20 Post Run Foods That You Should Eat

The easiest way to avoid the dreaded post run hangry (hungry/angry) is by consuming GOOD nutrient rich food. Here are my favorite post run foods that you should eat

1Shares1When it comes to post-run fuel, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the enormous amount of material out there that tells you what you should eat, what you shouldn’t eat, how much you should eat and when you should eat it. The ever-growing marketing platform for post-workout bars, drinks and … Read more

11 Tips on How to Run A Faster 5K

2.1kShares2.1kThe key to running faster is really about running smarter. Anyone can learn to run faster, but knowing how to get there safely is the real trick. When we shock the body to build more running speed, we increase the likeness of injuries, so it’s imperative that we are smart … Read more

10 Effective Hydrating Strategies for Runners

10 Effective Hydrating Strategies for 5K Runners

92Shares5042Staying hydrated isn’t always easy, yet it’s necessary to not only achieving optimal athletic performance but greater overall health. While it seems that the way to stay hydrated is super simple (just drink a lot of water!) many runners struggle to achieve optimal hydration, especially during periods of intense training. … Read more

18 Tips for Running to Lose Weight


5Shares5Many people start running to lose weight, and it’s a smart strategy – it burns more calories per hour than just about any other type of cardio. For every mile you log, you burn about 100 calories, which means it probably takes you around 10 minutes to run off 100 … Read more

5K Pace Chart


 A Very Simple to follow 5K Pace Chart Mile 6:50 7:00 7:10 7:20 7:30 7:40 7:50 8:00 1 6:50 7:00 7:10 7:20 7:30 7:40 7:50 8:00 2 13:40 14:00 14:20 14:40 15:00 15:20 15:40 16:00 3 20:30 21:00 21:30 22:00 22:30 23:00 23:30 24:00 3.1 (5K) 21:10 21:42 22:12 22:45 … Read more