Brooks Mazama vs Cascadia (Comparison)

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If you are running up trails or preparing for an upcoming Mud Run or Tough Mudder, you need shoes that provide traction, support, keep your feet relatively dry and will withstand the rigors of your run. 

This article compares Brooks Mazama vs Brooks Cascadia, detailing the differences between the two.

Brooks Mazama vs Cascadia

These are two offer the traction, support and comfort that runners look for, making these two of the most popular trail running shoes.

The goal is to help you determine which of the two is perfect for your running needs. Read on to find out.

Can you hike in Brooks running shoes?

Brooks Cascadia Trail and Brooks Mazama Trail are the two top trail hiking or running shoes from Brooks Running Shoe company. These shoes are specifically designed for the terrain of a trail. 

Brooks Mazama: In-Depth Look

The Brooks Mazama running shoes inspire speed, confidence, flexibility, and boldness in lightweight running shoes.

The Mazama are one of the top rated trail shoes on the market.

The Mazama shoes model shines with comfort and speed in tempo runs and trail racing activities.

It features advanced handling of different types of terrains, attractive colors and design, and a spacious toe box for most athletes.

It also features a comfortable mesh system, exceptional breathability, and a lightweight design that’s perfect for fast runs.

Flexibility and Stability

The Mazama has a well-balanced fit from the hindfoot, midfoot, and forefoot, explaining its speed and stellar racing performance.

It is technologically adaptive material enables it to change dynamically between having a sense of softness when running at slower speeds and firmness when running at higher speeds.

Brooks Mazama Women's Trail Running Shoes - 9.5 - Pink

The shoe is more flexible and delivers optimal rigidity. It’s a neutral shoe when it comes to stability. It lacks motion control to prevent overpronation, but still does well in correcting mild cases.

The Mazama strikes a mid-foot and forefoot balance with little to no jarring on the heels.

The insole is easily removable for a custom fit, cleaning, and enhanced stability.


If you’re used to massive lugs on the shoe outsole of your running shoes, expect to find a decline in traction regulation.

With the Mazama, you’re able to navigate through rough terrains with boulders, sand, slippery rocks, rooty terrain, wooden twigs, uneven dirt, light-moderate mud, and soft dirt.

The transition of these running shoes between rails and roads is pleasant.

The only issue that if you are planning on running on ice, deep snow, and deep mud terrains, these shoes might not be a good fit for you.

Brooks Mazama Women's Trail Running Shoes - 9.5 - Pink


Brook Mazama was designed for use in technical mud and trails, and it performs well on those terrains.

It offers great traction on rocks, slippery bridges, tree roots, wooden steps, slippery logs, and rough surfaces.

Brooks Mazama Women's Trail Running Shoes - 9.5 - Pink

The shoes work well with external ice traction devices such as Yaktrax and Kahtoola’s, which usually slide off with other running shoes for fast runs. 

This is attributed to the shoes’ extended toe area, resulting in a comfortable fit with winter grip attachments.


The Mazama allows for rapid, lightweight flexibility without hampering your kinesthetic, stability, and comfort during runs. 

The neutral shoes provide moderate cushioning and arch support, without being over-corrective or intrusive.

Its minimalistic heel cap makes it ideal for use on extreme terrains that require more support.

Brooks Mazama Women's Trail Running Shoes - 9.5 - Pink

Protection and Responsiveness

The propulsion plate fosters transmission of energy, while protecting your foot from sharp objects that may be on the terrain.

The rubber toe wrap integrates adequate protection on the shoe’s front section to accommodate all kinds of terrains.

The light upper mesh is great as you may not feel any rocks or terrain hitting your foot during runs.

The shoes deliver rapid responsiveness to lateral and forward movements in fast runs for better performance.

The running shoe is made from a combination of premium materials for better cushioning and flexibility.

As a result, the shoes react well to the demands and force exerted on it on varied terrains, for fast yet light tempo.

Breathability, Comfort and Durability

The Mazama is a popular choice for many runners for its breathability and ability to control temperature. In hot climatic conditions, the shoes prevent over-heating on the inside to keep your foot dry and cool which helps prevent blisters from forming.

The materials used in the shoes dry faster in wet conditions - as they should.

Brooks Mazama Women's Trail Running Shoes - 9.5 - Pink

Whether you have sweating feet or run in rainy conditions, the shoes keep your feet dry for comfortable runs.

