Where To Put a Treadmill in Your Home or Apartment

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Owning a treadmill is a very convenient way to exercise. I love the simplicity of walking into a room in your house and getting right to it. Rather than driving to a gym, etc.

If you are purchasing a treadmill, you might be debating where to put it. Below I detail the best places to put a treadmill in your house and the pros/cons.

Full disclosure, I have mine in my garage, and that works perfectly for our family.

Where to Put a Treadmill in your Home or Apartment - the 3 Best Places 

4 Best Places to Put a Treadmill in Your Home or Apartment: If you are purchasing a treadmill, you might be debating where to put it. Below I detail the best places to put a treadmill in your house and the pros/cons.

Why is the Location of the Treadmill So Important Anyway - Why Space is Top Priority

Putting your treadmill in a convenient location is important. Having a treadmill that you have to move each time is going to get old really quick. You want to put your treadmill in a place that is convenient, pleasant, and allows you to run efficiently.

The space should also have a stable WiFi connection, especially if you’re going to use treadmill workout apps such as NordicTrack, Aaptiv, or other treadmill apps.

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Things to Consider When Considering Where to Place Your Treadmill:

When looking for the best location for your treadmill, there are a few things to think about.

The first question to ask is whether the room can handle the treadmill's size. If you have a limited amount of space, consider investing in a foldable treadmill that you may readily store away when it isn't in use.

You'll also have to consider how many persons from the family or household will be using the treadmill. If a family member or roommate will be using it, for example, you might want to put it in easily accessible, shared areas such as the living room or garage.

The whirring motor and the thumping of your feet on the belt make a noise when you're running on a treadmill! When running, you might want to consider placing the treadmill in an area where family members or neighbors aren't disturbed.

I recommend a treadmill mat, here are my favorites.

The ideal place for your treadmill is one that receives plenty of sunlight during the day or has excellent lamps for night running. Not only will this help you run safely, but it will also improve your exercise area and encourage you to continue.

If you're considering a treadmill desk, first think about if the area is appropriate for exercising. Is it practical to put the treadmill in your home office, for example:

You may discover that the area is sufficient, but that the treadmill gets in the way during the day.

ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill - side view

Best Place to Put a Treadmill - 3 Areas to Consider:

Let’s look at some specific rooms and weigh their pros and cons.

Here are some great ideas for places to set up your treadmill in the house:

1. The Garage/Basement

Garage Treadmill

What's better than jogging or walking outside to get a cardio workout? Jogging or walking on a treadmill at home is one of the finest methods to exercise.

A treadmill in the basement is an excellent alternative to running outside if you don't want to do so yet or it's cold outside. Many basements offer ample space and have the ideal flooring for running, and you may put your treadmill in front of the TV! There's also no excuse not to get a full-body workout while watching Netflix.

The Garage or basement is a great place to put your treadmill because:


The treadmill might be placed in the basement or garage. Not only would the treadmill not take up room in living areas, but it's out of the way of family members' activity. You'll have peace and quiet to work up a sweat without being disturbed by the noise of the motor or your feet hitting the belt.

Basements are typically used to store things that aren't being utilized, but you may use it as a tiny gym if you make creative. Not only can you utilize the treadmill, but it will also provide room for a yoga mat during your warm-up. To keep yourself cool while running, place a fan in the basement. If your treadmill is in the garage, you can take your workout outside when the weather is permitting.


Unfortunately, there is no temperature control when the treadmill is in the garage or basement. In the winter, both can become extremely cold, and in the summer, they may get quite warm. This might be an excuse for you not to utilize the treadmill since you'll have to bundle up in the winter or strip down in the summer.

If you want to stay motivated, consider getting a space heater or an oscillating fan for the basement or garage.

Most treadmills offer a warranty and the warrant can be voided if the treadmill is stored in a garage.

2. The Living Room

Treadmill in Living Room

The living room is often the most common location for a treadmill, and for good reasons: it's likely to be the room where you spend the most time. This is ideal if you enjoy running in place while watching television or listening on music like me! You may watch your favorite shows or listen to all of those songs that you've been wanting to hear on repeat.


If you have room in your living room, you'll discover that there are several advantages to installing your treadmill there. You'll be able to train in the comfort of your own home, while still being able to watch your favorite TV program. To perform an online workout using your laptop, connect it to the television; this may give for a more exciting and intense workout.

Another pro to having your quality treadmill in the living room is that family members and guests can easily join in on your fitness routine by using the machine with you. You might even have enough space to do some strength training exercises after you're done running.

Because most living rooms have views of the outside world, you may put your favorite music on and run while appreciating the view. If your entire family will be using it, a treadmill should be placed in the living room.

The treadmill is always visible in your living room. This will encourage you to use the treadmill on a regular basis and keep you focused on your objectives.


When you walk past the treadmill in the living room every day, it may irritate you. It takes up space, and this might make the area feel claustrophobic, especially if you have visitors.

If you have a large family, the living room might not be the best place for the treadmill because it will limit the space people have to move around.

