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Brooks Addiction vs Beast – Detailing the Differences

Brooks Addiction vs Beast – Detailing the DifferencesBrooks running shoes have been committed to making your run the best experience possible. Brooks developers are runners themselves and the quality of their product shows how much they love running and what it does for your physical and mental health. The company doesn’t only care about you and […]

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Asics Gel Nimbus 18 vs Cumulus 18

Asics Gel ​Nimbus 18 vs Cumulus 18Believe it or not, but the Nimbus 18 and the Cumulus 18 are not clouds or Harry Potter racing brooms. Instead, they are both styles of popular running shoes that will supposedly help your performance and protect your feet. But what do you need to know about shoes?What to […]

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Brooks Ghost 9 vs Glycerin 14 – What’s the Difference?

Brooks Ghost 9 vs Glycerin 14Brooks believes “running makes good things happen” as stated in their list of company’s beliefs. Brooks understands running is an addictive sport, and it boosts confidence and positive thinking. They strive to make the best running shoes and gear using the latest technology, innovation, and customer feedback. The company is […]

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Saucony Ride vs. Guide – Detailing the Differences

Saucony Ride vs. Guide – What’s the Difference?Shoes are an essential part of running for athletes who avoid going barefoot. There are many practical reasons to have running shoes, since they protect feet from the hazards of the outside world. But these special shoes also have other benefits, such as adding extra support and taking […]

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Asics Gel Nimbus 17 vs Kayano 21

Asics Gel Nimbus 17 vs Kayano 21Ouch! You were out running and noticed pain in your legs and feet. After careful consideration, you have noticed that you hurt whenever you wear your current shoes. They are old and lack the support you need – it’s time for a change.Running is a science with understandable laws […]

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The 5 Best Memory Foam Running Shoes for 2019

The 5 Best Memory Foam Running Shoes for 2019What are memory foam running shoes?… You guessed it, memory foam running shoes are running shoes with memory foam insoles. The memory foam is usually made from polyurethane and other chemicals to make up its density. The foam is temperature sensitive, which enables the feet to mold […]

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