7 Benefits of Running on a Treadmill & How It Helps You


Running on a treadmill is one of the modern methods used today by individuals who wish to shed some extra pounds, get in shape or walk.

Considered mainly a moderate cardio exercise, the treadmill has been designed for exclusive indoor workouts, along with other gym equipment.

While there is a myriad of working out options, treadmill presents a minimal impact plan that should be convenient to most people.

7 Benefits of Running on a Treadmill

As opposed to outdoor running, this machine is far safer and easy to use for an effective exercise. Let's dig into these benefits. 

We break down the 6 best benefits of running on a treadmill

The Benefits of Running on a Treadmill

Ever think about why there is a treadmill in every gym you visit? Not because it is valued cheaply, but because it is highly beneficial to users, and that explains why it has become a popular choice over the period it has been around.

Here we’ll highlight the advantages of this machine, not in any particular order.

#1 Ease of Use

You will come across several machines at your favorite gym, but one thing is for sure; not many come close to the treadmill in terms of how easy it is to use.

From a newbie’s perspective it’ll appear a sophisticated asset, but the moment you get on it you realize that you can easily find your way.

#2 Monitor your Progress

The essence of working out is to keep fit and healthy, which also includes losing weight.

Running on a treadmill is an ideal way of tracking your progress because they come with digital monitors that enable the user to see stats such as; distance covered, calories burnt, heart rate, and time taken exercising. 

This ability to monitor progress enables you to work towards your goal at all times. So how reliable and accurate are they in tracking that info? 

Great question - ABC News did a study in 2013 to show how accurate treadmills really can be.

#3 Varied Workout Plans

If you’re lucky to workout using a modern treadmill with a digital monitor, then you’ll have the privilege of enjoying preset workout plans.

This means that the machine will engage you in more compelling and more constructive exercise through speed and incline adjustments.

#4 Healthy Heart

Shape.com says that the treadmill provides a good cardiovascular exercise that should boost your heart rate and allow for smooth pumping of blood to all body organs.

Heart-related diseases have been known to claim several lives, but that can be countered through stepping on a treadmill for at least half and hour a day.

#5 Improved Toning of Muscles

Taking on the treadmill as required has far reaching positive effects on your quadriceps, buttocks, calves, and arms.

Since it has the regulated incline feature, your leg muscles also stand to gain a big deal so generally this is one particular exercise that should get your muscles stronger and flexed.

#6 Flexible Joints

The treadmill is referred as a moderate training exercise because it does not get you walking on rough and irregular pavements or fields, but rather on a regular ground.

As a result, your joints become flexible and pain-free because the impact on the knees and ankle joints is reduced significantly.

#7 Bad weather? No Problem

You won’t find a treadmill machine on every homestead you walk to, but at least city gyms have been equipped.

As an indoor workout machine, the treadmill is convenient even during times of unpredictable weather where its cold and wet outside. 

It is the perfect choice for consistent training because it allows for uninterrupted workouts to ensure that set goals are met. 

Did you know that over $106-million dollars were spent to buy treadmills in 2019, I can only imagine it being significantly more in 2020.

Troy Jacobsen also breaks down a few additional benefits that we didn't include in his video below.

How to run on a treadmill for the best results

Depending on your goals, there are multiple ways through which you can diversify your exercises for the wanted results.

Some people are particular about burning calories and losing weight, others want stronger muscles, while others intent to work on their speed.

All these goals add up to fitness, but with the treadmill, you can achieve each independently.

For Weight Loss

Include speed intervals

The intensity of your workout determines how much calories you burn.

To make the most out of your running, work on how you vary your speed by running at moderate speed for a few minutes, then adjusting suddenly to high intensity intervals. 

By so doing, you’ll be creating stronger muscles, while at the same time building endurance and increasing your speed.

Increase your speed gradually

The faster you run, the more calories you burn.

However, program your workout to start at a lower speed gradually growing to your optimum of around 8 mph. In essence, your next step should always be more advanced than the previous.

• Run for longer periods

You burn 270 calories when your run for 30 minutes at a speed of 10 mph. That means you’ll be able to shed more pounds by running longer, albeit at a consistent speed.

For Stronger Muscles

• Adjust the inclines

The treadmill has a number of incline levels that you can use to your advantage. Raising the incline adds more power to the lower body as it means you are running on a hill.

The main target for making this adjustment is stronger thighs, butt, and calves.

• Run without holding the handles

Pump your arms by letting go of the handles while running. This will ensure that your biceps, triceps, and shoulders are well toned. (We share a few more treadmill running tips here)

• Walk in the middle of runs

Do walking lunges for the benefit of your legs by slowing down the speed and taking wide strides.

For Speed

• Work with tempo runs

Running on a treadmill forces you to keep up with the pace you set for running. If you desire to become a faster runner, you should practice running at a faster (tempo runs), steady pace in intervals.

However, you must always ensure that the pace you set on the treadmill is comfortable for you.

Additional Helpful tips for Running on a Treadmill

When using the treadmill for the first time, ensure that you have gone through the user guide carefully. Feel free to ask the gym instructor where you do not understand.

Let them help you with the necessary machine adjustments, at least until you’re comfortable doing it on your own.

Always ensure that your workouts begin from slow, gradually rising to your optimum levels for the best results.

This way, you’ll be preparing the body muscles for a more intense activity without causing harm.

All forms of exercising, regardless of how mild they are, require careful planning. It is of paramount importance to discuss with your doctor before starting a workout plan.

Not to say it is illegal, but people have been diagnosed with acute complications that can be triggered by activity of the body.

Combine a good workout with a good meal

What we eat determines what the body takes in. For purposes of calorie burning, avoid those foods that are rich in calories as they will make things tougher on your part.

The reason you set out to hit the gym is to attain and maintain health and fitness, therefore, be very keen on your diet.

A professional nutritionist can be very helpful determining your diet over the period you’re working out.

Never ever skip meals

The habit of skipping meals in the name of wanting to lose weight should not be entertained whatsoever.

Your body requires high levels of energy during workout, and missing meals sets the stage for low calorie burning, and worse still; storage of extra fat in the body.

Always go one better

Sensible exercising is whereby you move a step higher than your previous mark.

The treadmill is just the perfect trainer because it has been customized to allow you watch your progress through an inbuilt monitor. 

The ability to monitor your heart rate makes it possible to see how healthy or unhealthy you are, and what you need to do regarding the same.

The treadmill or road running?

It won’t be easy discussing which is better between running on a treadmill and road running, but there is no denying the fact that both provide a fantastic platform for weight loss and general fitness.

Each option, besides helping in natural weight loss, has unique advantages that can be said to be circumstantial.

For example, the treadmill is all about convenience due to the fact that workouts are never interrupted by bad weather.

The ability to monitor daily progress from the stat-save option is another factor that would make treadmills rank higher.

Road running on the other hand is free and can take place anywhere, anytime.

It is also more intense and therefore unbeatable in terms of calories burnt over a given period of active training.

Essentially, the treadmill has captured real life situations through innovative mechanism. Inclines are supposed to create hills and flat terrains for purposes of varying the running terrain, and increasing or lowering intensity.

Given how busy people have become, running on a treadmill can save the day because it can be done anytime without fear of getting attacked while running on the fields.

Anyone can do it provided they understand their schedules perfectly. Most importantly, people recovering from injuries can train with the treadmill comfortably.


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