The 5 Best Treadmill Mats For Hardwood & Carpet in 2021

If you hear thumping in your exercise room, it’s not the Telltale Heart: It’s the sound of your feet stomping on the treadmill.

Indoor runners know that while treadmills are handy and beneficial, they are also noisy and leave unsightly marks on carpet and hardwood floors.

What do you do if you don’t want to bother your neighbors or leave lasting damage in your home?

The Best Overall Treadmill Mat

RevTime Treadmill Mat 6.5'x3' (78

The mat is suitable most treadmill machines or other fitness equipment, like rowing machine, stationary bike. Made of heavy duty SBR and EPDM rubber, real rubber, very durable than foamed mat

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What is a Treadmill Mat?

A treadmill mat is straightforward: It’s the mat that you can put under your exercise equipment to reduce noise, prevent slippage, and stop damage before it begins. 

A treadmill can weigh anywhere between 150-200 lbs., not counting you! The average runner can add an additional 100-200 lbs.,

If not more, which means a lot of pressure for the floor below.

Do I need a Treadmill Mat?

This video demonstrates the shock caused by our feet when they land on the treadmill.

According to professionals who study how humans run, all of our weight and additional force will be on our foot when we finish a stride.

This impact sends pressure and vibrations through the machine, which impact the floor and can cause damage, thus providing the value of a treadmill mat.

Mats are an excellent way to mitigate some of this pressure and stop problems like permanent indentations on the floor, scuffs, or even sunken patches caused by too much weight.

A mat also reduces the noise made by a runner, since the pressure is evened out and you are no longer forcing the treadmill to hit the hard surface of the floor when you run.

But not all mats are made the same.

Some people exercise in basements, while others use their equipment on the second floor. Different floor materials, treadmill sizes, and other factors mean runners like you need mats suited to your exercise style and location. 

Below are the five best treadmill mats in four common situations, as well as one overall winner.

Bеѕt Treadmill Mat for Carpet: The Wonder Mat

Sometimes people have no choice but to put their treadmill in a carpeted area. While carpet can significantly reduce noise and slippage, it is easy to damage because of a treadmill’s weight and pressure.

Carpet also releases dust and fibers that become tangled in the mechanical system of a runner’s exercise equipment, causing future problems.

According to Gym Equipment Information, some of the most common problems caused by carpet are fibers entering the treadmill’s electronic motors and stopping their movement.

EWONDERWORLD 84” x 36” Premium Quality Extra Thick Interlocking Treadmill Exercise Puzzle Foam Mat - Home Gym Floor, Workout Equipment Mat, Noise Reduction Flooring
  • Package includes: 21 Pieces of 12”x 12” extra thick black EVA foam tiles
  • High quality material – Our exercise mats are made with a strong and durable non-toxic, non Recycled material. Our foam mats are waterproof which makes cleaning a breeze. With the proper maintenance Our mats can last you Up to 10 years
  • Safety – our mats have been tested and exceeded all guidelines. Our mats are 0. 56” thick which makes them thicker than our competitors. The extra thickness allows for more protection to your floor from you exercise equipment

This Wonder Mat is thicker than average and exceeds the floor protection requirements for this kind of exercise equipment.

While most items designed to go under a treadmill range from 2/16 in. to 4/16 in., this mat is a whopping 9/16 in. That's thick enough to keep your floors and carpets protected! 

The extra material might not sound like a lot, but it can make the difference between having unsightly damage or depressions on your carpet or not.

Another benefit of the
Wonder Mat is that its material will not bleed dye and stain your carpet.

Many runners have found that products which are colored with certain dyes will leave residue on the floor that can’t be removed, even with a good scrubbing. 

The Wonder Mat is truly wonderful and gives you extra time for running since you don’t have to frequently clean your equipment and floor.

I love that fact that this mat is easy to clean and keeps the floor clean too. 

Bеѕt Treadmill Mat for Hardwood Floors: ProSource High Density

Some floors have hardwood instead of carpet. Hardwood floors pose numerous problems for runners, as noted by Livestrong, because they are slippery, noisy, and can develop scuffs, scratches, and dents from the impact of the treadmill.

As seen above, running causes pressure to be exerted on the exercise equipment, which is then transferred to the surface of the floor.

ProSource Fit Treadmill & Exercise Equipment Mats, Regular (6.5’L x 3’W x 5/32”T) Designs, High Density PVC Floor Protector (ps-1920-tread)
  • FLOOR PROTECTION - Protects carpets and hard floors from damage from treadmills, elliptical machines, stationary bikes and other heavy exercise equipment
  • NOISE-REDUCING – Dense mats absorbs vibration, noise and impact caused when exercising on cardio equipment
  • LARGE SIZE – Both 6.5 ft &7 ft mats are 3 ft wide and will cover the base of most large equipment. Perfect for basements and garages; versatile for benches, weights, racks

What is a runner to do?
Out of all of the available mats, the
ProSource High Density mat is one of the most useful for runners with hardwood floors.

The mat is made out of strong and durable PVC that absorbs the shock of our footsteps.

The mat diffuses this pressure so it isn’t all forced on the key points caused by the treadmill’s shape.

This diffusion helps prevents scuffs and damage. The PVC is also beneficial because it grips the slick surface of the wood and prevents slippage.

