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Balega Hidden Comfort vs. Hidden Contour – The Differences

Balega Hidden Comfort vs. Hidden Contour – The DifferencesBalega is a leading manufacturer of performance socks in the running market. They are widely regarded as the top blister preventing socks on the market for runners. The company designs and manufactures technical performance socks for different runners with unique needs.The company runs production facilities in both North […]

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Balega Blister Resist Sock Review

Balega Blister Resist Sock ReviewBalega is a leading manufacturer of high quality technical performance socks. The company is an initiative of America (North Carolina) and South Africa with production facilities in the two countries. It uses high quality yarns produced in the USA to design and manufacture performance socks.The company is committed to quality, technical […]

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Balega Zulu Socks Review

Balega is a leading brand for running socks. The brand is trustworthy and a favorite of many runners in the local and international running scene. The company manufactures all kinds of performance socks in different designs, cuts, styles, and features to meet the needs of every runner out there.It has been in the industry for […]

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Tread Labs vs Superfeet – How Do They Compare?

Tread Labs vs Superfeet – The Better Insole DebateFootwear today is made to support all sorts of daily activity – work, house work, playing with your kids or pets and of course includes fitness activities like running and hiking. However, sometimes you might need just a bit of extra support and stability and insoles are […]

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Spenco vs Superfeet : What’s the Difference?

Spenco vs Superfeet – What’s The Difference?​Runners get sore feet, period. To combat this pain, it’s possible to use additions to shoes to ease discomfort. Some companies even claim they can make runners feel like they are running on clouds. How do people do this? Usually, they purchase insoles for their shoes. But not all insoles […]

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