C25K: The Couch to 5k Beginner Running Program Book Review


Easy to Follow

Easy-to-follow  methodical process turns couch potatoes to runners!


Very reasonably priced under $10.

Written For All Levels

This book is designed for beginners, advanced runners won't find this beneficial at all.

What Does the Book Have to Offer: Mathew Lee has compiled a comprehensive and solid program to turn anyone who is willing and able to go from a slow couch potato to a realized runner. The book stands out unique among other top books about running in that it offers a simple solution to assist you in starting your journey to 5K running prowess. Over the years, the Couch to 5K program has helped countless people become full athletes. Mathew’s program as detailed in his book only takes nine weeks from commencing to completion. Following the schedule, any Tom Dick or Harry will be doing 5K in under 30 minutes before the turn of three months. The process is very simple as he explains. It starts with a scheduled everyday training and practice that slowly transforms into a more thorough training. Sooner than you know it, you will be doing 5K without losing your breath and you are likely to beat the 30 minutes it has set. For those who require a slight push to eject them from the comfort of their couches, this is their best bet. Mathew is encouraging, almost like a motivational speaker. It is almost a guarantee that after reading this book, you ‘will never be the same again.’ He also gives some valuable advice for any beginner that will go a long way in ensuring you achieve your goal as an aspiring 5K runner. Following with the modern age traditions, Mathew has had an App developed to go with the book. This App will provide you with daily guidance. The App truly revolutionizes and brings to life the book itself. It is an encouragement to anyone in the program and it is definitely working.

We Like

  • Very easy to read and gives encouragement throughout
  • Gives realistic expectations for the 9 week program
  • Provides a ton of value and clarity

We Don't Like

  • Written for beginner runners, not the advanced runner
  • It's a surprisingly short book

Summary:  Overall, Mathew’s book has earned a place among the bestselling books about running and in the same light his book has proven to be a pillar for 5K running beginners. I would strongly recommend everyone to at least give the program and the book a try.