Nike Pegasus 37 – Full Review

The Nike Pegasus is a legendary shoe model that has been around for many years in Nike’s lineup. Nike proves its reliability and innovation with each new iteration, and the Nike Pegasus 37 is no different.

The Nike Pegasus 37 offers a heap of innovation compared to its previous models and promises to bring improved cushioning and reliability to everyday and elite runners alike.

Inspired by the Nike Zoom Fly and Vaporfly Next%, the Pegasus 37 implements full length React Foam in the midsole which is complemented by an Air Zoom Unit in the forefoot area to enhance bounce and energy return.


  • Stack Height: 28 mm (Heel), 18 mm (Forefoot)
  • OFFSET: 10mm drop from heel to toe
  • Weight: 9.6 oz / 272g (US M9) and 8.4 oz / 238g (US W8)
  • FIT: True to size
  • Category: Neutral
  • $140 MSRP

Topped off with a Translucent Mesh, this shoe has high hopes to offer an excellent mix of reliable cushioning and responsiveness.

We all know that Nike usually nails the marketing, but does the shoe live up to its hype? Let’s find out.

The Nike Pegasus is a legendary shoe model that has been around for many years in Nike’s lineup. Nike proves its reliability and innovation with each new iteration, and the Nike Pegasus 37 is no different.

UPPER - Materials and Lockdown

Nike Men's Air Zoom Pegasus 37 Running Shoes Obsidian Mist/Hydrogen Blue-Black 9.5 M US

The Nike Pegasus 37 features a Translucent Mesh Upper, which is inspired by the Vaporfly Next%’s upper mesh. It offers a comfortable and breathable option for runners seeking something simple and secure.

The upper also features a series of midfoot bands, which enhance the lockdown over the top of the midfoot area.

The Lacing system is smooth and easy to tie up. It wraps over the top of the footwell without causing any uncomfortable pressure points.

The shoe’s tongue is not very padded and may be the only part of the upper that doesn’t feel exceptionally comfortable, but it is definitely lightweight.

The Pegasus 37 is designed to offer a standard width, but don’t expect any extra room in the toe box area.

The Pegasus seeks to be breathable, lightweight, and above all, simplistic. This mesh upper will allow you to log in the miles without any hot spots or blisters. It may very well be the best part of the Pegasus 37...and we will get to that more in the next section.

POSITIVE: Breathability

DRAWBACK: Tongue may be uncomfortable for some.

Sole Unit - Firm, Responsive React Foam, and Durable Rubber

Nike Men's Air Zoom Pegasus 37 Running Shoes Obsidian Mist/Hydrogen Blue-Black 9.5 M US

As we covered before, the midsole features a full length React Foam to offer a firm and responsive ride to your daily training. To add a little extra cushion, there is an Air Zoom Unit in the forefoot.

This definitely adds a little extra soft touch to your run, but it also includes a little extra bounce to your stride through the gait cycle as well.

This Air Zoom unit may only be in the forefoot, but it is twice as big as the previous versions that have been used in older pegasus versions, and that definitely shows in how the shoe handles.

The Outsole is built from Nike’s BRS 1000 carbon rubber, provides durable traction on all the usual surfaces. This is coupled with Duralon blown rubber located in the forefoot to provide further multi-surface traction.

These rubbers are designed in the iconic Waffle pattern in the forefoot to further enhance multi-surface traction and add a touch of cushioning, with adjusted waffle lug positioning to better cushion forces absorbed on impact.

Nike Men's Air Zoom Pegasus 37 Running Shoes Obsidian Mist/Hydrogen Blue-Black 9.5 M US

Finally, a Rubber Crash Rail on the lateral side acts as a cushioning device for smoother transitions and enhanced flexibility.

This midsole is simple and comes with fewer frills than most shoes nowadays. For many, this shoe may feel good enough to get you through those daily miles, but I just felt like it was too firm and never quite got used to it.

While it is probably going to be good enough for most, in the end, the midsole just didn’t do it for me. That being said, the outsole will definitely get some solid traction on many surfaces, even if it is wet and rainy outside.

The stiffness of the react midsole and reinforced waffle rubber outsole will enhance durability for those seeking a shoe to get them a larger amount of miles.

If you are seeking a stiffer and responsive ride for your daily training, then this may be the shoe for you.

POSITIVE: Responsive and Durable

DRAWBACK: Midsole could be too firm for some

Nike Men's Air Zoom Pegasus 37 Running Shoes Obsidian Mist/Hydrogen Blue-Black 9.5 M US
  • Nike React foam at the midsole is lightweight, springy and durable. More foam means better cushioning without the bulk. An Air Zoom unit at the forefoot is twice as large as previous versions, delivering more bounce with every step. It's top-loaded to be closer to your foot for better responsiveness.
  • A midfoot band adapts to the size of your foot, keeping you comfortable and secure with every step.
  • A translucent upper has the look of speed and is made to help your foot while you run. Mesh details throughout promote ventilation.
  • The Pegasus 37 is specifically tuned for him, with an air unit that delivers just the right cushioning for your run.
  • Imported

DURABILITY PREDICTION - 500 to 600 miles (800-965km)

Given the firm and responsive nature that the Pegasus 37 provides, the midsole will last for many miles of daily training, easy runs, long runs, maybe even some workouts.

It should definitely get you to at least 500 miles without too many issues. The rubber outsole mixed with this firmer react midsole foam will offer a pretty durable package for someone hoping to roll in the same shoe for a long while.

As always, this prediction depends on personal biomechanics and how much drag and pressure is put on the shoe over the course of these miles. It very well may last longer or shorter depending on how often it is used, what it is used for, and the surface it is used on.

BEST USES - Daily Trainer, and Long Runs

Nike Men's Air Zoom Pegasus 37 Running Shoes Obsidian Mist/Hydrogen Blue-Black 9.5 M US

Holding true to its traditions, the Nike Pegasus 37 is ideal for daily training runs and getting after some traditional longer runs on the weekend.

It’s cushioning will start to feel slightly softer by the end of each run, which is a welcome after an hour of running. It may not completely save the legs from all the fatigue, but it will be ready to go for your next run.

As far as long runs, you will probably see diminishing returns on comfort after about 90 minutes of continuous running.

That being said, the Peg 37 should still be ready to go for your run the next day. The React foam is resilient and the air pocket will last longer than the previous models because it is thicker.

The Pegasus 37 will be a solid shoe for a variety of runs, but it will of course perform best for daily runs.


In the days of rising shoe prices, the Pegasus 37 offers a fairly affordable option for runners seeking a great value. In a world where most high-quality trainers will cost you north of $130, the Pegasus 37 seems to be a fair deal for most.

Considering the quality in design and features you’re getting a lot for what you pay, so it’s definitely worth a try if you want some high value in what is now considered a cheaper price.

Noble shares a little more on this awesome shoe in the video below. 

CONCLUSION - A Durable and Responsive Shoe for Daily Training

With so many daily trainers on the market, it can be hard to sort through them all to find what’s best for you.

The Nike Pegasus 37 brings a lot of quality and design features of a premium shoe without the extra $30 dollars on the price tag. It will give you plenty to be excited about if you are looking for a snappy and responsive daily trainer.

Should you get the Pegasus 37?

If you are seeking a durable and firmer daily trainer that will get you plenty of miles for a lower relative price tag, then give the Pegasus 37 a try.

However, if you prefer a shoe that offers a softer, plusher, or more supportive package then there are plenty of better options on the market for you.

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