What are the Benefits of Chia Seeds for Runners?

Chia Seeds are loaded with valueable nutirents. But what are the Benefits of Chia Seeds for Runners? We break down how these tiny seeds can make a big impact on your training and health.

Shares1Athletes in general are required to keep a strict balanced diet. Ensuring that their bodies get the right amount of all manner of nutrients so that they can function at their maximum capabilities. Good meal supplements help to give the daily diet that extra kick that it requires to get … Read more

7 Helpful Tips for Staying Motivated for Your First 5K

Staying motivated for an upcoming race can be a tough task especially if it is your first race. From training plans to knowing what to eat, what to wear wear; there is a lot that goes into it! Here are our favorite seven helpful tips for staying motivated for your first 5K.

643Shares643Anytime you begin a new habit or set a goal, there is one simple key to success: motivation.Anyone who has ever reached a goal did so because they were motivated to begin, and they stayed motivated until they achieved it. It’s a natural law of life – one of the … Read more

How to buy a Used Treadmill For Sale (safely) on Craigslist

How to Buy a used Treadmill for sale on Craigslist

100Shares100Treadmills are notorious for ending up unused, forgotten about, in the basement and in the way. Hundreds of people purchase these machines every year with the intent to use it regularly to loose weight or stay in shape – but, we all know how quickly that motivation can die off. … Read more

Does a Color Run Stain Your Clothes?

Does a Color Run Stain Your Clothes?

What is a color run?A color run is an event in which runners, joggers, and walkers complete a shorter run, usually a five kilometer distance, and get doused in color powder at different check points along the run and at the big color throw after the finish.They can wear brightly … Read more