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How to Overcome Groin Pain from Running

How to Overcome Groin Pain from RunningGroin pain from running can make even the seasoned runner stop in their tracks. Below we share the causes, what to do if happens to you, and ways to avoid it. What Causes Groin Pain?Groin pain could be caused by a number of factors. The most common factor among athletes is […]

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Rocktape VS KT Tape – What’s the Difference?

Rocktape vs KT Tape – What’s the Difference?If you haven’t tried kinesiology tape, the chances are you’ve seen athletes wearing them. They can be extremely beneficial, which is the reason why you can find numerous different brands out there. Today, we are focusing on comparing Rocktape vs KT Tape. Keep reading to check out their difference, and […]

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Our In-Depth Icy Hot Review

Our Detailed Icy Hot ReviewThere are many different medicines, creams, balms, and gels that are used and advertised for pain relief.Icy Hot is one of the most popular brands of pain relief balm for athletes and anyone who suffers from joint or muscle pain.  Icy Hot Review:Icy Hot is a pain relieving balm that can […]

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Our Detailed Blue-Emu Review

Our Detailed Blue-Emu ReviewSore muscles, joint pains, and bruises are all too familiar if you are a runner, a rather uncomfortable interruption when you are training for a race.How do you soothe the pain? Do you pop a pill or grab a pain relief cream?The Blue-Emu Company has a range of topical products for relieving […]

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Penetrex vs Blue Emu – Detailing The Differences

Penetrex vs Blue Emu – What’s the Difference?Over the course of your running habit, you will likely run into some pain, injury or inflammation. For many running injuries, arthritis cream can provide effective relief.When deciding which arthritis, pain-relieving, or anti-inflammatory cream works best, many people will consider Penetrex or Blue Emu. Although both products have some […]

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