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The Benefits Of Insoles For Runners

The Benefits Of Insoles​For those that might not know, insoles are pieces of material inserted into your shoe for extra comfort. They play a vital role in making a shoe comfortable if they happen to be too big or too tight. The idea is that any empty space between your foot and the shoe can be filled up comfortably […]

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Icy Hot vs Biofreeze

Icy Hot vs BiofreezeThroughout your training, cross training, competing, and racing, there will be numerous days where your muscles, tendons, or joints are aching. Before anything, it is important to really listen to your body.If there is something that is too painful to continue training or running on at all then you might want to […]

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Blue Emu vs Biofreeze – Differences Explained

Blue Emu vs. Biofreeze – [Complete Comparison]Achy, sore feet or joints can put a damper on any runners training. One simple way to relieve the pain without taking medicine is to use topical cream. A topical product that provides instant pain relief can be your best friend in these situations.Today we will break down the differences […]

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My Protalus Insoles Review

Protalus Insoles ReviewOver the course of your running career, you have probably fallen susceptible to a foot problem or lower body injury at some point.Whether it be high arches, flat feet, or the dreaded plantar fasciitis, the pain can make your one mile run feel like an ultramarathon with each step.There are so many products […]

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Why Do Runners Breathe Heavily After a Race?

Why Do Runners Breathe Heavily After a Race?It’s one of the most natural things in the world and something every athlete knows: Runners will always breathe heavily after running a race. Indeed, their breathing will always be heavy after working out, especially if the runners are going fast and truly pushing themselves. But why?How the Respiratory […]

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The 5 Benefits of Swimming for Runners

The 5 Benefits of Swimming for Runners​Many runners know that their chose hobby is great for working out leg muscles but can often leave other parts of the body neglected. Recently, professionals started to encourage dedicated runners to incorporate other forms of exercise into their routines, including swimming.Not just for the fish, swimming can provide […]

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