Newton Gravity Review

The Newton Gravity Neutral Performance Trainer promises a fast and flexible ride for runners with greater energy return and less impact. Inspired by Sir Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Motion: “For every Action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”, which is when applied to running, means you land midfoot instead of heels first.

This provides continuous muscle reaction resulting to a longer stamina due to better leg support for the runner. Certainly, this should be among your top choices for women’s running shoes.

Newton Gravity Review

NEWTON Gravity III Women's Running Shoes - 10 - Pink
  • Action/ReactionTM Technology in the Midfoot and Heel - Absorbs impact and adds responsiveness through the patented dynamic movement system.
  • Bio-mechanical Metatarsal Sensor Plate - Allows you to better sense the ground underneath your feet for an enhanced run.
  • P.O.P 1 Platform - A system of lugs that move when pressure is applied, activating the trampoline membrane of the shoe for enhanced efficiency.


  • There are actuator lugs on the sole which acts as a shock absorber
  • It is built with more cushions for further endurance
  • Well-rounded with forefoot and heel coverage
  • 3.0mm heel-toe drop


For ladies who want to start their running passion, this pair of good running shoes for women can do the job. There is a reason why it is called Newton Gravity Neutral Performance Trainer and that is to know the meaning of each word: it defies the impact of gravity making it perfect for neutral runners while helping you achieve a better performance through proper training shoes.



  • Better endurance for runners who have problems landing midfoot while running because of the lugs which acts as a lever.
  • There are only few effective well-rounded women’s running shoes out there and this one proves to be actively giving the heel-toe coverage a runner needs.
  • Forefoot cushion coverage prevents blisters.
  • Trainer shoes are made to provide more lower leg strength and this is one product that’s sure to give you that kind of support.


  • Its around a $175 price tag is a little expensive for women’s running shoes, however as it can be used long-term, you can just buy one Newton Gravity Neutral Performance Trainer or two of your regular brands.
  • Some runners may prefer less cushioned shoes.
  • Not good for trail running as debris has the tendency to be caught in between of actuator lugs.
  • Requires gradual adaptability than other running shoes for women where you can wear and be comfortable right from the first run. An uncomfortable awkwardness is normally felt for the first run.


Promoting a higher mileage for each runner, most customers are satisfied for their purchase having a rate of 4.6 out of 5 stars on the average.

There are some complaints about the tongue which slides down and goes out of place, but other than that, most feedbacks prove that the Newton Gravity Neutral Performance Trainer delivers its promises. The lugs are a big help for any runner who wants to exceed their performance.

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  • To get a proper fit, the ball of your foot should line up over the middle of the actuator lug.
  • Shorten your strides and let your foot naturally land on your midfoot to practice good form.
  • If you are new to the Newton Gravity Neutral Performance Trainer and you previously own a different women’s running shoes, you may try to do slow runs in a couple of weeks to adapt to the new feel of this new trainer.
  • Cleaning your Newton Gravity Neutral Performance Trainer only requires a mild soap and be air-dried instead of putting directly under the sunlight.

CONCLUSION: Newton Gravity Review

If you have the budget for it, go for it. The Newton Gravity Neutral Performance Trainer brings back your investment in a wonderful, surprising way. There are a number of Newton fans out there and these runners didn’t become fans for no reason. It proves to help you perform better, last longer, have the support you need, and the care that your normal women’s running shoes may not be giving you.

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