's so you don't judge when I devour the whole bag of chips.”

running truth meme


“The truth is you can always run faster, but sometimes the truth hurts.”

running meme


“To show good sportsmanship, please refrain from making little racecar noises as you pass your fellow opponents.”

runners meme


“My motto is: Always run like you stole something.”

running meme


“I used to motivate myself by pretending a bear was chasing me. Now I know I’ll look like the bear if I don’t run.”

runner meme


Hopefully these jokes and memes are entertaining and give runners some extra things to talk about while passing one another on the trail.

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