4 Best Nipple Protectors for Runners That Actually Work

Nipple chafing is a situation induced by friction between the cloth and nipple during exercise like running. It is rampant among athletes that cover distance more than 65 kilometers per week.

Nipple chafing is also known as jogger's nipple, runner's nipple, red nipple, surfer's nipple, big Q's, gardener's nipple, red eleven and nipple fissures. In this article we break down the four best nipple protectors for runners that actually work and stay attached during running. 

What Causes Nipple Chafing?

Dr. Debra Sullivan shares that when an athlete runs in a cotton attire, the rough structure of the cotton rubs on the nipples and it leads to nipple chafing. Nipple chafing is not rampant among women that wear tight fitting sport bras.

Nipple chafing can also be caused by changes in weather condition, as such, it is more prevalent during winter, a period when nipples get harder.

The Best Overall Nipple Protector

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Symptoms Of Nipple Chafing

These symptoms can occur in at least one of the nipples. Though symptoms of nipple chafing vary in level of severity, they also vary in duration level. Common symptoms of nipple chafing include open cracks, discomfort, itching, oozing, soreness, pains, scabbing, redness and dry appearance of nipples. It should be noted that whether an athlete wears toe spacers or not he or she can experience nipple chafing. 

Complications Associated With Nipple Chafing

If nipple chafing is not treated over a long period of time, a lot of complications, especially for women, can set in, . Lactational mastitis, a serious complication will occur and this can affect athletes career progress.

How Runners Treat Nipple Chafing

Runners treat chafing of nipples by applying antiseptic cream (we recommend Neosporin) on their nipples. Antiseptic cream prevents nipple infection while chafes heal. For women runners, nipples can protected by spreading Aquaphor over their bra seams. Another funny way through which women can protect their nipples is by wearing their bras inside out.

Another way by which athletes treat nipple chafing is through the application of balm like lanolin on their nipples. Lanolin is a powerful moisturizer that soothes the skin. It contains no additives, fragrances or chemicals which makes it very safe to use. 

Furthermore, athletes treat nipple chafing by covering their nipples with mild gauze pad. Through this approach, irritations are avoided and chafes heal faster.

Athletes also treat nipple chafing by avoiding putting on rough sport wear. In fact women athletes avoid wearing bras that have seams.

Bеѕt Nipple Protectors for Runners

Living J- Nipple Protector Review

The Living JIN are nip guards that look like nipples. You can prevent chafing and have a good laugh while you're at it. These nipple protecting bandages really work, but they're also pretty funny.

The breathable nipple bandages protect your skin from the friction that causes chafing in a distance run or a high intensity workout. One of the best anti-chafing accessories you'll find for serious or recreational runners. 

The only drawback is that they are not reusable like others. 

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Nip Guards Review 

Nip guards guard nipples against chafing that happens when they are rubbed on shirts. The guards are like circular Band-Aids and are sticky, as such, nipple guards stick to your nipples even when you are sweating while running during summer. 

Nip guards stick to the nipples and remain till your remove them. Nip guards are the most effective nipple protector and at the same time, they are the most expensive nipple protector for athletes.

NipGuards Double-Pack (20 Pairs) - Guaranteed Nipple Protection Since 1998 for Endurance Athletes. Complete Protection in All Race Distances - Even Ultra Marathon 100 Milers! Water Proof. Sweat Proof.
  • Used primarily by male athletes (woman typically wear bra's and do not experience the problem).
  • Will not fall off until you decide to remove them.
  • Works in all weather conditions. Heat, humidity, rain, wind, cold and snow.

 Pro-Tec Nipple Protector Review 

A widely used nip guard is Pro-Tec Athletics Liquicell Nipple Protector. This nip guard possesses sealed liquid bandage which provides highly effective skin protection and the liquid inside the Liquicell Bandage circulates and moves in all direction to protect nipples from being chafed. A pack of Pro-Tec Athletic has eight nipple protectors. 

Pro-Tec Athletics Liquicell Nipple Protectors (8 Pack)
  • Sealed liquid bandage providing highly effective skin protection
  • The liquid in a LiquiCell Bandage circulates and moves in all directions so your skin doesn't
  • Easy to use and completely safe peel and stick application

NipEaze Nip Guard Review 

An athlete that wants to cut cost should try to use NipEaze nip guard. NipEaze offers protection for athletes who encounter nipple chafing. NipEaze is durable, sweat resistant and possesses anti-chafe adhesive nipple covers. 

These are my top choice! 

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NipEaze - The Original Sports Nipple Cover - Nipple Chafing Prevention (1pack, Regular)
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So there you have it, the four best nipple protectors for runners that actually work. If your nipples are severely cracked or have a burning sensation, I recommend contacting your doctor. 

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