Proform Pro 9000 Treadmill Review [The Insiders Look]

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The ProForm 9000 treadmill is an absolutely luxurious piece of workout equipment that pushes the boundaries of the fitness industry.

In nearly every way, the ProForm 9000 treadmill has a bigger range of capabilities, from training options to belt and motor size to warranty, this treadmill outperforms the competition.

Below is a quick overview of the Proform 9000:

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Training Features:

For a machine in this price range, you would expect power-controlled speed and incline options, but the range of incline, decline, and speed options on the ProForm 9000 treadmill are out of this world.

There are very few machines that feature decline options or incline options above 10%, but the ProForm 9000 includes the huge range of -3%-15% single touch decline and incline options. These are fantastic tools for simulating off-road or trail running conditions.

​Bringing this sort of incline and decline variety to your workout will engage different muscles of your body, giving your run a total body benefit.

ProForm PRO-9000 Treadmill

Another way the ProForm 9000 treadmill pushes the limits is by offering one-touch, power-controlled speeds of up to 12 MPH.

Many of the machines I’ve reviewed max out at 10 MPH, so for those people who are training with speed intervals or sprints to improve their overall fitness level or pace, you can customize your training to suit any variety of running goals.

iFit is the newest development in the at-home fitness industry that is giving folks the option to engage with personal trainers, an online community, and programmed video workouts to keep the motivation, variety, and engagement of your workouts at peak levels.

The programmed workouts are streamed directly to your ProForm 9000 treadmill so you always have access to workouts that will help you meet your fitness goals.

ProForm PRO-9000 Treadmill

With the optional iFit membership, you can even access personalized nutrition and fitness plans and interact with personal trainers to more fully develop a lifestyle and fitness routine that will help you reach maximum performance.

The iFit features on this machine will require an initial setup, and although your first year of the iFit subscription is free, it may require a credit card to be activated. If you choose to continue your iFit membership after the first year, there is an additional monthly cost.

You will need a wireless network connection to use this feature on your machine. One unexpected benefit of the iFit membership is the ability to cross train.

When you log in on your mobile device or tablet, you’ll have access to thousands of pre-recorded fitness programs to round out your fitness program and keep your whole body in shape.​

ProForm PRO-9000 Treadmill

You can even customize your fitness goals into the iFit app to receive workout schedules, customized meal plans, and improved stat tracking.

Although it may be obvious, it is worth noting that when you use the programmed workouts or the iFit training options, the ramp features are automated so the incline, decline, and speed of your workout change to meet speed, distance, calorie or intensity goals you have set.

Comfort Features:

Proshox cushioning helps reduce shock and absorb impact, thereby reducing risk of injury and increasing comfort. Whether you are walking, jogging, or running, the ProShox Cushioning on the Proform 9000 helps to reduce stress to your lower extremities, including feet, ankles, knees, and hips.

ProForm PRO-9000 Treadmill
60 Reviews
ProForm PRO-9000 Treadmill
  • 4.25 chp Mach Z commercial plus motor, 0 to 12 MPH quick speed control
  • Dimensions - Footprint: 39.15” W x 77.16” D x 70” H | Tread Belt: 22” x 60”
  • 15 percent incline, -3 percent decline
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lb
  • 2.5” Precision-Balanced Rollers, integrated cross fit tray

​​Display Features:

This ProForm 9000 Treadmill has a built-in 10” Smart HD Touchscreen Display that will show your speed, time, distance, calories burned, heart rate and incline/decline stats.

Using iFit Coach Membership, your training will be elevated as you engage with certified personal trainers, programmed workout routines, and daily challenges.

Some of the programmed workouts include runs through historic locations, beautiful destinations, and exotic places. When you use this feature, the screen will display your surroundings vividly so you can explore the world from the comfort of your home.

With the built-in screen and the awesome features, the Proform 9000 ranks as one of the best treadmills with a built-in tv

ProForm PRO-9000 Treadmill

Belt Features:

At 22” wide and 60” long, the tread belt and running surface of the ProForm 9000 Treadmill feels luxurious, with plenty of space for most people to run with a natural side.

You won’t have to worry about kicking the front of your machine when you have 60” to stretch out. When you do your sprint or interval training, you won’t have any problem tripping over a small space.

ProForm PRO-9000 Treadmill

Motor Features:

The ProForm Pro 9000 treadmill has an impressive 4.25 CHP motor, one of the largest you can find for a treadmill. This large motor ensures that your machine can keep up with your long runs, interval training, and any heavy use. This horsepower is an upgrade from the Proform 2000 which provides more opportunity for interval training. 

A larger motor size can mean reduced noise and a smoother run. This motor has a lifetime warranty, so you know you’re getting a treadmill that will last a long time.

ProForm PRO-9000 Treadmill

Space-Saving  Features:

In order to save space and increase portability, the ProForm 9000 Treadmill has a folding deck that can be stored in a vertical position to take up less floor space. It also has built-in transportation wheels to increase portability.

This machine is heavy, though, so it will be best if you can find a place in your home to leave your treadmill most of the time. The hydraulic assisted lifting mechanism makes it easy to fold, but the weight of the machine can make it difficult to maneuver.

ProForm PRO-9000 Treadmill

Extra Features:

Standard treadmill features are not overlooked on this model. You also have two cup holders, an auxiliary port, two 3” speakers, a tablet holder, dual coolaire workout fans, and handlebar heart rate monitor.

If you would rather connect your phone to the treadmill the NordicTrack C 1750 might be your best choice. 

This machine also comes with a wireless chest heart rate monitor, which will more accurately and consistently measure your heart rate than the EKG pulse grips on the handlebars.

ProForm PRO-9000 Treadmill


The ProForm 9000 treadmill has a lifetime frame and motor warranty that is backed by a 5-year parts warranty and 2-year labor warranty.

Most treadmills max out at a 1-year parts and labor warranty, so this is pretty impressive.

Conclusion: ProForm Pro 9000 Treadmill Review

As you can tell, the ProForm Pro 9000 treadmill has some pretty notable features that outperform their competition.

Bigger ranges of incline, decline, and speed options, larger display size, iFit capabilities, and thoughtfully placed extra features make this machine a top contender in our most highly rated treadmills.

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