Balega Zulu Socks Review

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The 4 Best Insoles for High Arches [2021]

Extremely high arches aren’t common. But, the few people with high arches often experience less comfort, if any.With high arches, your weight isn’t evenly distributed across your foot, exerting more pressure on the ball and heel of your foot. The result is an arch under great stress.The footprint of feet … Read more

5 Really Great Self Defense Products & Apps/Class for Runners

Ask any female runner in your life, and they will likely have stories of being catcalled on runs, having a car follow them, or generally getting a feeling of uneasiness.Stories like that Vanessa Marcotte, Molly Tibbits, and Kristina Vetrano unfortunately seem to be more and more common.In 2018, The New … Read more

Runner Tested: The 3 Best Camelbaks for Running

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6 Funny (but useful) Holiday Gift Ideas for a Runner 2021

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The 5 Best Balaclava For Running in Cold Weather

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How to Start Running and Complete a 5K Book Review

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C25K: The Couch to 5k Beginner Running Program Book Review

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Galloway’s 5K and 10K Running Book Review [with Pros & Cons]

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Running 5K and 10K: A Training Guide Book Review [With Pros & Cons]

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