Pros and Cons of Running in Yoga Pants

Yoga pants have come to be the clothing comfort zone for lots of people, whether they actually practice yoga or not. They are widely spread because of their utter comfort, flexibility, and breathability.

What adds to their awesomeness is their ability to be multi-tasking pants. You can wear them at home, to run errands, and even to exercise.

Running in yoga pants is a thing you can do. However, it has its upsides and downsides that you need to be aware of before you go running with your comfy yoga pants.

The Pros of Running in Yoga Pants

Putting on your yoga pants for a run can give you a special running experience as they're designed to improve mobility in the first place.


Comfort is the number one feature of yoga pants. They're designed specially to add to the calmness and comfort of yoga practices. The same goes for running. Wearing yoga pants while running will provide you the comfort you need for your legs movement.

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Breathable and Durable Materials

As you breathe during your yoga practice your body is also breathing when you're wearing your yoga pants. They're made out of breathable fabric to reduce sweat.

There are also some pants made of moisture-wicking materials to prevent your body from heating up during your workout. They absorb sweat and dry fast for your body to avoid irritation and stay cool.

To remain durable with all the stretching and bending, the pants are also made of thick materials. They have a lesser chance of getting torn than usual running pants.

Moreover, these thick materials provide you with full coverage avoiding any embarrassing see-through moments while moving and exercising freely.


As one of the yogis' goals is to have ultimate flexibility, the pants are designed to help them reach this point. The same goes for running. Yoga pants are convenient for running as they are elastic and stretchy.

You get to have easy and flexible movement and consequently better blood circulation and less muscle fatigue. The pants add no restriction to your running, or weight, as they are lightweight that you feel as if they're a second skin.


When compared to running pants, yoga pants stand out for having high waistbands. They prevent the pants from falling unlike short-waisted ones that roll down with movements.

The high waist also gives you better tummy control. It helps you stay put and more focused on your workout. It also adds to your overall stability while running.


Yoga pants' flexibility and stability features are some of the reasons why it's safe to run in them. They're tight and won't start rolling down and let you trip over rocks. You're less likely to fall and harm yourself, as there are no movement restrictions.

That means that you can focus entirely on getting the best of your workout without being distracted with your sportswear.

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The Cons of Running in Yoga Pants

As yoga pants are essentially made for practicing yoga, there are some restrictions that appear when using them with a different kind of activity.

Lack of Compression

Yoga pants do have compression as they hold the body tight and support it. However, its level of compression isn’t for vigorous exercise. This is because yoga includes soft and calm movements and so applying pressure isn’t needed.

Wearing pants with full compression can be a better option especially for professional runners. It reduces muscle fatigue and lowers the level of muscle soreness by adding to the support given to your legs.

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Harder to Clean

Though yoga pants are breathable, they can be harder to clean than other types pants. This is because they are usually made of synthetic fabric.

They don't absorb moisture as cotton running pants or sweatpants can do. They also don't have mesh panels that can let out sweat.

As mentioned before, yoga pants are moisture-wicking and are made of thick fabric.

These two features make cleaning them a harder job as sweat and dirt tend to stick in moisture-wicking channels. The fact that you don't feel them sweaty doesn't mean that they're clean.


Pockets and yoga don't match. Having any zippered pockets or waistband pockets doesn't fit the yoga movements.

They can be uncomfortable and painful when you press on them with your body during a yoga class.

However, for running it's almost the opposite. Having a pocket is needed and also an advantage.

While running, it's crucial to have a place for your essentials such as your cell phone, your keys, and your money.

Still, there are some yoga pants that can have a tight pocket too but it won’t be a zippered one and so can't keep anything inside while running.

Fewer Material Options

Yoga classes are usually taken indoors, at a studio, or even at home. Therefore, they aren't usually made with weather conditions in mind.

There is hot yoga but there is no "cold" yoga and this can be the main downside for winter runners.

Winter running gear is always designed with insulation to provide warmth and keep your body heated while exercising. Yoga pants aren’t expected to be under such low-temperature degrees.

Therefore, finding yoga pants that keeps you warm during winter runs can be difficult. A running pair that is made of thermal fabric would be the most convenient option in this case.

Fewer Designs

Though fashion isn’t a primary concern with sports, running with good looking pants can make a difference.

Yoga pants usually have fewer design options, patterns, and colors, than running leggings, for example. They’ll give you the defined body shape and a confident look, but not always your desired colors and variety.


Whether you have your yoga pants ready or thinking of buying new ones, rest assured that they will give you the comfort and flexibility they’re famous for.

They can also give you a totally different running experience than your regular running pants. Still, keep in mind the limits of these pants not to expect of them more than they’re designed for.

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