Nike React Miler 2 Review – Tested For 400 Miles

The Nike React Miler 2 is built to provide maximum comfort in long runs, recovery days, and high volume weeks at a more affordable price for runners at all levels.

The React Miler 2 was created to offer a strong and stable ride for those seeking a blend of soft cushioning and ultra-smooth transition from heel to toe-off.

In some ways, it is similar to the Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit, which could be considered a slightly sleeker version of the Miler. Feel free to check out our comparison review here.

With plenty of React midsole responsive foam, an efficient geometric rocker, and an improved lockdown, the React Miler 2 will give you everything you need to log your base miles, recovery runs, and easy long runs.

Acting as a standard daily training shoe, the React Miler 2 offers a cushioned, durable, and smooth option for those seeking a shoe that will get them through a heavy training load with lots of miles. Kind of like its name implies.

Nike’s second iteration of the React Miler wanted to give you a blend of cushioning with the React midsole foam and a seamless transition with its Rocker Geometry, but with a lighter and more breathable upper mesh material.

Nike React Miler 2

Nike React Miler 2 Shoe Review – Tested For 400 Miles


  • Stack Height: 36 mm (Heel), 26 mm (Forefoot)
  • OFFSET: 10mm drop from heel to toe
  • Weight: 11 oz / 311g (US M9) and 9.4 oz / 266g (US W8)
  • FIT: True to size
  • Category: Neutral Running Shoes (Inherent Stability)
Nike React Miler 2 Full Review

UPPER - Materials and Lockdown

The Nike React Miler 2 feels like one of the strongest training shoes in Nike’s lineup this year. From top to bottom, there seems to be quite a bit of material to protect your foot in all areas.

The upper is constructed with a redesigned Double Jacquard Mesh upper to provide lightweight breathability and a very secure lockdown.

Nike Miler 2 sole

This mesh is definitely tough, and the updates they made to this second iteration fixes the breathability issues from its predecessor. I can take this shoe out on warmer days now and there have been fewer overheating issues.

For a better lockdown, there is a Midfoot cage across the midfoot, which works well, but I feel like there could have been one more loop added to the midfoot cage down the foot, just because at some points I prefer a more even lockdown on my foot, and not just at the top of my midfoot.

That being said, the lockdown is still satisfactory.

The Nike tongue is still semi-gusseted and it sits on top of your foot comfortably. The lacing system is easy, ties up easy, and stays tied...which is a delight!

The best part about the updated upper is that they fixed the heel irritation problem. The heel collar will now no longer rub and irritate the achilles tendon. Good on Nike for fixing what was my biggest grievance with the original model.

Nike has kept the wide forefoot design for added stability and comfort. There is also some extra toe protection in the front of the shoe.

POSITIVE: Breathability

DRAWBACK: Midfoot cage should be spaced better.

SOLE UNIT - Smooth Rocker, Reactive Foam

The midsole is the exact same as the original React Miler, which is totally fine with us!

We still got plenty of that React foam in this shoe. It is a soft, yet smooth cushioning compound built to deliver a high level of shock absorption without sacrificing forward momentum.

Nike React Miler 2 Women Running Shoes cushion

The Nike React Miler 2 still has the most React Foam of all shoes in Nike’s lineup, and it is plush, durable, and will offer a smooth transition considering how soft it feels at ground contact.

To help with better forward motion, Nike has implemented a Rocker Geometry for a smooth transition throughout your stride from heel to toe.

To add a stability component, there is a Heel Clip that helps create a more inherently stable platform. I love the durability of the rubber outsole. You can tell Nike put effort into this shoe. 

This works like guide rails do in Brooks running shoes, they serve as bumpers to keep you aligned properly. Rather than stopping over-pronation altogether, it slows the rate of pronation. 

The Nike outsole is also exactly the same as the original model. It is fairly simple and will give you solid traction and durability for your daily miles with a nearly full rubber covering.

A crash rail that runs on the lateral side of the shoe helps create an efficient and smooth transition from heel to toe.

POSITIVE: Smooth transition and durable cushion


DURABILITY PREDICTION - 600 miles (965km)

This Nike shoe is still a tank and it will get you a lot of comfortable miles. We estimate that you’ll get about 600 (965km) no matter how you run.

Durability really is not an issue with this shoe, so you don’t have to take too much time considering it as a factor.

BEST USES - Daily Miles and Easy Long Runs

The Nike React Miler 2 provides cushioning and comfort, so it will be best for getting you through daily training and easier long runs.

The Nike React foam combined with the Rocker Geometry gives you that smooth transition that will let you log the miles.

It will also be ideal for those looking for a shoe that can take them through a long run without destroying the legs for days to come.

CONCLUSION - An Appropriate Update To An Already Solid Shoe

The Nike React Miler proves protection and durability for A LOT of miles and it delivers a smooth transition for efficient biomechanics.

With plenty of midsole foam, an efficient geometric rocker, and a breathable upper, the React Miler 2 will give you everything you need to hammer out those base miles.

Should you get the React Miler 2?

If you are looking for something that is well cushioned with some inherent stability then this will be an awesome option for you. We do really mean it when we say “inherent stability” because they do put a small rubber posting on the medial side of the shoe.

Those seeking a real stability or motion control shoe should look to other shoe models, and probably other shoe brands. Conversely, you’ll probably still like this shoe even if you have a completely neutral gait cycle.

Quite simply, if you are seeking a comfortable, durable, and smooth daily trainer that’s deliberately designed to provide lots of cushioning that still has some energy return then this is a great shoe for you!

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