How to Get Color Run Powder Out of Hair (Step-by-Step)

A color run is an event in which runners, joggers, and walkers complete a shorter run, usually a five K distance, and get doused in color powder at different check points along the run and at the big color throw after the finish. 

They can wear brightly colored and white clothes so that at the end of the run they are completely colorful instead of just the solid color clothes from the beginning of the run.

In case you are interested, here is a step-by-step instructions on how to preserve the color in your color run shirt.  

They are super fun outings to do with your friends and family and to get some awesome looking before and after photos! 

The powder is usually made out of corn starch, baking soda, and food safe dyes, so they will not hurt your skin or cause you any harm if you accidentally ingest any of the powder

However, it will also get in your hair, so be sure to prepare for that.


Pre-color run event preparation:

The color powder itself will come out fairly easily and should not cause you too much trouble. 

However, if you have blonde or otherwise very light colored hair, there is a possibility that the color powder could stain your hair.

In order to avoid any staining of your hair, you can put coconut oil in your hair to build up a protective layer, you can wear a hat or bandana or some kind to create a physical barrier between the powder in your hair, or you can put your hair up into a ponytail or bun in order to cut down the surface area of your hair that will be exposed to any potential color powder and possible staining.

Post-color run event cleaning time steps:

1. After the color run, finish line color throw, and all of the other finish line activities, there is an air blow dry cleaning station at The Color Run events.

2. This will help you to start your hair cleaning process as it will start to blow a lot of the powder out of your hair before any of it gets wet. 

3. Once you are home, you can start to deep clean your hair to get all of the powder and color out of it.

4. First, you can begin by rinsing through your hair completely with cold water and no products. This process aids in keeping your hair from getting stained by the color.

5. Once you have rinsed out most of the color and powder from your hair with cold water, use shampoo and warm water to wash your hair normally. This should get out most if not all of the color and powder from your hair and scalp.

Help! The color stained my hair!

If the color stained your hair, do not panic. Everything will be okay. While the pinks and purples do not typically stain hair as often, the blues and greens can stain blonde hair more.

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If the color powder does stain your hair after you have washed and scrubbed out the powder and external color you have a couple of options. The first option is ketchup. Yes you read that correctly: ketchup.

Spread ketchup through the stained sections of your hair and let it sit for between five and seven minutes.

After it has rested in the hair, rinse your hair again in the cold water then wash it with shampoo and warm water.

If this does not get all of the color out, again, do not worry or panic.

Your next option in hair stain removal treatment is to mix ajax and baking soda. Again, you need to let it sit in your hair for between five and seven minutes before rinsing out the baking soda and ajax mixture with cold water.

After it is all rinsed out you can wash your hair normally with shampoo and warm water.

This process should get all of the stains out of your hair. If there is any stain left over, it will fade out completely within a few days if you have gone through this process as the dye in the powder is food dye which fades quickly.

Conclusion: How to get color powder out of hair

Color runs can be incredibly fun events for everybody. However, there is always the possibility that the color powder can get in your hair and not want to come out or that the color powder could stain your hair.

This is why it is important to prepare what you are going to wear over your hair if anything as well as how to wash the color powder out of your hair and how to remove the stains from your hair.

I hope you have the best color run experience and this article is a help to you all. Happy running!


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