Running 5K and 10K: A Training Guide Book Review [With Pros & Cons]

Written By: Jeremy N


Easy to Follow

Great Practical Advice with Illustrations


Not the cheapest but reasonable.

Written For All Levels

Great insight but written from a long-distance runners perspective.

What Does the Book Have to Offer: Running is indeed one of the most basic of human instincts. From a Layman’s standing point, running may look like the simplest of tasks. But when you first get your boot on the ground with an open road ahead of you, you soon realize it is not as simple as it looks. Chalfen, being a long distance running coach for over a decade, has decided to try and help any aspiring runners and pro athletes perform better. He has coached some of the long distance running pros and you too can benefit from his vast bag of tips and tricks on how to revamp your 5K and 10K running. The book offers detailed advice that any distance runner can incorporate into his practice and realize better performance. His answers to those hard questions on how to run faster or how to achieve better overall times in your running are incredible. Rather than give you tedious and unachievable practices that you should follow, Chalfen gives his own tried and tested practical advice that will most definitely make a running champion out of you. The book is a goldmine for anyone who intends to take their long distance running to a whole new level. With some incredible shots and drawings to illustrate, even the disadvantaged few can also reap a rich harvest from the book. Some of the practical advice in the book will assist you in grasping why some runners perform better than others. He delves even on the aspects of environmental effects on your long distance running. He has also highlighted the best practices to observe before and after running events as well as during field preparations.

We Like

  • Information is easy to follow
  • Includes best methods & practical advice to improve running
  • Written by a well-known running coach

We Don't Like

  • Written for SERIOUS runners, not recreational
  • Too much long-distance talk

Summary:  The book is an overall guide of how to transform your slow and disoriented running into a world-class-athlete like performance. You will definitely shave several minute if not longer from your running time after reading this book and putting the wisdom into practice.

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