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How Long Does It Take to Break in Running Shoes

How Long Does It Take to Break in Running Shoes? 3 TipsMost footwear needs to be broken in, and running shoes are no exception. There are a couple of different reasons why shoes don’t just fit comfortably straight away, but it mostly comes down to the fact that everyone’s feet are shaped differently and pressure […]

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Brooks vs Nike – [In-Depth Comparison]

Brooks vs Nike – [In-Depth Comparison]Running requires very little in the way of equipment when compared to other popular sports. Essentially, you just need shoes and a space to run.Obviously, there is a market for running-specific gear, like shoes, apparel, supplements, and accessories. For most runners, shoes will be their biggest investment. If you go into […]

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Saucony Guide vs. Hurricane (with Reviews)

Saucony Guide vs. HurricaneThe Differences ExplainedFounded in 1898, Saucony manufactures running shoes for men, women and kids. It has a team loyal to athletics and running for fitness, with the aim of developing goodness in shoes that millions use worldwide.The company empowers the spirit of runners with energized and comfortable runs, and strides in each […]

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