Puma Velocity NITRO Review – No Frills Daily Trainer

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With that small Puma Running update aside, it has released its NITRO shoe collection with great success, and the Velocity NITRO has quickly become a force to be reckoned with in the standard daily-training shoe category.

With its signature NITRO Foam, plastic heel plate, and its adequately named Puma outsole grip, there is a lot to get excited about for a “do-it-all” daily trainer that can compete with the like of the Nike Pegasus, Brooks Launch, and Saucony Kinvara or Ride.

Puma Velocity NITRO Review - The "No Frills" Daily Running Shoes

Puma Velocity NITRO Review

What makes the Puma Velocity NITRO special?

The Puma Velocity NITRO is a special running shoe due to its unique combination of lightweight construction, supportive cushioning and comfortable fit. Its midsole is made with Nitro foam for increased energy return and shock absorption, while its Ortholite sockliner delivers a plush step-in feel.

Puma Velocity Nitros

The shoe's mesh upper has been designed to provide breathability and support, allowing for a comfortable fit during high-intensity runs. Additionally, the shoe's rubber outsole ensures excellent traction and durability on all surfaces. With its unique combination of features, the Puma Velocity NITRO is an ideal choice for runners looking for a lightweight and supportive shoe that can handle any terrain.

The shoe also comes in a variety of colors so you can find one that matches your style. No matter where you're running, the Puma Velocity NITRO will help you reach peak performance.

Aside from the unique features of the shoe, technology used in its construction is another reason why it stands out. Its midsole has been made with lightweight carbon rubber for increased durability and grip on all surfaces.

The mesh upper has been engineered with lightweight mesh fabric to provide flexibility and breathability while still providing the necessary support. Additionally, the inner lining helps keep your feet cool and dry during long runs. All of these features work together to make the Puma Velocity NITRO a reliable shoe that can handle any terrain.

The Puma Velocity NITRO is also a great choice for those looking for a stylish shoe. With its sleek design and variety of colors, it's sure to make a statement on the street or track. Whether you're training for an upcoming race or just running for fun, the Puma Velocity NITRO will help you reach your goals in style. 

Puma Nitro SPECS

  • Stack Height: 33 mm (Heel), 25 mm (Forefoot)
  • OFFSET: 8mm drop from heel to toe
  • Weight: 9.1 oz / 258g (M9) & 7.3 oz / 209g (W7)
  • FIT: True to size (Some might go ½ size down)
  • Category: Neutral Shoe
Puma Velocity Nitros - side view

Does it actually meet up the standards of these other famous daily trainers? Let’s dig in and find out.

As per usual with my shoe reviews, My pal Noble does the deep analysis on video!

Puma Velocity Nitro UPPER - Materials and Lockdown

At first glance, the Velocity NITRO seems like quite a simple shoe, with what looks like a pretty standard mesh upper and a proprietary foam with a solid outsole, but there are actually a couple more layers to this shoe, and we will cover all of those layers, starting with the upper.

Puma Men's Road Running Shoe, Lava Blast Black Silver, 8.5

Puma is implementing a Dual-Layer Mesh to comprise the upper, it almost feels like a bootie construction around the ankle area, which has a lot to do with the fully gusseted tongue wrapping comfortably around the top of the foot.

The lockdown is secure and the lacing system is smooth and easy to use, but I have felt some small issues with breathability, which is a rising concern as we ease into the warmer months of the year.

The width is pretty standard, so most feet should feel comfortable, but extra wide feet might seek out different options.

As far as support, there is definitely a pretty rigid TPU Heel Counter to keep your foot locked in from behind. It has not caused any irritation or rubbing, so it is working out overall.

POSITIVE: Comfortable Lockdown

DRAWBACK: Breathability Problems

Puma Men's Road Running Shoe, Lava Blast Black Silver, 8.5
  • Lava Blast-Puma Black-Puma Silver
  • Not water resistant
  • Running

MIDSOLE/OUTSOLE - Responsive Ride With Impact Absorption & Grippy

We will get right into it. Usually, it takes a shoe company a couple of tries on the market before getting a good foam out there for the people, but the Puma Velocity NITRO Foam is definitely onto something.

