4 Best Nipple Protectors for Runners That Actually Work

Nipple chafing is a situation induced by friction between the cloth and nipple during exercise like running. It is rampant among athletes that cover distance more than 65 kilometers per week. Nipple chafing is also known as jogger’s nipple, runner’s nipple, red nipple, surfer’s nipple, big Q’s, gardener’s nipple, red … Read more

How to Treat Headaches After Running (& Prevent Them)

Sometimes runners experience headaches and head pain following running. If this has happened to you, you are not alone.This can happen whether an individual does a long distance run or jogs for as little as five minutes.This article will break down what causes the headaches after running and how to … Read more

My In-Depth Icy Hot Review

There are many different medicines, creams, balms, and gels that are used and advertised for pain relief.Icy Hot is one of the most popular brands of pain relief balm for athletes and anyone who suffers from joint or muscle pain.  Table of Contents Icy Hot Review:ProsConsWho uses this product?Caution:Accessibility:Is this … Read more

Penetrex vs Blue Emu – Detailing The Differences

Over the course of your running habit, you will likely run into some pain, injury or inflammation. For many running injuries, arthritis cream can provide effective relief.When deciding which arthritis, pain-relieving, or anti-inflammatory cream works best, many people will consider Penetrex or Blue Emu. Although both products have some similarities, they … Read more

My Detailed Blue-Emu Review

Sore muscles, joint pains, and bruises are all too familiar if you are a runner, a rather uncomfortable interruption when you are training for a race.How do you soothe the pain? Do you pop a pill or grab a pain relief cream?The Blue-Emu Company has a range of topical products … Read more

How to Overcome Groin Pain from Running

Groin pain from running can make even the seasoned runner stop in their tracks. Below I share the causes, what to do if happens to you, and ways to avoid it. How to Overcome Groin Pain from Running & Ways to Avoid It Table of Contents How to Overcome Groin Pain from … Read more

Rocktape VS KT Tape (Differences Explained)

If you haven’t tried kinesiology tape, the chances are you’ve seen athletes wearing them. They can be extremely beneficial, which is the reason why you can find numerous different brands out there. Today, I am focusing on comparing Rocktape vs KT Tape. Keep reading to check out their difference, and discover the top-rated … Read more

5 Reasons Why You Have Ankle Pain from Running

The ankle is made up of two joints: the ankle joint and the subtalar joint. These joints are in charge of your ankle’s upward and downward movements, as well as its sideways mobility. Your ankle joints are held together by three other bones. Your tibia, also known as the shin bone, … Read more

Protalus vs Superfeet Insoles – Which Are Better and Why?

Are you planning on buying new insoles? If the answer is yes, you need a reliable and top-quality product, which means you should go with a premium brand.You may have gotten it down to two names, but you can’t decide the winner of the Protalus vs Superfeet showdown. We did … Read more

Superfeet Black vs Carbon; Differences Explained

Throughout your running, your training, and your racing, there is always going to be one thing that might throw off your running. Whether it is something with your diet or your physical body something is bound to happen at some point during your entire running career. If something happens physically with … Read more