The material also protects your feet from light wind in freezing temperatures. 

The Mazama is popular for its ability to maintain coziness across varying technical miles.

The toe box provides more room than it appears due to a longer shoe length, making it look narrower than its actual design.

Although it’s longer than other shoe models by a quarter size, it doesn’t feel clumsy.


The Mazama holds up well in mileage runs although it’s not designed for long-distance runs.

The supportive laces and structure distributes your tension and returns energy with every stride. 

Some runners elect to go with a locking shoe lace mechanism which prevents the opportunity for road debris to loosen the shoe laces. 

Even after months of regular use, these running shoes would still lack visible wear-down.


  • Ideal for use on grass, light mud, sand, loose and solid rock terrains 
  • Buoyant, flexible and ready for action
  • Exceptional performance on slippery stairs, bridges, and logs
  • Lightweight for fast runs or light runners without the need for extra stability and
  • support


  • The bright color alternatives aren’t for all personalities 
  • The outsole or lugs aren’t the most antagonistic
  • Not ideal for deep mud and extreme terrain

Brooks Mazama vs Cascadia

Brooks Cascadia: In-Depth Look

The Brooks Cascadia is popular trail running shoe for its flexible outsole unit. The materials used on the upper, the rubber exterior, and cushioning offers extreme comfort during runs.

The shoes are comfortable enough to protect your feet during long runs, yet offer the stability and support that runners need.

Are Brooks Cascadia any Good?

The Cascadia is one of the most popular trail running shoes among both novice and experienced hikers and trail runners. The plush DNA Loft foam in the Cascadia offers cushioned protection while returning pop as you run. The traction prevents slippage and helps keep hikers and trail runners safe

Weight, Traction and Stability

When buying ideal running shoes, weight is an important factor for consideration.

Lighter shoes allow you to run for longer distances without getting tired fast, giving you control over your races. 

The Cascadia offers a great balance of lightweight and solid stability that supports the trail performance and comfort.

Brooks Women's Cascadia 13

The rugged rubber outsole is one of its defining features.

This provides ultimate protection from elements that are found under your feet (like rocks). 

Designed for smooth runs, the shoes result in the least traction, especially over hard sections on the terrain with slippery mud, roots, and rocks. 


  • Prevents hotspots or blister development
  • Substantial outsole for comfortable and easy tackling of terrains 
  • Offers great breathability for increased airflow
  • Good traction and sole grip for non-slip runs even on wet terrains
  • Available in wide-width version for runners with wide feet
  • An advanced underfoot cushioning system for greater comfort


  • Eyelets easily rip off
  • Shoes can get heavy and old in water in pouring rain or through multiple puddles

Main Differences Explained

Brooks Cascadia can feel heavy, particularly when running in the rain or mud terrains, like a Tough Mudder or Mud Run. 

Running on the shoes can feel flat due to limited traction. The shoes are designed to withstand technical obstacles such as grassy fields, rocky areas, and water crossings.

In contract, the Brooks Mazama offers the stability and support which offering more traction on wet runs. 

Both shoes offers extreme cushioning, which is Brooks' calling card. As well as the solid support throughout your foot.

Brooks Mazama Trail Running Shoes

The propulsion plate of Brooks Mazama is positioned beneath the forefoot-midsole foam. It ensures your toe-off transition is decent, especially when engaging in steady climbs.

Producing a high-quality heel cover and support  that remains comfortable throughout the run.

Both shoes support neutral trail running, but different levels.

Brooks Mazama vs Brooks Cascadia Wrap-Up

When choosing the correct running shoes for you, several factors come into play. The best running shoes for one runner may not work for another.

The best Brooks running shoes for you are cozy, fit well, and available in a suitable size and preferred color option. It also best suits your budget.

Although the Mazama shoes seem more superior to the Cascadia based on the comparison we’ve just done, the two are best for different applications and running needs.

The flexible nature of the Mazama shoes makes them ideal for high performance on difficult or slippery terrains such as stairs, or for Tough Mudder races. 

If you care about how your running shoes look on you, you’ll love the color variations that come with different Brooks running shoe models.

Choose wisely to ensure you get the right pair of running shoes designed to meet your running needs.

Opt for the Cascadia running shoes if you want shoes with good traction, a cushioning system and would protect your feet from blisters.

They’re ideal for mild and easy terrains.

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