5 Best Books About Running (For Beginners)

Written By: Jeremy N

There are tons books about running. From how to train for a 5k, to biographies of famous marathoners. When you consult with runners, they all tend to recommend these books for a beginner 5k runner or anyone who is training for a 5k.

You will be glad you took the time to dive into these books. These are all a great read and why we think they are the best books about running.

Best Books About Running

1. Running 5K and 10K: A Training Guide

Running 5K and 10K: A Training Guide

Many books can claim to be among the top books about running, but only a few can rival David Chalfen’s book. Chalfen has been a renowned and worldly acclaimed running coach for well over 12 years.

His book, “Running 5K and 10K: A Training Guide” is indeed a must-read for anyone who intends on learning from the best. It is written in a simple, straight-forward manner and will definitely make a lasting impact on your distance running practice.

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2. Galloway's 5K and 10K Running

Galloway's 5K and 10K Running

There are many top-selling books about running in the industry today. But we all know that the best books about running are those written by actual runners. 

Jeff Galloway is a fulfilled Olympian runner who has decades of running experience under his belt. Over the years he has gathered the best practices that he himself observed to championship into one of the best books about running ever written. 

For any beginners out there eagerly enthusiastic to become a champion runner in the long-distance niche, this is indeed the holy grail.

The book further highlights some points that will prove to be precious for the veteran long-distance runners out there. 

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3. C25K: The Couch to 5k Beginner Running Program

C25K: The Couch to 5k Beginner Running Program

Many of us are aspiring runners. But we seem to never get around to doing it seriously or we start and get sidetracked by other activities. Well, according to Mr. Mathew C. Lee, the author of ‘C25K:

The Couch to 5k Beginner Running Program,’ becoming a runner is a fairly easy task. His book has been revered as one of the best books about running out there. It has helped thousands turn from couch dwelling lazy-bones to physically fit runners in less than three months.

The thing that puts it solidly among the top-selling books about running is its simple to follow guide on achieving success in 5K running for beginners.

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4. Running Like a Girl: Notes on Learning to Run

Running Like a Girl: Notes on Learning to Run

Many times, you carve to do something but you cannot do it because of either hesitation or it’s kind of impossible to you. You think that you are not made to do this or it is certainly not your cup of tea. 

Have you checked your limitations yet? 

Did you once try to stretch your work beyond your limitation? If yes, you know what Alexandra Heminsley depicts in the book. The book is a hit instantaneously and is one of the top-selling books in the health segment.

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5. Running a 5K: How to Start Running and Complete a 5K

Running a 5k : How to Start Running and Complete a 5k Race in 8 Weeks

Is running havoc for you?

You see others doing it and want to do it yourself but don’t know how to start your running program? Are you hesitant because of the lack of information you have about running? If your answer is yes, then this book is definitely for you.

It is one of the best books about running that lets you prepare to run at least 5K daily.

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