This way, your treadmill doesn’t slide while you run and leave difficult-to-buff skid marks. In addition, it is a solid treadmill mat for carpet. 

Bеѕt Treadmill Mat to Reduce Noise: The ProImpact

Every runner knows that treadmills are noisy. However, some mats have recently been developed to combat noise by using muffling materials that absorb shock and diffuse sound.

Out of the available options, one of the best is the ProImpact mat.
The ProImpact is made from recycled tires in a thoroughly environmentally-friendly process, which is great for those green runners out there. 

The key to reducing noise is those recycled tires.

The material is the same one used in many gyms throughout the United States and involves a complicated process.

TRANR Active Noise Reduction Equipment Mats 36 x 78 6.4mm Solid Black
  • Active noise reduction, impact resistant, shock absorbing commercial grade rubber matting
  • Protects hardwood, tile, low pile carpet and other hard surfaces
  • Protects your machine from dust, expands the life of your fitness equipment

Scientists have studied for several years to find the right thickness, consistency, and mixture of rubber and binder to develop sound absorbing materials.

Using old tires, some binding material, the proper temperature, and a relatively thick final product, items like the ProImpact mat become powerful tools for industries and runners. 

But how does this work?

It’s a complicated process that is comparable to bouncing a ball. The ball will bounce off of a hard surface, but it won’t on something soft. 

The rubber used in the ProImpact mat is the soft material that prevents the ball – the sound – from echoing and creating noises that you and other people can hear.

Because it was specifically designed to prevent noise, the ProImpact treadmill mat clearly wins!

Bеѕt Treadmill Mat to Prevent Slippage: Balance from GoFit

Stopping equipment slippage is as simple as finding a sticky material to go underneath. Honey and jam won’t work, but the Balance from GoFit exercise mat will.

The product is made of a thin, high-density material that absorbs the shock of running and uses a specially-designed, gripping surface to stop slips before they can happen.

BalanceFrom High Density Treadmill Exercise Bike Equipment Mat, 3 x 6.5-ft, Regular
11,659 Reviews
BalanceFrom High Density Treadmill Exercise Bike Equipment Mat, 3 x 6.5-ft, Regular
  • High density mat helps protect your floors and carpets from the damage effects of heavy exercise equipment’s
  • 3-feet x 6.5-feet will be large enough for most treadmills, elliptical and other exercise equipment’s
  • Absorbs vibration and reduces noise caused by all sorts of equipment while prolong the life of your equipments

The Balance from GoFit has two different sides. The first is a smooth, shiny surface designed to face up and give the room a pleasing appearance. The second is the more useful of the two.

The second side features a rough, textured pattern that grips onto whatever surface it is placed.

You can feel it when you run your hand over: Your palm doesn’t want to move forward despite the force you are exerting on it.

This material will prevent slips without sticking and leaving unsightly marks on the floor.

The Overall Bеѕt Treadmill Mat: The RevTime

Let’s say you don’t want a mat that’s good for one situation. You want the jack-of-all-trades of mats.

Out of the available options currently on the market, the all-around winner is the RevTime.

The RevTime has a distinctive appearance because it is solid black with visible blue specks. Unlike some other products, this mat is made of almost pure rubber.

If you have ever tried to slide a ball, a tire, or any other item made of rubber, you know how difficult it is.

RevTime Treadmill Mat 6.5'x3' (78"x36") Heavy Duty Fitness Equipment Rubber Mat Black
  • Large size with 6.5'x3' (78"x36"),The mat is suitable most treadmill machines or other fitness equipment, like rowing machine, stationary bike .
  • Made of heavy duty SBR and EPDM rubber, real rubber, very durable than foamed mat.
  • High density and anti-slip surface,heavily weighted up to 13.5lbs,Non-movable,3mm of thickness offer enough buffering and protection.

Scientists like Persson still debate today why rubber generates friction against other surfaces. Some speculate that it’s the molecules essentially rubbing against one another, but no one knows for sure.

Even if scientists don’t quite understand the mechanics, you will still see the results of this friction when running with a RevTime.

Because of its construction, the RevTime prevents slippage, absorbs sound, and doesn’t leak dye into the covered floor.

This mat is also one of the largest, which makes it suitable for almost any model of treadmill you could have. It isn’t as thick as some other products, but it makes up for the difference by using stronger materials.

If you have a little extra money to spend, the RevTime is a solid investment.


As runners, we know that there is a lot of science involved in choosing the best form, speed, and shoe, but who would have guessed that it applied to treadmill mats as well?

When picking a good mat, you need to know a little bit about the materials in your exercise room, the weight of you and your treadmill, and how much force you are going to exert on the surrounding area.

Once you account for all of these factors, you can find the best treadmill mat for you.

Some of the side benefits of each product chosen is that they are easy to clean, easy to move, and roll flat. Runners know that the exercise area can become one of the grossest sections of any home, so it’s nice to be able to wipe down all of your equipment without any trouble.

(Here are our favorite exercise equipment cleaner). The mats are also heavy enough to lay flat, but light enough to move if you want to change locations.

Despite being split into categories, the mats listed here are the top five choices for runners in general.

All of the featured products get the job done, and they range enough in price to be affordable for almost everyone.

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