Balega Hidden Comfort vs. Hidden Contour (The Differences)

Balega is a leading manufacturer of performance socks in the running market. They are widely regarded as the top blister preventing socks on the market for runners. The company designs and manufactures technical performance socks for different runners with unique needs.The company runs production facilities in both North Carolina and South … Read more

Balega Blister Resist Sock Review

Balega is a leading manufacturer of high quality technical performance socks. The company is an initiative of America (North Carolina) and South Africa with production facilities in the two countries. It uses high quality yarns produced in the USA to design and manufacture performance socks.The company is committed to quality, … Read more

My Feetures Elite Ultra-Light Sock Review

As one of the most popular running sock brands on today’s market, Feetures offers a wide range of quality products ranging with a focus on comfort and high performance. On the side of high performance, the Feetures Elite Ultra Light sock has been engineered with anatomical design and Targeted Compression, which … Read more

The 5 Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet

199Shares199There are already so many blockers to motivation when it comes to running – lack of time or energy, bad weather, expensive gym memberships and gear.Anyone who is able to stick with a regular running routine has harnessed some serious willpower.But the worst de-motivator of all, the one that is … Read more

Runners: 4 Best Compression Tights for Women (Leggings)

If you normally stick to regular leggings for your exercises, it is time to make compression tights the new star of your running kit. The health benefits of leg compression pants are for real:They can reduce inflammation, damage, muscle pain, improve the circulation of blood in the legs, support the … Read more

5 Best Books About Running (For Beginners)

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5 Best Cold Weather Running Tights-Warm & Cozy

As winter nears, the weather turns cold and running can become quite difficult. What is an athlete to do? It’s not a good idea to run with bare or unprotected legs during the cold months, which is why regular runners and athletes need to invest in cold weather running tights. Below we … Read more

Spenco vs Superfeet : What’s the Difference?

Runners get sore feet, period. To combat this pain, it’s possible to use additions to shoes to ease discomfort. Some companies even claim they can make runners feel like they are running on clouds. How do people do this? Usually, they purchase insoles for their shoes. But not all insoles are … Read more

The 5 Best Waterproof Running Socks

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Balega vs Feetures; Which are Better Running Socks?

Wearing the right socks are a necessity when it comes to sustaining a run. Proper running socks help protect the feet from blisters and fatigue. They also add extra comfort and stability. Many brand name companies manufacture running socks and include many of their unique features. Balega vs Feetures – So … Read more