Our Detailed Blue-Emu Review

Sore muscles, joint pains, and bruises are all too familiar if you are a runner, a rather uncomfortable interruption when you are training for a race.How do you soothe the pain? Do you pop a pill or grab a pain relief cream?The Blue-Emu Company has a range of topical products … Read more

How to Overcome Groin Pain from Running

Groin pain from running can make even the seasoned runner stop in their tracks. Below we share the causes, what to do if happens to you, and ways to avoid it. What Causes Groin Pain?Groin pain could be caused by a number of factors. The most common factor among athletes is inflammation, … Read more

Enduracool Vs. Frogg Togg – Which One Is Better?

Whether you’re a runner or any athlete, sweat and heat can overwhelm you after a tough workout. At that moment, nothing can be better than the fresh feeling of a cooling towel on your neck. But which brand to pick? In this article, we’ll answer your question by comparing Enduracool vs. Frogg … Read more

How to Prevent and/or Treat Headaches After Running

Sometimes runners experience headaches and head pain following running. If this has happened to you, you are not alone.This can happen whether an individual does a long distance run or jogs for as little as five minutes.This article will break down what causes the headaches after running and how to … Read more

The 5 Top Reasons for Ankle Pain from Running & Ways to Avoid It

1. Ankle Strain or SprainMany people don’t realize that having a lot of pain in an ankle can actually mean there is a deeper problem.  Lots of runners like to think that they are invincible, but the fact of the matter is that someone can roll their ankle at any … Read more