Even in my first run, I was impressed with the responsive nature of the shoe at the toe-off, but it was pleasantly surprising that the foam also provides some great impact absorption (especially in the heel). Overall solid spacing for the toe box. 

Furthermore, there is a in the heel area wedged between the NITRO foam. It adds some slight rigidity, but it feels partially in place to aid in that impact absorption making for a softer landing.
Puma Velocity Nitros

Those who like a shoe that is lower to the ground will enjoy the ride of this midsole, it is stripped back, but still manages to reduce the impact when your foot strikes the ground. I love when a shoe can provide the best of both worlds.

plastic plate
Puma Men's Road Running Shoe, Lava Blast Black Silver, 8.5

So the midsole is pretty good, but what’s up with the bottom of the shoe?

It is rare that a shoe company will name an outsole rubber after their company, but in this case, we get PUMA Grip, and the traction is great. I felt like I could take tight turns easily and never had issues with slipping.

 The outsole is also feeling quite durable, and it definitely protects the midsole. I almost feel like the rubber on the outsole is contributing to some of the responsiveness as well.
Puma Men's Road Running Shoe, Lava Blast Black Silver, 8.5

Finally, there are some Flex Groove in the midfoot and heel areas for a better transition in your heel-to-toe off.

I do not think it is the best implementation of flex grooves I’ve seen in a shoe (Brooks Ghost and Adrenaline do an amazing job at flex grooves), but it does not ruin my enjoyment of the overall ride.

POSITIVE: Snappy Toe Off With Versatile NITRO foam

DRAWBACK: Will be too firm for some runners
Puma Men's Road Running Shoe, Lava Blast Black Silver, 8.5
  • Lava Blast-Puma Black-Puma Silver
  • Not water resistant
  • Running

Other Running Shoes Similar to the Puma Velocity NITRO:

Durability Prediction - 400-500 Miles (645-805km)

I have a good feeling about this shoe. Even though it is a stripped-back shoe the Velocity NITRO should probably get you somewhere around 400-500 miles of solid performance.

Puma Men's Road Running Shoe, Lava Blast Black Silver, 8.5

After this point, I bet it will stop absorbing impact and will probably end up feeling flat.

The durability of a shoe always depends on the surface you run on, the density of the runs you do, and your individual biomechanics, but this seems like a fair estimate that is consistent with other shoes of this caliber on the market these days.

Best Uses - Daily Training, Steady Runs, Long Runs, Workouts

Although it is made as a daily trainer that does not play any favorites in regards to the type of running it’s best for I would say that you’re going to enjoy the Velocity NITRO most at steady or faster paces.

This would include steady runs, long runs, tempo runs, progression runs, and long interval sessions.

Puma Velocity Nitros - grip

Furthermore, I think that the Velocity NITRO will serve you well as a commuter or stability shoe, that is to say, you could easily run to your local track or dirt road as a warm-up and then run the entire workout in the shoe as well.

There seems to be a lot of versatility for this shoe, but I won’t recommend it for ultra-easy runs, or exceptionally fast runs.

Puma Men's Road Running Shoe, Lava Blast Black Silver, 8.5
  • Lava Blast-Puma Black-Puma Silver
  • Not water resistant
  • Running

Conclusion - Adding a pep to your step!

There are a lot of great things going on with this versatile pair of running shoes. It feels like the Velocity NITRO fills in for just about any runner’s wants and needs - overall a durable, highly cushioned shoe. 

Do you want to ease up on the pace? Pick it up on a training run? Get after it on a tempo run? Puma Velocity NITRO has got your back in all of those cases. It is a responsive daily trainer that gets the job done for nearly every occasion.

Should You Get The Puma Velocity NITRO?

If you are looking for an affordable daily trainer that is going to serve you well through most of a training block or season, or a shoe that can cross over into many different running types and pace ranges then the Velocity NITRO is definitely worth a try.

Also, It is always exciting to see a company investing more into the sport of running. It helps everyone when more companies decide to hop into the ring and provides opportunities to athletes and pushes shoe technology forward. For these reasons, I think the lightweight shoe, Velocity NITRO is worth a shot.

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