8 Simple & Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Runners

If you are a morning runner you know the importance of a delicious AND healthy breakfast. Here are my favorite 8 simple & healthy breakfast ideas for Runners

If you have got into running to lose weight or to be healthier you my friend, are on the right path. In addition to running, the foods you consume can help you reach your goal. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day especially after you run in the morning. … Read more

10 Effective Hydrating Strategies for Runners

10 Effective Hydrating Strategies for 5K Runners

92Shares5042Staying hydrated isn’t always easy, yet it’s necessary to not only achieving optimal athletic performance but greater overall health. While it seems that the way to stay hydrated is super simple (just drink a lot of water!) many runners struggle to achieve optimal hydration, especially during periods of intense training. … Read more