Exerpeutic 900xl vs 1000 – Detailing the Differences

Recumbent bikes come in differnet shapes and sizes. Today we compare the Exerpeutic 900xl vs 1000 and detail the differences.

Queen had an entire song about wanting to ride a bicycle, so it’s no surprise that these devices are popular exercise machines for people around the world. Unfortunately, bicycle riding outside is not always an option.Short winter daylight hours, inclement weather, and route safety concerns all impede your ability to … Read more

Schwinn 230 vs 270 – Detailing the Differences

Schwinn 230 vs 270 - detailing the differences

Exercise bikes are a popular choice for an at home fitness machine. Stationary bikes are great to have in the home because you can use them no matter what the weather is doing, while watching TV, reading a book or waiting for dinner to cook. There are so many makes and models … Read more

Schwinn 130 vs. Schwinn 170 – Detailing the Differences

Schwinn makes a solid upright bike that many runners use. Today we detail the differences between the Schwinn 130 vs. Schwinn 170

I remember being young and trying out my grandmother’s exercise bike in the basement of their house in the woods.I didn’t understand the purpose of it then – after all, why would someone want to ride a bike which doesn’t go anywhere, especially when there were gorgeous trails nearby begging … Read more

Schwinn ad2 vs ad6 – Detailing the Biggest Differences

Some modern exercise bikes use the power of air or wind resistance to improve an athlete’s workout. The incorporation of this resistance means that the faster the user pedals, the harder it becomes to move. This extra resistance builds muscle and allows people to move at the pace which is the … Read more