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The 5 Best Ellipticals Under $500 [2020 Edition]

The 5 Best Ellipticals Under (or about) $500 With Review [2020 Edition]​Many runners are supplementing their training with elliptical machine workouts.There are some obvious reasons, such as the convenience of a home workout during inclement weather or busy days. Other reasons to train with an elliptical are less obvious. Aside from convenience, there are proven results […]

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Proform 520e vs. 720e -Detailing the Differences

Proform 520e vs. 720e – Detailing the DifferencesRunners tend to be a dedicated bunch, especially since expertise is lost when running isn’t a daily or semi-daily occurrence.But what if the weather is bad, it’s dark outside, or there simply are no places to run? Then, it’s time to invest in an elliptical.It can be hard to […]

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Proform 250i Elliptical Comprehensive Review

Proform 250i Elliptical Review -Tried & TestedMany runners enjoy using ellipticals because they allow individuals to exercise without going outside or experiencing the pain that can come from the feet impacting with the ground.Because of this, the market is flooded with numerous elliptical models and manufacturers. With this in mind, how does the Proform 250i […]

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The 5 Best Elliptical Machines Under $300 [2020 Edition]

The 5 Best Elliptical Machines Under $300 [2020 Edition]It is a myth that the best elliptical machines are expensive. In fact, there are high-quality machines for under $300.There are reasons to purchase an elliptical machine over a treadmill. Treadmills are, in most cases, more expensive to make because of the different motors, weight, and size […]

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