Icy Hot vs Biofreeze

Icy Hot vs Biofreeze: Which should you choose? This article will help you to learn which pain-relieving cream is best for you and your training and racing.

Throughout your training, cross training, competing, and racing, there will be numerous days where your muscles, tendons, or joints are aching. Before anything, it is important to really listen to your body.If there is something that is too painful to continue training or running on at all then you might … Read more

The 5 Best Insoles for Heel Pain

Insoles designed for plantar fasciitis also offer a cushioned cup for pressure release from your heels. Here are the 5 best insoles for heel pain

When walking, what hits the ground first is your heel. This part of your foot takes the impact of full force and the shock that results from bearing your weight while walking, sometimes leading to sore heel pain.Heel pain often emerge overnight, and worsen or reappear when engaging in prolonged … Read more

My Protalus Insoles Review

Our In-Depth Protalus Insoles Review

Over the course of your running career, you have probably fallen susceptible to a foot problem or lower body injury at some point.Whether it be high arches, flat feet, or the dreaded plantar fasciitis, the pain can make your one mile run feel like an ultramarathon with each step.There are … Read more