Brooks Addiction vs Beast – The Differences

Written By: Jeremy N

Brooks running shoes have been committed to making your run the best experience possible.  

The company doesn’t only care about you and your run but they care about the environment as well. Brooks likes to support communities, programs and organizations that care about getting people healthy and active. 

Today we compare in detail the differences of two of the more popular pairs of Brooks running shoes  - Brooks Addiction vs Beast. Two solid stability shoes. 

The biggest difference between is that the Brooks Beast is only for Men and Addiction is unisex. The women's version of Beast is called Ariel. Beast also comes with 25% more cushioning than Addiction. The Addiction support is built around a medial post where the Beast uses GuideRail support. 

Brooks Addiction vs Beast

Brooks Addiction vs Beast: Today we compare two popular Brooks shoes - Brooks Addiction vs Beast - specifically the Brooks Addicition 12 & 13 vs Beast 16 & 18 (and Brooks Ariel).

Brooks Addiction vs Brooks Beast: The Similarities

Both the Addiction and Beast, as well as most Brooks sneakers, use a form of technology they call DNA.

Brooks Men's Addiction 14, Grey/Blue, 11 D

DNA is a cushioning technology used in the midsole of the sneaker which adapts to every step you take.

It is made from a non-Newtonian fluid which stiffer with the higher force or more pressure applied to it.

It is something similar to silly putty, toothpaste or taffy.

  • Both of these sneakers are also bio degradable. The Addiction and Beast are made to be super supportive as well as stable and are designed with motion control in mind.
  • They come in narrow, medium, wide and extra wide but because of all the extra support, both shoes are on the heavy side. However, they are still pretty flexible.
  • Brooks uses the highest form of technology to create their running shoes and apparel. They take advantage of:
Brooks Men's Addiction 14, Grey/Blue, 11 D
  • 3D printing maintains the structure of the shoe while still providing light weight flexibility
  • 3D outsoles with a rock shield that provides ultimate traction
  • “DNA” and “Super DNA” midsoles which is a cushioning technology - similar to orthotics
  • Guide rails that support the natural movement of your hips, knees and joints
  • Pressure zones
  • Reflective material to keep you visible at night
  • Extra supportive heel to protect your ankle joints
  • “Crash pads” for maximum shock absorption

Brooks Addiction  14 - Review

Brooks Addiction 14 Blackened Pearl/Arcadia 8

The Brooks Addiction is made for the over pronator who prefers daily running on the road or harder surfaces. There is a lot of stability with arch support for and motion control for flat feet.

The Addiction is made with DNA cushioning technology, similar to orthotics, which protects your body from running’s high impact. 

You can find this DNA in most of their shoes including the Ghost, Glycerin, AdrenalineRavenna and Revel

There is also separate pad in the heel of the shoe for runners who are heavy on their heel and the toe box is wide enough to give your toes some space while still providing plenty of support.

Brooks Women's Addiction 13 Evening Blue/Teal Victory/Purple Cactus Flower 9.5 D US

The upper part of the shoe is made from a moisture wicking mesh material, easily keeping your feet comfortable and dry.

The outsole of the shoe is made from HDR Plus material which is thicker and heavier than rubber and helps keep the sneaker from breaking down.

The shoe also uses the MC pod design on the sole of the shoe which allows flexibility from the heel to the toe but not side to side this will also ensure that you are not twisting your foot while you run. The

Addiction comes in several different color options but they are mostly neutral colors.

The biggest difference between the Brooks Addiction 15 and the Addiction 14 is the amount of stitching on the top layer of the shoe. 

This provides a little more comfort compared to the Addiction 14 but doesn’t give up the support. 

Having less stitching also makes the Addiction 15 look more modern than the Addiction 14 or 13. 

Brooks Addiction 14 Blackened Pearl/Arcadia 8

The outsole of the previous versions, the Addiction 15 is made up of small rubber pods that are evenly spaced out which provides more shock absorption compared to the 12 and the 13 version.

Brooks Beast 20 - Review

Brooks Men's Beast '18 Grey/Navy/White 9 EE US

Brooks introduced the Brooks Beast 20 in April of 2020. This comeback was based on runner insights and feedback. 

The Brooks Beast is the most stable and supportive of the Brooks running shoes and is made with the larger runner’s comfort or someone with severe pronation.

The Beast is great for running on the road or pavement, as well as gravel or well-maintained trails. The outsole is made from a highly durable rubber which offers traction and protects the body from the high impact of running.  

It has also been recommended for runners coming back from an injury as it offers maximum stability and protection.

Beast is only for men. The Ariel is the comparable model and we compare the Ariel vs the Addiction in this article

In addition to the rubber sole, the Beast uses super DNA which provides 25% more cushioning than the DNA in the Addiction – this has been highly praised by runners suffering from plantar fasciitis and/or flat feet.

However, this will make the shoe heavier.

Brooks Men's Beast '18 Black/Grey/Silver 12 EE US

The Beast is a good choice if you live in a rainy climate or love to run in the rain as it offers good traction as well as a breathable and moisture wicking mesh top.

The Beast comes in male and female versions to better suit the runners specific foot makeup – the female version is referred to as the Ariel and comes with a removable sock liner. (see below)

Brooks Women's Ariel '18 Grey/Grey/Pink 9.5 B US

The Brooks Beast 16 and 18 are very similar but the Beast 20 offers slightly more cushion. They have a full-length crash pad from heel to toe and a diagonal roll bar. 

Some reviews state that the Brooks Beast 20 runs slightly smaller than the 16 or 18 so I suggest to buy a size up if you are a half size. (something I learned when I bought a pair of the Ghost 9)

Conclusion - Brooks Addiction vs Brooks Beast

The biggest difference between the Brooks Addiction and the Brooks Beast the amount of support and the styling. Beast is for men only where Addiction is unisex. 

The Brooks Beast is the better option if you are looking for the most support as it comes with 25% more cushioning. It Is good for runners coming back from an injury or for larger, heavy footed runners.

The Beast is also offers relief from plantar fasciitis. The Addiction comes in several more style and color options than the Beast.

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