Nike Structure 23 – #1 Review

The Nike Structure 23 is a daily stability trainer built to offer a mix of cushioning and support.

The Structure has been Nike’s Go-To stability trainer for years now. I mean any shoe model that makes it to 23 different iterations must be doing something right!

Much of the time it has been the trainer that many professional Nike opt to wear as a daily trainer over all of the others they provide.

The Nike Structure 23 intends to deliver a mix of bounce, comfort, and support for neutral runners and overpronators alike with some adaptive stability features and a strategically placed air zoom unit in the forefoot. 

Nike has steadily tried to improve their running shoes offering more comfort, support and stability to compete with running shoe specific brands such as Brooks or New Balance


  • Stack Height: 26 mm (Heel), 18 mm (Forefoot)
  • OFFSET: 8mm drop from heel to toe
  • FIT: True to size
  • Category: Stability

Our good friend Noble gives us the inside scoop on the Nike Strucure 23 in this video. 

Although it is out in many markets, the Nike Structure 23 still has quite a bit of mystery surrounding it, as Nike has provided few details on the actual features of the shoe.

As we go through this review, we will provide as many confirmed features as possible, but also use some educated guesses to fill in the blanks. With all of that out of the way let’s get going!

Nike Women's Stroke Running Shoe, Black White Anthracite, US-0 / Asia Size s

UPPER - Materials and Lockdown

For all of the stripped-down uppers from Nike lately, it is surprising to see such plush material building up the Nike Structure 23. At first, it may seem a bit extra and bulky, but overall the positives seem to outweigh any possible cons from all of the extra fluff.

An engineered mesh material seems to be making up the upper, along with a dynamic fit lacing system similar to flywire to provide a secure lockdown around the midfoot.
Nike Women's Stroke Running Shoe, Black White Anthracite, US-0 / Asia Size s

The tongue and heel collar are rolling with some extreme padding, which for most should feel quite nice across the top of your foot and ankle.

The heel collar felt extra nice, but the padding on the tongue just felt like too much, maybe just having half of the amount they placed would serve its purpose.

The lacing system feels smooth enough, although the laces themselves seem a bit narrow and out of place compared to all of the padding around it.

It still serves its purpose and I have had little to no issues with laces coming untied (which was an issue in the Structure 22).

Finally, the toe box feels a bit wider than Nike’s usual build, which will be a welcome sight for most. However, the upper mesh covering the top of the toe box feels pretty restricting, and it leads to some rubbing over the top of my toes.

I have not found a solution to this yet, so it's something to note when considering your purchase.


  • Brush heel collar


  • Low volume toe box

MIDSOLE - Soft, yet Sturdy

Nike Women's Stroke Running Shoe, Black White Anthracite, US-0 / Asia Size s

The midsole brings quite a bit of mystery along with it due to Nike’s choice to hold off on the specific details, but overall it feels softer than past iterations of the Structure and delivers a slightly more dynamic support system.

Although the Nike Structure has been Nike’s premier “stability” trainer for years now, this model has no mention of “support” or “stability” anywhere (except for in its name of course).

Funnily enough, The Nike Structure 23 definitely feels softer than previous models, which I think has to do with the apparent react midsole foam. There is no confirmation of the actual foam Nike is using in this shoe, but it feels soft and energetic like the react foam.

There is also a nice air zoom unit in the forefoot to offer an extra snap in the toe-off throughout your gait cycle. Speaking of the gait cycle, there is a strategic crash rail to offer a smooth transition from heel to toe-off.

These are pretty much the only confirmable facts about the midsole.

Finally, there is definitely a dual-density midsole component here aiding in the stability feature here. The denser foam is placed under the heel area and tapers down as it moves closer to the forefoot.

The support system feels similar to the previous version, but it feels a little less “in your face” than the last couple of models.


  • Pleasantly soft ride for a stability shoe


  • Air Zoom unit feels uneven at times

OUTSOLE - Standard and Durable Rubber

Nike Women's Stroke Running Shoe, Black White Anthracite, US-0 / Asia Size s

Although Nike once again says very little about the outsole, it seems to be a standard blown rubber that is pretty much comprehensive across the bottom of the shoe (excluding the crash rail in the heel area).

There is plenty of traction from this rubber and it shows little signs of wear even after around 80 solid miles! However, I am guessing that my pair will begin showing wear in the forefoot around 100 miles, this is not a dig at the shoe, but to show it is slightly average in durability.

Nike Women's Stroke Running Shoe, Black White Anthracite, US-0 / Asia Size s

Durability Prediction - 400-500 Miles (645-805km)

The Nike Structure 23 is solid, but it isn’t going to be breaking any records in the durability department. My guess is the shoe will begin to lose its cushion and support around 400-500 miles.

Durability does depend on a variety of personal factors, but this seems like a pretty fair estimate. 400-500 miles is in the middle of the road for durability these days, but it's not bad for all of the other goodness you’re getting from this shoe!
Nike Women's Stroke Running Shoe, Black White Anthracite, US-0 / Asia Size s

Best Uses - Daily Training, Recovery Runs, Easy Long Runs

The Nike Structure is a standard shoe, built for standard training runs, and that is awesome!

You’re gonna get some great recovery days out of this shoe while riding low and slow, but if you feel like picking up the pace when you feel good, then this shoe allows you to get that done as well!

You will be limited at faster paces. However, if you are someone who enjoys having a single running shoe for all occasions, then this is definitely the kind of shoe that you could train for a marathon in...and then maybe even run the marathon in as well!

Nike Women's Stroke Running Shoe, Black White Anthracite, US-0 / Asia Size s


This is about as good as it gets as far as pricing goes nowadays! There are shoes cheaper than this, but you won’t find many other stability shoes of this quality at this price point.

You will actually be getting quite a lot for your money here, and as a company that pretty much leads the way in price increases.

Conclusion - A Pleasant, Middle of the Road Trainer

Providing such an excellent combination of comfort, stability, and a hint of energy return, I don’t see why the structure wouldn’t make a fine addition to most people’s training rotations.

Even a completely neutral runner would probably be just fine in this shoe, as the support system is dynamic enough to not interfere with the gait cycle of those who don’t need help.

I think the shoe provides more than enough quality to justify its $120 price point, and that applies especially in today's markets when even daily trainers become more and more expensive.

Should You Get The Nike Structure 23?

My simple answer is: sure, why not!

My longer answer is that you’ll probably see the most benefit from this shoe if you like a more supportive ride that still provides a softer landing for your feet and legs.

Furthermore, if you are seeking a shoe to be the sole trainer in your rotation, then it is an awesome option to give a go!

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