The 5 Best Recovery Sandals – Reviewed

Recovery sandals can get you back on track soon after an intensive run.Trail running, track workouts and long, slow distance runs have impact on your feet, hence the need for rest. Here are the five best.

Whether you’re a runner or jog every morning to keep fit, recovery sandals and flip flops can help you minimize foot sores. They can also speed up your post-running foot recovery. It also doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional athlete with the need to keep in shape, an enthusiast runner or … Read more

Vivesole Review: What Makes It Great?

Vivesole Review: They support a comfortable, stylish, dynamic and uplifting lifestyle to keep you excited. The ViveSole Orthotic Heel Soles are biomechanically designed for enhanced foot support.

Vive Health is a leading manufacturer of support, health devices, mobility, daily aids, bathroom safety, personal care, home care, physical therapy, foot care and injury related products. The company is committed to helping its consumers to live better lives.It provides what you need to feel confident and take charge of … Read more