Brooks Ghost vs. Glycerin – What are the Main Differences?

Brooks shoes have a strong reputation in the running community. The general consensus is that you can’t go wrong with any Brooks running shoe.

When comparing the Brooks Ghost vs. Brooks Glycerin, it is important to understand the qualities these shoes share.

For example, both shoes are designed with neutral footbeds, providing no pronation support.

They are well-known for their level of cushioning and feature 3D Fit Print Overlays to provide structure to the shoe uppers. 

Looking deeper into these qualities and the pros and cons of the Brooks Ghost vs. Brooks Glycerin will help you decide which of these shoes you may be interested in.

For those of you who would like a quick overview of the differences, here you go!

Who Glycerin & Brooks are NOT For:

Both are more neutral running shoes meaning that Brooks Glycerin and Brooks Ghost shoes mean that neither of these shoes are appropriate for those who have pronated strides. 

If you find that your shoes are wearing unevenly on the outside or inside edges of the soles, you may want to visit a running store to see if you need some support for pronation.

If this uneven wearing-out pattern isn’t a problem for your shoes as you wear them, then Brooks Glycerin or the Brooks Ghost would be great picks for you. 


Brooks Women's Ghost 11 Black/Pink/Aqua 9 B US

Cushioning level is often held on a pedestal when it comes to conversations about good running footwear.

If you are training and racing on hard surfaces, such as concrete or asphalt, cushioning is of notable importance.

Brooks specializes in making shoes that are especially cushioned.

Brooks Ghost and Brooks Glycerin shoes have outstanding levels of cushioning.

Conversely, if you are someone who has ankle or joint instability, foot pronation, or numbness when running, cushioned shoes may not be the best option for you.

This is consistent with previous pairs which we have compared, Ghost 9 and Ghost 10 and the Glycerin 14 & 15

Price Comparison:

New runners are often shocked at the price of running shoes and are tempted to buy shoes strictly based on price.

This can be a mistake.

As with anything, the cost of the shoe is relative to the technology and quality of the shoe.

Price alone cannot be the only determining factor in your Brooks Ghost vs. Glycerin decision because each shoe has different qualities for runners of different running styles, running environments, and body structures. 

The Brooks Ghost carries a lower price point than the Brooks Glycerin, but in both instances, you are getting a high-quality shoe.

In the chart above I simply picked with the highest ratings. Be sure to check around on to find a cheaper version of each. 

Price wise the Glycerin tends to be the higher of the most popular Brooks shoes including over that of the Ghost AND Andrenaline


Engineered mesh in the forefront of the Brooks Ghost provides supreme breathability and extra toe room in this shoe, as compared to the Brooks Glycerin.

Brooks Women's Ghost 10 Navy/Pink/Teal Green 6 B US

If you find yourself running in dry, hot weather, this feature is especially luxurious.

Also, if you find that your toenails bruise or blacken or that your toes swell or blister, the increased toe room can be beneficial in keeping these problems at bay.

The Brooks Glycerin has a similar type of engineered mesh that is one piece across the entire shoe.

Brooks Men's Glycerin 15 Black/Electric Brooks Blue/Green Gecko 8 D US

Some runners have reported that they can comfortably run in both styles of these shoes without socks. 

We would not recommend it

A good pair of running socks is essential to keeping your running shoes in good condition.


Some runners, especially those with hip and knee problems, can be especially concerned with the weight of their running shoes.

All Brooks running shoes are considered lightweight, particularly when you consider all the thoughtful features they manage to pack into each show.

In the case of the Brooks Ghost vs. Glycerin, the Ghost is actually the lighter of the two shoes.

This, however, requires a sacrifice in the Brooks Ghost.

The Glycerin has 20% more cushion to make up for the slightly heavier weight.

Brooks Women's Glycerin 16 Ebony/Green/Black 8.5 B US

Again, this is a matter of discovering which feature is more important to you – the increased cushion of the Brooks Glycerin vs. the decreased weight of the Brooks Ghost.

If you are looking for a lot more cushion, check out the Brooks Revel.

Here is the review with photos of the enormous amount of cushioning in the shoe. 


There are a few seemingly minor improvements that the Brooks Glycerin has over the Brooks Ghost.

Even though these appear to be small differences, they make the Brooks Glycerin a much more desirable shoe for most dedicated runners who aren’t as concerned about price.

For example, the broader 3D Fit Print Overlays provide added support throughout the single mesh upper on the shoe.

Brooks Women's Ghost 11 Black/Pink/Aqua 8.5 B US

Although you wouldn’t notice this at first, it is a hidden gem of engineering that sets the Brooks Glycerin apart from the Brooks Ghost.

This 3D Fit Print Overlay is engineered to provide support and has relatively little impact on the breathability of the mesh upper on the shoe.

Some runners experience a more secure fit as a result of this technology.

When comparing Brooks to other popular running shoes, including Asics, you will find that Brooks focuses on cushioning and breathability. 


Another primary difference that sets the Brooks Glycerin ahead of the Brooks Ghost is the sole.

Featuring deeper grooves and more ground contact, the Glycerin soles are designed to reduce impact while simultaneously improving comfort, flexibility, and traction.

Brooks Men's Glycerin 15 Black/Electric Brooks Blue/Green Gecko 9.5 D US

Although these features contribute to the slightly heavier weight of the shoe, many runners agree that it is worth it.

Brooks Women's Glycerin 16 Ebony/Green/Black 8.5 B US

The Ghost is one of the most popular of the Brooks line. We compare it against all of the lines including the Ravenna (which has been steadily gaining popularity). 


You can’t really go wrong when you’re deciding between the Brooks Glycerin and Brooks Ghost running shoes.

Remember, there is no need to make sacrifices when you have advanced engineering and years of experience on your side, which is exactly what Brooks offers the running world.

Based on our simple pros and cons list, the Brooks Glycerin comes out slightly ahead of the Brooks Ghost.

A good running store will have both shoes available for you to try on.

Some people notice an immediate difference.

Others will only notice the difference if they have been training in one for a long time and then switch to the other.

Just beware – once you move to the more expensive shoe, you’ll have a hard time adjusting back to the lower cost ones.

Although how much you’re willing to spend on shoes is a personal decision, we think the slightly higher price of the Brooks Glycerin is worth it when you consider the benefits you’ll receive.