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The 8 Best Stretches to do Before Running

The Best Stretches to Do Before Running – the 8 Most Simple & EffectiveSharesWarming up is one of the most important steps for maintaining an injury-free training program – but many of wonder exactly what the perfect warm-up looks like. Runners and experts have been arguing for years on that one, but the general consensus […]

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Yoga vs Pilates – Which is Better for Runners?

Yoga vs Pilates – Which is Better for Runners?SharesIt’s recommended that every runner supplement their running routine with some form of additional practice that increases strength and flexibility. This not only increases your speed and endurance as a runner, but is great for preventing injuries. Yoga and pilates have been a long time favorite for […]

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Does Running Increase Height?

Does Running Increase Height?SharesEver since I started running, I have heard from and spoke with fellow runners who are all curious about one common question; does running increase height? A lot of people believe that you cannot grow taller once you are over 22 years or so. The truth is that you can actually grow […]

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Why Do Runners Wear Arm Sleeves?

WHY DO RUNNERS WEAR ARM SLEEVES ?SharesFrom baseball to basketball and football to even golf, we see compression arm sleeves almost everywhere. We have seen well-known athletes like Derek Jeter, LeBron James and other popular sports person using these arm sleeves on the court and field. All this heightens our curiosity, and we are compelled […]

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