The 5 Top Reasons for Ankle Pain from Running & Ways to Avoid It

1. Ankle Strain or SprainMany people don’t realize that having a lot of pain in an ankle can actually mean there is a deeper problem.  Lots of runners like to think that they are invincible, but the fact of the matter is that someone can roll their ankle at any … Read more

Penetrex vs Blue Emu – Detailing The Differences

Over the course of your running habit, you will likely run into some pain, injury or inflammation. For many running injuries, arthritis cream can provide effective relief.When deciding which arthritis, pain-relieving, or anti-inflammatory cream works best, many people will consider Penetrex or Blue Emu. Although both products have some similarities, they … Read more

How To Avoid Having To Poop While Running

23Shares212Ever felt the overwhelming urge to poop while running? You are not alone. Famed runners Utta Pippig, Tegla Loroupe, Steve Jones, Rosie Ruiz, and Paula Radcliffe have all had to take a sudden bathroom break while competing. In fact in one study of triathletes it was found that 93% had … Read more

The 4 Best Nipple Protectors for Runners That Actually Work

Nipple chafing is a situation induced by friction between the cloth and nipple during exercise like running. It is rampant among athletes that cover distance more than 65 kilometers per week. Nipple chafing is also known as jogger’s nipple, runner’s nipple, red nipple, surfer’s nipple, big Q’s, gardener’s nipple, red … Read more

How to Start Running with Asthma: A Comprehensive Guide

103Shares1021Running is one of the worst exercise for triggering asthma attacks, therefore, it makes sense to think that running and asthma are mutually exclusive.Combined with the high pollen count and dust levels it is certainly a strong asthma trigger. But it need not be the end of the road.Paula Radcliffe, … Read more