3. The Bedroom

Treadmill in Spare Bedroom

My top choice to for where to place your treadmill. A perfect spot for when the day ends.

This is one of the least noisy rooms in the house, so you won't be disturbed by loud television noise or people talking as you work out! It's also one of the most inviting areas in your house, so getting chilly while jogging or walking will be impossible. You may even store it beneath your bed to save space.


If you want to work out on the treadmill in peace, this is probably the place for it. This will also give you some time alone as you can shut the door behind you to keep away family members. If you have a spare bedroom that makes it even better. Spare bedrooms provide the open space needed to exercise.

When you wake up, the treadmill will be the first thing you notice. This may encourage you to get out of bed and start your day with a run. You might also want to keep your favorite running shoes handy so there are no excuses when you wake up.

If you have a TV in your room, you may watch the morning news, do an online HIIT exercise, or listen to music to make the time more pleasurable.


Using the treadmill in the early morning or late at night may disrupt your partner's sleep schedule. If you don't have a TV in the room or a window with a view, you might find that running in it isn't particularly pleasant. The treadmill is also not something to look at first thing in the morning.

Will my treadmill fall through the floor?

This is a very important question if you live in an apartment

You shouldn't have to worry about your treadmill collapsing through the floor unless you live in the most flimsy of homes. But that doesn't necessarily imply that's all there is to it when it comes to keeping a treadmill upstairs. First, consider the noise and movement associated with having a treadmill above you.

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NordicTrack 1750 Treadmill - folded

The Importance of Treadmill Positioning 

You should be looking forward to running on your treadmill, so it's critical that you plan ahead of time where you'll put it. You'll need a large amount of space above your head and around you. This will prevent you from feeling claustrophobic so that it allows you enough room to run freely and naturally.

If you have a folding treadmill, you'll want to be able to store it somewhere where it won't get in the way of family members, toddlers, pets, or other activities.

To stay inspired and to make your exercises more enjoyable, set the treadmill up so you can see the TV from any angle. You may decorate the basement or garage with a vision board or motivational quotes and posters to keep you motivated.

Add your favorite songs to a playlist that you can listen to while jogging since music might help you get into the right mindset for working out. You may even make different treadmill workouts. Keep the windows or doors open, as this will allow both natural light and fresh air in. This will aid in maintaining your energy levels and alertness throughout your

FAQs About Where To Put A Treadmill

Where Should I Put My Treadmill At Home?

You'll get the most use out of your treadmill if you place it in an area that is convenient for you. Keep in mind factors such as space, noise levels, and others who live in your home to find the best location for your new equipment.

Can A Treadmill Be Placed In A Bedroom?

Even if your bedroom is on an upper level or has hardwood floors, you can still put a treadmill in there. mats to reduce noise and safeguard your flooring will save you money in the long run. Make sure to check the maximum weight and size of your treadmill to avoid accidents.

Where Should A Treadmill Be Placed In my Garage Gym?

To avoid accidents, a treadmill should be placed in an open gym area with ample space on all sides and at the back. Cord hazards can be reduced by tucking them away or covering them with mats.

Should A Treadmill Face A Wall?

While you might find it more motivating to have your treadmill face a wall, keep in mind that this can get boring after a while. To help yourself keep running even when you want to stop, consider adding some motivational posters or a vision board.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Treadmill In My Home?

Having a treadmill in your home can help you save money on gym memberships, as well as provide you with flexibility in terms of when and where you exercise. Additionally, having easy access to your treadmill can help you stay motivated and reach your fitness goals. Finally, a treadmill can provide an excellent way to mix up your workouts and make exercising more enjoyable.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Having A Treadmill In My Home?

One of the biggest drawbacks to having a treadmill in your home is the amount of noise it can produce. This can be especially troublesome if you live in an apartment or other shared living space. Additionally, a treadmill can take up a lot of space and may require a special outlet to use safely. Finally, make sure that the machine you purchase is appropriate for your needs and doesn’t exceed the weight capacity of your flooring.

XTERRA Fitness TR150 treadmill

Must-Have Treadmill Accessories

Similar to other exercise equipment, there are a few treadmill accessories that you might want to invest in to make your exercises more enjoyable and engaging.

A treadmill book holder is for slower runs or walks. This allows you to read while you're on the treadmill, which can make the time go by faster.

If you like to listen to music or watch TV while you work out, you might want to consider getting a treadmill with an attached TV or a computer monitor. This will help keep you entertained and motivated during your workout.

Some treadmills come with built-in fans to keep you cool, or even with built-in speakers so you can listen to your favorite music without having to bring along any extra equipment.

You'll also want to make sure you have a good pair of shoes to wear when you run on the treadmill. Wearing the wrong shoes can lead to blisters and other foot problems. Having fitness equipment is a great idea and having the right shoes will make it more enjoyable.

A treadmill maintenance and care kit might also be a smart idea to keep on hand. Regularly oil your treadmill according to the manufacturer's recommendations, if necessary.

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