The 5 Best Insoles for Heel Pain

When walking, what hits the ground first is your heel. This part of your foot takes the impact of full force and the shock that results from bearing your weight while walking, sometimes leading to sore heel pain.Heel pain often emerge overnight, and worsen or reappear when engaging in prolonged … Read more

Blue Emu vs Biofreeze – Differences Explained

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My Protalus Insoles Review

Over the course of your running career, you have probably fallen susceptible to a foot problem or lower body injury at some point.Whether it be high arches, flat feet, or the dreaded plantar fasciitis, the pain can make your one mile run feel like an ultramarathon with each step.There are … Read more

Why Do Runners Breathe Heavily After a Race?

It’s one of the most natural things in the world and something every athlete knows: Runners will always breathe heavily after running a race. Indeed, their breathing will always be heavy after working out, especially if the runners are going fast and truly pushing themselves. But why?How the Respiratory System WorksLive … Read more

The 5 Benefits of Swimming for Runners

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The 5 Benefits of Hot Yoga For Runners

Hot yoga, also known as Bikram yoga, is a practice of yoga conducted in a humid room, and the studio is typically heated to 105 degrees fahrenheit. Many types of athletes can benefit from hot yoga, especially runners. This article goes over the benefits of hot yoga as well as … Read more

10 Vitamins To Help Support Runners Joints

Individuals training for races, specifically longer ones such as marathons, commonly add supplements into their diet. Endurance athletes are more prone to joint or muscle injury and getting sick. There are various supplements runners can take in order to maintain joint and muscle health as well as immunity. Many runners … Read more

How To Avoid Having To Poop While Running

23Shares212Ever felt the overwhelming urge to poop while running? You are not alone. Famed runners Utta Pippig, Tegla Loroupe, Steve Jones, Rosie Ruiz, and Paula Radcliffe have all had to take a sudden bathroom break while competing. In fact in one study of triathletes it was found that 93% had … Read more

6 Best Stretches To Do After Running That Keep You Loose

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The 8 Best Stretches to do Before Running

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