Nautilus T614 Treadmill Review

Written By: Jeremy N

Picking out the ideal treadmill can feel like a daunting task. Lucky for you, we have compiled this comprehensive review of the Nautilus T614 to help you make your decision.

You’ll see that this treadmill has many of the features that most walkers, joggers, and runners are looking for. I bought mine on OfferUp. To help you, I made a used treadmill price guide that lists out prices of about 50 different treadmills which will help you not overpay. 

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Training Features:

The Nautilus T614 features 22 workout programs to increase the variety of training and help you meet your specific fitness goals.

These training programs include:

  • Quick goal by distance, time, or calories;
  • Heart health by healthy, fat burn, aerobic, or anaerobic measurements;
  • Weight control with fat burn, speed burn, and incline burn;
  • Interval training incline, interval training speed, and interval training dual incline and speed;
  • Train endurance and performance at 1-mile pace, 5k pace, and 10k pace;
  • Custom heart rate target;
  • and a user-defined custom preset workout.

All of these workouts can be customized with 0-12% incline and 5-12 MPH speeds.

Nautilus T614 Treadmill

Since one of the many benefits of running indoors includes the ability to track your running stats, the Nautilus T614 is equipped with Goal Track, which enables you to set individual exercise goals.

Using the USB port, you can even store your running data and import it into the Nautilus Connect app or MyFitnessPal app. Similar to other fitness tracking apps, Nautilus Connect allows you to upload, analyze and track your workout data through their website after you create a free account.

This allows you to track your progress over the long term, instead of just by each individual run.

 I’ve always heard the saying “a tracked number grows,” and by keeping track of your running stats, you’ll be empowered to make more educated training decisions to help you reach your goals most efficiently.

Nautilus T614 Treadmill

Comfort Features:

The StrikeZone cushioning system on the Nautilus T614 allows for a smooth run, and we all know smooth runs mean less falls, less injuries, and less wear and tear on your body.

According to, running on a treadmill can equate to a 50% reduction in stress fractures and other injuries, when compared to running on the road:

"Joint Effects from Treadmill Vs. Street Running"

Display Features:

The 5.5" blue backlit LCD display on the Nautilus T614 allows you to view your user profile, time/lap, distance/lap, heart rate, calories, incline, speed/pace.

Your user profile can be customized with your name, weight, height, age, gender, lap distance, scan, value/customized workout display to help you customize your runs even further.

The one-touch power speed, power incline, and program buttons allow for quick access to your favorite features. Reviewers have noted that even though there are so many buttons on the control panel, they are intuitive and easy to use.

Nautilus T614 Treadmill

Belt Features:

The Nautilus T614 features a 20" W x 55" L single ply running belt with adjustable tension. A belt of this size is sufficient for most running goals.

Unless you are over 6’4”, or are planning to do intense speed training, the 55” length should provide a luxurious space for your walking, jogging, and running needs.

Nautilus T614 Treadmill

Motor Features:

At this price range, the 2.75 CHP motor is pretty standard. It offers reliability, high responsiveness and performance.

You can find larger motors in pricier treadmills, but for the average walker, jogger, or runner, the 2.75 CHP motor will be fine.

Space-Saving Features:

The Nautilus T614 knows that storing your treadmill can present a problem for many home gyms. With the integrated SoftDrop folding system, you can easily move and store your treadmill.

With hydraulic support, you can raise and lower your treadmill track. Using the wheels, you can then transport your treadmill more easily.

With the size and price point, it's one of the top rated under $1000

Nautilus T614 Treadmill

Extra Features:

Part of the luxury of running indoors includes extra features that you can’t bring with you on a road or trail run. With the built-in media shelf, you can display a magazine, tablet, book, or e-reader to keep you entertained during your workout.

This feature is perfect for busy people who need to make the most of their workout time. For others, the enjoyment of their workout will be increased when they use the auxiliary port and listen to their favorite music or podcast through the in-console speakers.

To keep you cool and comfortable, the Nautilus T614 has an adjustable fanFor even more comprehensive and responsive workouts, you can use the heart-rate grip sensors to monitor your heart rate during your workout. 

Nautilus T614 Treadmill

Although it is not included, you have the option to purchase a heart rate chest strap monitor for easier, more reliable, more consistent heart rate monitoring capabilities.

We already discussed the USB stat tracking capabilities in the training features, but it is worth noting again that you can store and upload your workout data from your treadmill to Nautilus Connect or My Fitness Pal with a USB flash drive.

You can even use the USB port to charge your mobile devices, tablets, or e-readers during your run.

With safety as a primary concern, the treadmill features a quick stop button and auto shut off after 5 minutes.

Nautilus T614 Treadmill


The Nautilus T614 comes with a 10-year frame warranty, 10-year drive motor warranty, 2-year mechanical parts warranty, 2-year electronics warranty, and 1-year labor warranty.

You may have noticed that the Nautilus T614 and Schwinn 830 treadmills have similar warranties; they are both operated under the same parent company.

Now that you know all the nitty-gritty details about the Nautilus T614, you’ll be curious to compare the pros and cons that this machine can offer you. See our list below to help you decide if the Nautilus T614 is the right treadmill for you:


  • 22 pre-set workout programs available
  • Multi-user capabilities
  • Goal Track stat tracking with USB saved data


  • The warranty is subpar when compared to other, similarly priced treadmills


This Nautilus T614 sets the baseline for a good treadmill in this price-range. It has both the basic and extra features that most runners are looking for. 

It isn’t really a fancy machine, but it will get the job done. If you are considering getting your own treadmill, the Nautilus T614 is definitely worth considering.

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Hi, Jeremy Here, 

I am the the guy behind Train for a 5K. On this site, I share everything that learned along my running journey. The content I create is the running training I wish I had before we started this journeyAbout Me.

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Hi, Jeremy Here, 

I am the the guy behind Train for a 5K. On this site, I share everything that learned along my running journey. The content I create is the running training I wish I had before we started this journeyAbout Jeremy. 

I have run over 250 races including the California International Marathon, Clarksburg Country Run, and various other 5K & 10K races throughout the United States. I am a former Athletics department employee at University of the Pacific and Shoe Consultant with Dicks Sporting Goods

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